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The Mess Hall / Re: M. Points | 30.04 | Player rankings - Updated
« Last post by Kore on Today at 06:19:10 am »
Well said Elsse, and for the little paella Padawan, remember that you left ChimpZ, never wanted join in TZ0 and left TBE and Tommy is a no name
how long you been playing this game definately under 12 months by the looks of it.

tommy out here calling people new gens

no disrespect

but who are you?
6teSLR 6 - 4 LIR

GG, some trouble with OA at the start but relatively clean match.

6-4 wtf how?????? Irish was throwing anyone recorded?
North & South: First Manassas / Re: Dukes Skin company
« Last post by Wulfstan on Today at 05:59:20 am »
I am trying to figure out how to change the prussian jager uniform to another unit. Do you know how I could do that?
Ayrıca, dün yani 24 Mayıs 2019 tarihinde yapmış olduğumuz 42. Tugay'ın 1. Yılı adına olan töreni aşağıdaki videodan izleyebilirsiniz.


Hayırlı olsun da videodaki konuşmaları daha önce işitmiştim  ??? Dikkatli olmakta fayda var
« Last post by Windflower on Today at 05:36:01 am »
lets fycking go baby get out of here nick cole kahwi the goat
Confederates / Re: The 8th Virginia Infantry Regiment
« Last post by Oppous on Today at 05:27:03 am »
oh shit its the guy who flew to germany to fuck a child. epic.
The policy of slaying people for previous round violations is strange, not quite sure why that happened? "Wasting our time" is not a valid reason for slaying when the offense was already paid for with the reset
Well he did keep aiming for grimsight and killed him for multiple rounds. He was deliberately trying to break the rules
Ah, didn't notice, fair enough
Dom's face is a legend
my guy in-game is literally jafar


First I'd like to apologize for the lack of any updates for the month of May. To conclude the ending of this month I will be posting this update. This has been a busy month for me personally as well as an uneventful month for NW besides the starting of NWL and a few other things, but here's what's in the works.

Ongoing#1 - Tiered Duel Tournament & Unarmed Tournament
With May seeming like a pretty uneventful month and the only major thing that's running being NWL since the draft league ended, it is time for the summer action to kick off. In the works right now is a Tiered Duel Tournament similar to the Amateur Duel Tournament hosted previously but with tiers for both pros AND joes and prizes for both. It is Jolly & I's plan to make this as large as we possibly can to bring back the recent lull of individual/non-regimental competitive events whilst also bringing in newer players to the scene. The thread will be posted within the next 2 days so stay tuned for that.

Following the Tiered Duel Tournament is something I came up with and had a map made specially for it courtesy of Zebaad. What this will be is an unarmed tournament (punches & kicks) aimed to involve everyone from all ranges of the community in one mega tournament to answer the question of who is the ultimate master of the fist (& foot). The plan to make this work on a large scale is to amplify the damage of punches and kicking through the usage of scripts to realistic damage levels to make the matches A. faster B. realistic and C. possible in a tournament setting. There will also be several arenas on the map designed after cage-match style MMA arenas. Here's a sneak peek.

Ongoing #2 - Leagues & Summer 2019
Not much to say on this front as NANWL has now been under way and is currently in its second week. This league can take up to 3 months so it may feel slow while the other events are going on but the administration and Risk are dealing with issues well and are maintaining the stability in what may be the last season. This isn't necessarily the largest but not the smallest NANWL either so there is much to look forward to for season 9.

As for NA's cavalry league I've kinda put that on the backburner right now while everything else goes on, if anyone has any suggestions for this league or NA cavalry in general feel free. Right now my focus is on the competitive scene in NA as it makes up the majority of the forum users as I've said before which is the most important thing. With this also comes with introducing the casual players into the competitive scene and in term FSE as a whole which is partly the reason for these upcoming events. This upcoming summer will hopefully be a prosperous last push for the community. As 2019 continues into Fall it seems the state of the community seems a little foggy so we might as well make the most of it while we can.


Do you want my boxing ring?
I think I'll stick with the octagons in the current map I have but thanks ya

just do a battle royale for the unarmed thing
Good idea, I may implement that for maybe right after the tournament which would also keep the spectators, or something that may serve as its own installment. I think the 1v1 style format is most appealing though to determine a sole champion and with the scripts I'm hoping the length of the matches drastic go down.

In other news working the 4pm-12am shift has its benefits as I have only had to deal with a few people during the entire night which gave me some time to make this post.
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