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Team name: JediMaster
Captain's steam (Link required):
Members (0/0): Melsyo, Louisss, Moussolini, Monsnic, Alatriste, Yoda, Raii, Teddy, Rebellious, Patruk, Lonedoge, Shogunai
Napoleonic Wars World Cup / Re: NWWC Teams
« Last post by Graf_Andre on Today at 10:38:22 pm »
We dont care mate stop posting here
Poshel nahuj, pes

2v5. Do not forget.
Regiments / Re: K-KA Kaiserlich und Königliche Armee
« Last post by Lone on Today at 10:35:57 pm »
Saf is communist

I mean. 2Lr is basically the only true German regiment in the League 2 aswell. So. I guess the leagues are even now
Für das Vaterland!

Regimenter / Re: Infanterie Regiment von Braunschweig-Oels Nr12
« Last post by Phoen!x on Today at 10:30:54 pm »
"I enjoy the Nr12 so much I now consider myself German!" - Niphix

Makes regiment less than a week later

You do realize that you can still join Chrisey, do you?
What about it is ass? tf?

If anything is ass its the fact that Civ 5 didn't even release with religion as a part of the game.

Gods and Kings was basically just cut content.
I don‘t actually want to use the CNWL thread as a plattform since it‘s not linked to my concern directly, even though I‘m pretty sure that it is somehow, but fuck it, it just pisses me off...

Today we found out, that apparently, a part of the regiment is banned from the Cavalry Groupfighting server, which we use daily to set us up for the CNWL.
Log-banned of course, without any reasoning or message to any of our CO‘s or enlisted.
It‘s sad that the Nr.6, which etablished itself over years and years even against the harshest resistance in many parts of this community, is still victim of such childish actions by some people that try to damage us in any way possible. People who don‘t even have the courage to explain their actions that affect dozens of players.

This is not the first time, the Nr.6 as a whole gets banned. Therefore especially I thought we were done with that bullshit.

We at least want an offical statement what the thoughts behind their actions were. Anything that helps us to actually understand why so many Nr.6 members were banned!
Good Luck!  8) 8)
Groupfighting Teams / Re: TBE - Groupfighting Team
« Last post by Axiom on Today at 10:28:29 pm »
Why would I put Civ 5 and not Civ 6?

Its 2018, get with the times.
Cause Civ 6 is ass?
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