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Mapping / Re: Dom's Groupfighting Map Pack [ Version 1 ]
« Last post by Oatmeal on Today at 10:18:48 pm »
jumpstab groupfighting?
Groupfighting Teams / Re: German NWWC Team
« Last post by Cazasar on Today at 10:17:29 pm »
Thread updated. Still undefeated :)

Moskito also replaces Rommel as Co-Captain!

Not for long ;) See you tomorrow
And he was right :(

Close Matches though, showed us what to work on tho! Long way to go before we are NWWC ready :)
Cazadores vs. WelshTouch
Date: 23.03.2018 8pm GMT
Ref: Desant
Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / Re: 5vs5 Cav-Tournament by Nr4
« Last post by Shadey on Today at 10:13:53 pm »
4e Team 1 | 5 - 0 | 85e

Groupfighting Teams / Re: TBE - Groupfighting Team
« Last post by MightyPaiN on Today at 10:10:33 pm »
TBE 15:12 T
Forum Games / Re: Picture Battle
« Last post by William on Today at 10:07:15 pm »
Other Games / Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
« Last post by William on Today at 10:06:04 pm »
On another note, if Kenny ends up joining the Shox-ex6tenz project then I can easily see them being a top 5. Ex6tenz really knew how to put Kenny in the best positions and that was his prime as a player. I don't see NBK being a good enough IGL to utilize him.

I wonder how long Team One is contracted. TRK/Maluk could easily make the NTC group a top team or even make it onto Fallen's squad.
Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / Re: 5vs5 Cav-Tournament by Nr4
« Last post by ~Posh~ on Today at 10:01:44 pm »
5e | 5-0 | 2Lr

Since the 2lr was not present: a victory for the 5e ...

My opinion
Bc that is partly my mistake, I want to apologize to the 2Lr.
However, I would also like to appeal to the 5e to change their mind and agree to a match next week,
cuz I think we should all handle this #sportsmanlike, since  the whole situation is rly "childish".

*cough* First rule of the tournament *cough*:
"A mature and kind behaviour is an essential condition to run this tournament smoothly."  ;)

beat it lucky motherfuckers
Events: NA / Re: 54th Sunday Siege
« Last post by Henry Rom on Today at 09:59:40 pm »
Regiment name: 3teSF
Expected Attendance:  7 - 14
Request Date: 3/25
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