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Napoleonic Wars World Cup / Re: Napoleonic Wars World Cup 2018
« Last post by Hercules on Today at 01:49:47 am »
Big Update to NWWC 2018:

Merges/Nation Changes/Nation Rules Changes
- Russia and Serbia will be Split up. Russia will be its own independent Nation.
- Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia will Make up Team Yugoslavia this year. Teams that make up Yugoslavia are more than welcome to make their own team (like Croatia). But if they cannot draft 10 players, they must play with Yugoslavia.
- Macedonia will stay merged with Ukraine.
- Austria and Switzerland are under consideration for a merge.
- The Ban on Wales and Scotland has been Removed.

Team Russia
- MrDixon will have until signup deadline to elect his Co-Captain. [This cannot be maxim]
- You must kick out all non-Russian players ASAP.

Team Yugoslavia
- Players from Yugoslavia, please message me to who you would like your captains to be.

Team Austria/Switzerland
- DarkTemplar will be a Co-Captain if he still wishes to.  Dan1 will be a Co-Captain if he wishes to.
- Please make a Steam group for your nation asap.

Player Updates
- Heinrich: Completely Cleared, removed from assessment. Apologies.
- Mightypain: Due to the disgusting nature of the things you have said, no matter how much you are provoked, it is unacceptable. You have been Banned for your first 2 matches.

Tournament Updates
- In terms of the type of tournament (Suisse/Groups etc) I am still thoroughly thinking this through. I will explain my reasoning below for those who wish to review it. Please bare in mind there could be a maximum of 27 nations attending this NWWC (apposed to last years 20 nations)
Tournament Style
- Suisse System: The reason i am thinking on this is due to the fact, for the tournament to be fair, their would have to be around 12 rounds to make it so Every Team (Top 5 and Bottom 5) Get a chance to play a team of their equal strength. This is so a low tier team doesn't accidentally get placed vs All high tier teams, helping the higher teams while crippling the lower teams, although i can edit who fights who, i can only do this for the first round...So to make it as unbiased as possible. 12 rounds would be the most fair.  However.  This means 12 weeks of matches, which would take FAR too long for NWWC.
- Group Stages (Round-Robin): The Reason this has been used for all the past NWWC's is because it seems to work and flow the best. By calculating the Nations into 4 groups of 7 Teams (6 Matches Maximum, meaning 6 weeks). With a mix of High and Low tier teams in each group, it allows all the nations a fair bracket. Also due to this, it will be SOOOO much easier to make a lower tier extra mini-final for the Bottom 8-12 teams, as the lowest 2 teams from each group could be brought forward. (I'm sure i could probably drag together a Prize as well).

- During the Captain meeting, a lot of captains made it quite clear that they would prefer the Suisse system, and i completely respect this. However these are my worries. Also this is to try and keep NWWC as traditional as possible.  Also the Group stages just make it so much better to edit and make the tournament really have an E-Sports feel, unlike the Suisse System.  As i said i am still considering this, and anyone that has suggestions or can give me some closure, please don't hesitate to contact me on steam about this.  One or two messages though please, don't spam me thx.

- The matches will be a First to 15 throughout the entire of the Tournament. A poll was made a while ago, and even though a BO20 would suit the tournament better as it allows Draws etc.  First to 15 is more competitive and allows for more interesting matches. However if it is close between nations, Rounds will be tallied up, and the nation with the most rounds will proceed.

Dates and Times
Me and Herishey are in discussion about the Final Date of when NWWC 2018 will start.  However we are 50/50 on whether it will start in June. We will decide June or April within the next few days, however we have decided on the dates below for each month.
- The Signup Deadline is being moved back to the 1st of April (If in April) or is being moved back to the 15th of May (If in June)
- Team Rosters should be completed and Posted by 3rd of April (If in April) or should be completed and Posted by 1st of June (If in June)
- NWWC 2018 will be due to start on the 15th of April (If in April) or will be due to start on the 17th of June (If in June) (THIS MAY CHANGE)

- These dates will be confirmed and either June or April will be decided withing 2-3 days

- Captains will be asked to come on Teamspeak for a small interview up to 1 day before the Match. for Pre-match reports.
- Captains will be asked for a small comment after the match, for a typed Post match report.
Regiments / Royal Highland Infantry Regiment
« Last post by BoBoMk1 on Today at 01:48:25 am »
The Royal Highland Infantry Regiment
Welcome to the Royal Highland Infantry regiment. The Royal Highland Infantry regiment is a new regiment for Mount & Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars DLC. The regiment does not follow any specific highland infantry regiment. Just here for fun.
Lieutenant Colonel
Regimental Seargent Major
Seargent Major
Coulor Seargent

Add me on steam if you have any questions, looking for experienced players and those with officer/nco experience.


Regiments / Re: Royal Highland Infantry Regiment
« Last post by Hursty on Today at 01:46:23 am »
Nice thread GL
League 1:91st 8-2 Nr4

Refs: Glenn

hawkince it was a pistol. sick clutch DJ and Fireboy but he went down fuckin trash good evening i was 82 rated and there's nothing you can do about it
Regiments / Royal Highland Infantry Regiment
« Last post by BoBoMk1 on Today at 01:43:16 am »
Welcome to the Royal Highland Infantry Regiment

Welcome to the Royal Highland Infantry Regiment, a new regiment for Mount and Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars DLC. The Royal Highland Infantry does not follow any specific Highlander Infantry regiment.
GG all, great nanwl 1v1.  6teSLR 9 - 1 Nappy.
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