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Regiments / Re: ♛1a Svea Livgarde♛ (NA)
« Last post by Runepkyz on Today at 02:42:13 am »
The Mess Hall / Re: M. Points | 17.04 | Player rankings - Updated
« Last post by Movenment on Today at 02:28:46 am »
Inb4 people take this seriously

was a nice 2v2 tho <3
Hi best eu
Regiments / Re: ♛1a Svea Livgarde♛ (NA)
« Last post by Movenment on Today at 02:27:40 am »
Alot of mynigs in the roster
Groupfighting Teams / Re: FancySocks
« Last post by Movenment on Today at 02:26:12 am »
hey i have a great idea... create a casual gf and invite loads of sweaty people
Wym. I got noobs like herishey, rune and cr3a in the team lol
Groupfighting Teams / Re: FancySocks
« Last post by Movenment on Today at 02:25:44 am »
can i join

U still have that reserved spot
Russian "Affirmative Action" Fury
President Russian "Affirmative Action" Fury
Groupfighting Teams / Re: FancySocks
« Last post by Fwuffy on Today at 02:17:49 am »
can i join
windflower can u update the community on ur progress of preparing _________ for his upcoming bout? will his striking not be shit?
I dont fight internationally so I couldnt really say, also I don't train with him he teaches the kickboxing classes there. (:

April 15 - 22

Ongoing #1 Playoffs
We're finally in the closing times of the playoffs in the 4v4 league going on now as there are just 2 matches left to be played. The winner will go home with a total $150 pool and the loser will go home with nothing. Thanks! Until next season.

Ongoing #2 NANWL
This is going to be the next BIG event in the NW competitive scene so many resources will be used to make sure the 9th instalment of NANWL will run smoothly and professionally and that it also lives up to previous versions. The league sign-ups close May 4th and the league starts on May 11th so it will be a week or two after the 4v4 league ending that we will loop into a different league. The summer in particular is looking to see a little boost as is expected but the events and regiments popping up will increase even further I expect. For this season we've even seen the return of season 1 champions the 1aSvea. They're led by Wardop again but also seemed to be backed by quite a few of the former 93rd players to give it that kinda new gen. interest, good luck to them!

Ongoing #3 More events
After the 4v4 and during NWL I plan to host and contribute to a decent amount of competitive events. I'm also trying to see right now if a cavalry league is viable, for one to be worth while I would have to say around 5 regiments/detachments should sign up. I would also probably try to bring back the 1stMI (Mounted Infantry) under a different name (2ndMI) so basically just 4. It's a small community and I'm not that much into the cavalry scene so I'd probably have to get the help of a couple vets that know their way around the community more closely.

Ongoing #4 One groupfighting server
We have returned to the one groupfighting server days again which is fine as long as the administration is capable, not corrupt, and caters to the community it should do just fine and provide a centralized server for people. Go with the flow.(:

Ongoing #5 Australians
I fully support the Australians/OC, I did allow them (kinda) to post their event threads in the NA event board until they were recently just granted their own boards for NW and BCoF which is cool for them, it should contribute to the activity of FSE as a whole and they are a decently sized community.

This would mean communication between us would need to happen.  I, along with pedro and the rest of the staff, look forward to listening and working with you as well as any other community representatives and members.  Glad to see the community is working so well. :)
I wasn't not going to communicate any problems that might arise and I'll be sure to do so in the future if needed
Name of the regiment:22th "Loyalist Irish Infantry Regiment
Preferred Unit:Line İnfantry
Preferred Country:UK
Sign-up period: (Once/Weekly)Weekly
Also one more thing If you want your roster updated from now till tournament make sure you quote ur previous post as i wont see it otherwise.
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