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Who vs who?: 36th vs 2eFusGre
Match date: 27/5/18
Match start time(GMT): 7pm BST
Chosen Map: Desert
Chosen Factions: UK and France

You never contact me lol
The 27th is the default day for the match, just requesting a map and nations for it.

please add me on steam and we can talk about after  ::)
Napoleonic Wars World Cup / Re: NWWC Teams
« Last post by RebelliouS on Today at 02:20:29 pm »
I've decided to appoint Anthony as the second co-captain for Team USA.

I've added some muricans to arrange the match . Dj Overjoy asked who am I and Jakester aint even online . Good memes !
Ton premier paragraphe explique parfaitement la situation et mieux que j’ai su le faire. Ton message me fait très plaisir et je partage ton sentiment. Pourvu que ça dure   :-* Malheureusement pour ce qu’est de notre groupe je ne pense qu’il rejouera un jour, on est trop peu à aimer le jeu. C’etait déjà un exploit d’avoir fait autant de matchs. Un exploit d’avoir été 18 contre le 5e. Mais ça n’empechera pas un projet similaire de naître ailleurs avec la patte d’un autre  ;)
Off Topic / Re: NHL Thread (2018)
« Last post by Stroke0fd34th on Today at 01:46:46 pm »
When was the last time apart from last year you had reasonable hope in your team
How many years was your team the favourite

2006-07 Sens almost won the cup. I'm not saying Sens can match Tampa in recent disappointments

All I'm saying is we've been in that club lol

Almost every year for nearly the past 22 years is Ottawa going "great, we made the playoffs, We made it past round 1, is this the year? Aaaand we're out"

Or we make it past quarter-finals, everyone loses their mind and then we lose and everyone hates  hockey until the start of the next season.
Other Games / Re: Battlefield 5
« Last post by Riddlez on Today at 01:39:33 pm »
I didn't even know what i was looking at...
Historical Reenactment / Re: Let's discuss: Reenacting!
« Last post by Riddlez on Today at 01:37:42 pm »
It is these kinds of conversations that really help a guy like me.... thankfully I apparently know the right people here.
Community / Re: A PK's Work
« Last post by Nerza on Today at 01:34:05 pm »

Thanks for the header! :D
Historical Reenactment / Re: Let's discuss: Reenacting!
« Last post by joer5835 on Today at 01:23:29 pm »
For the timeframe the 85e is potraying, their trousers are completely wrong though. For a Bardin Regulation impression 1813/14-15 you should either have long woolen trousers made out of tricot wool, or long linen trousers.
Their trousers are made from cotton and are high bleached.

Out of curiosity, do have any recommendations on where to get the correct linen trousers? Most suppliers I know of in the Netherlands and Germany can only get me cotton ones.

To play the devil's advocate a bit, a lot of people walk around with incorrect gear not because they don't care, but because they don't know any better. A lot of Reenactment units (and this goes for almost every unit not just the 85e) are really vague on what you need to get and from where. You get general directions and thats it, or even worse information that is so old its no longer useable (happened to me, I was instructed to buy a bicorne off a place that stopped making them years ago). The result is most people just buying things blindly and hoping its alright. When I joined the Equipage I was barely given instructions on what types of gear were acceptable and what where not. The result is that my trousers are also cotton because I was directed to buy 'white trousers' from Cooper's Choice and naturally he made me a pair of the cheapest and most common fabric he could find, because he didn't get any other instructions.

You could argue people should do their research better. Yeah, they could. But the reality is, is that some people have busy jobs. Working 9 to 5 every day in the week and having young kids means you don't always get time to do your own research and find the rights texts that instruct you on what gear to get. That's the point where the unit's main researcher (c'mon, every unit has one of those, most of us here are probbaly that guy) should step in and help people out. But often they don't, for whatever reason.

Reenactment would be improved a lot if people helped each other more to get started. Because way too often, people that just started out are completely lost and overwhelmed and sadly make the wrong decisions in those situations.
Other Games / Re: Battlefield 5
« Last post by Olafson on Today at 01:14:39 pm »
No one said that it is insulting to the veterans when they released BF1. And that was a historical mess.
This obviously looks even worse than BF1 in terms of historical accuracy. Just complete garbage.

The gameplay might still be fun though.
General Discussion / Re: Which role will you play?
« Last post by Adsixnine on Today at 12:55:16 pm »

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