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imagine cheating on this game
You big cheater Kraz you should be ban hacker xd
imagine cheating on this game
Events: EU / Re: 33rd Sunday Linebattle [EU] Cav Needed
« Last post by 33rdOfficial on Today at 11:44:43 pm »
Space for cav again!
Ahah nice trolling movement. If it's not, I have bad news for you. You have no proofs or any facts that people from your list are using auto. Words of "other people" you "talked to" means nothing to us, people, that state Wursti/Bagration/Severus don't use cheats. For example, I know Severus and Bagration since they started to play in 2016 autumn on cracked NW. You know, one man made an anti-cheat on cracked version, checking autoblock and nor Severus nor Bagra were no even warned by that system. You and people you "talked to" should be really stupid or having no idea how autoblock works, if you surely state they have auto. In other case, you just ban people you don't like as Wursti said, relying on your own opinion and on opinion of people that have the same ideas as you, let's call them "Movement friends". And such close group of friends is deciding who uses auto and who doesn't, without giving any real and objective facts and proofs. Looks like biased attitude based on non-objective things. As fair organizer you have no right to ban people that are not officially caught on cheating and if you have no some proofs.
Regiments / Re: 4e Regiment d'infanterie de Ligne - "L'impétueuse" [EU]
« Last post by Tomasz on Today at 11:37:13 pm »
The Fontaines have taken over this regiment now, the rest of you are worthless.
the Fontaine family has always been the number 1 family anyways
Nah the 18e’s Fournier Family was the best all-time

That was Crumpets name in 4e before some rejects in 18e took it (I'm pretty sure).

now that you're saying this... i think his name was Lucas Fournier right ? or Lucas something
Lucas Fournier aka Crumpet aka Crom yh it is
a huge amount of people use that healthbar modpack and its on a toggle so there’s no giveaway even in screenshots. source: Ricky
Agreed a massive amount of players use the health bar/name tool. In fact Wüstis admin tool is freely available as a "Modification" it requires admin on the server but does the same thing. There are loads of versions and I simply don't believe that to be cheating it's far too common place. You can literally download it from FSE. Did I even mention the amount of people still using bettymod? like lmao who CARES. (Bettymod might have stopped working but there are other variations out there still working and individual elements of the mod that still work if stripped) Stop banning innocent group fighters.

Now in regards to the auto-blocking etc seems completely pointless to start banning Russians based on people complaining about them in practice matches. I also see absolutely no reason to ban respectable players such as Wursti an NWWC organizer and tournament referee over such nonsense.

Muha 100% uses cheats, and obelix should remained banned for other reasons.
Wenn Ex Member bock haben, schreibt mich auf Steam an und wir machen mal ein public-LB unsicher.
Team's Name:Animals
Team Roster (Include ID):  Alatriste(495512), Padawan(1347805), Centurion(417491),  Rydh (362260),  Witcher (1145029), tba, tba ,tba,tba
Captain's: Coco_Ayala
So you are denying that you openly admitted to cheating?
Are you just trying to find reasons, so you can ban people that you don't like?
cant ban me if i already quit nw ;)
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