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Regiments / Re: 79th Regiment Of Foot "Cameron Highlanders"
« Last post by StephanGH on Today at 01:44:59 am »
No more 33rd? Im out of touch sorry

Goodluck dude
Regiments / Re: 79th Regiment Of Foot "Cameron Highlanders"
« Last post by Hursty on Today at 01:29:16 am »
GL. Comp reg?
come to rosemarin pizza in tunceli Dan, I'll wait for you tomorrow
sorry I only want to meet with Strawhead :)
meet with strawhead for a boring day. meet with gatts to get beat. meet with me for a beautiful fun day
didnt I tell you not to say such things without asking me first??? smh marji
Events: NA / "The Crowns" Wednesday Linebattle
« Last post by Forgotfulking on Today at 01:20:57 am »
will be updated later.

Regiments / Re: 79th Regiment Of Foot "Cameron Highlanders"
« Last post by Rune on Today at 01:17:08 am »
Good luck mr blaze  :) :) :)
Sign up for Friday
Class: Line
Expected attendance: 8-15
Permanent?: Once
You know the rules and promise to pass them to your men: Yes
Name: Lady Moraine
EU or NA?: NA
Are you aware that the position of Community Representative is one of trust and confidence, and do you understand you can be punished for breaking that trust?: Yes.
Why should you become CR?: The state of competitive and the state of casual have started to deteriorate with the last CR election.

First let's start with the start with the state of competitive, while the 4v4 league is going well and has competitive players in it it has almost entirely killed regimental 1v1s and gfs similar to how WPC did. While I understand why the NA community has two stacked regiments with little to no competition, 42nd and LG. Despite their being the 93rd and the 65th the LG is still to stacked to allow for anymore competitive play in NW. If I was to be elected not only would I help moderate and organize more regimental competitive play. but perhaps start another season of NWGL.

Secondly the state of casual, this is something CR reps have ignored time and time again. I've represented both competitive and casual community and we see that for both my Thursday and Sunday events that have both casual and competitive regiments in attendance. I would keep with this trend of trying to get competitive regiments more into casual and casual into competitive vice versa. Events wise Mondays, Tuesdays,Thursdays,Fridays Saturdays and Sundays are all going strong and still hosting. Wednesday though has been a dead day before even the last CR election. I believe we should work to revive Wednesdays so that we can full 7 days a week for NW events. Meanwhile 2ndHan host the most popular event at the moment the Saturday event which has over 300 players every week a very impressive attendance.

In conclusion, I believe I would make a good CR rep by supporting both the competitive and casual community on the forums and off. I believe if I was elected we could revive both regimental events and raise casual events attendance and standard of administration of said events.
I hope this doesn't greatly offend you but I feel like your incompetencies as an organizer were showed during the duration of the NWGL which was terribly messy and quite inactive. Though you do have a strong footing in the casual community I don't believe that the role of CR is even necessary for that strong of a focus. I mean what more can you do with the casual community which you're not already doing and which you need the role of CR for? I feel like also since your most recent personal issues while unfortunate have left you out of the light of the comp scene (as well as the heavily organizing focused team captain role in NWDL) it has also shed a bad light on you and made people distrust your character even more.

but perhaps start another season of NWGL.

not necessary
Not necessary for a reason  ;)
In that regard what do you need CR for? In regard to my character you're talking to the person who helped rid the community of a trolly mismanaged gf server. I'm also the one to do any type of 1v1 league or regimental competition for competitive since WPC started to its end. It's result had the LG and 42nd and a bunch of other regiments starting doing 1v1s and gfs again.  Taking shots at NWGL for its poorly managed surface was to be expected but then again I was running it all alone with little to go off of. I at least did something while you were still afk and no where to be seen. I actually made a choice to choose action instead of waiting for someone else to create something. I'm not going to slander you at all so if you want to keep shooting shots go ahead.
CR is great for everything and anything forum related which is where a lot of the business goes down, Not only the FSE Administration Board but moderating community issues that quite frequently take place on FSE. It's also great for seeing what the community wants and is frustrated about, now your turn instead of just asking me the same question. You also seem to take all credit for the creation of Public_Groupfighting which is kind of weird as there was meetings and discussions about this issue far prior to your creation of your server which was a little bit of a weird vie for power. Not trying to discredit your help but there were clearly many others involved in this process that did just as much. NWGL was a mess because you CHOSE to run it by yourself instead of seeking help like I did with the 4v4 League, it just shows the difference in administration. You also claimed while running the league that you yourself was the reason 1v1s were revived (which they really were not, maybe the first week of the league). You're also contradicting yourself with the whole "I'm not going to slander you" but "all you did was sit afk and were gone". Clearly that is not true as I've been active for a while now. You may view it as me taking shots at you but I'm really just making valid discussion points against your candidacy which is natural in an election. It begs the question that if you were dealing with things and were inactive during NWGL and also most recently the 4v4 league, how could we be sure that you aren't just going to do that very same thing if you were elected as CR.

Could it be an idea to encourage the casual community to get a more visible presence on the forums? That should help their case, as we'd get a wider array of different opinions, ensure that the casual community has a clear voice and presence, as well as breathe more life into the FSE forums. It's always good to see more active members on here.
This is something I've contemplated in the past but have had trouble coming to the conclusion of this myself and this would be an issue that would be nice to get input from the community. Casual players don't really have any reason to post here or put time into making a commitment to post on FSE. Other than Events and maybe the odd regimental thread it would be hard to get casuals onto FSE and being engaged in such a demographic that is 90-95% competitive players.

Another big thing that I need help with is getting event admins to stop taking bribes from certain regiments for Perm spec. slots. It is unfair for this corrupt practice to continue as It prevents other regiments for having a fair chance to have a spec.
This is a prevalent issue within the casual community, thank you for bringing your concerns to the forum here so that they may be addressed, it is not too common from that side of the community so it's appreciated.
Windflower is out of touch with the casual community. He does not attend events or administrate them. I do all of them, the fact that you say this a prevalent issue in the community is not true at all for this has only just recently started to become a problem within the community.
Again you're slandering me which totally contradicts what you just said. To be honest you really do not even need to play the game to be the CR in all truth though it does help you connect more with the players of the community it is not totally necessary unless you have reason to be administrating things within the game. You've already been doing your thing with hosting events and attending them so how is that relevant to the election and position? Also it seems like you're misunderstanding the use of the word prevalent. Any scenario where bribes are being handed out within the community makes it a very prevalent issue as it was with BoB groupfighting and as it is now happening within the casual community (and has been a problem in the past as well).
First of all let's talk about Public Groupfighting. I have never taken full credit for anything about it. However I am the one whose events lead up to the destruction of BOB. Now to speak of slandering you started first I only responded to it. Again with CR i've said time and time again that it would obviously be used on and off the forums and the CR position isn't entirely necessary but it would indeed help with it. You're making excuses for having no relation with casual and are in denial with the 4v4 league killing competitive. The aftermath of WPC should be history enough.
the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.

Which part of my response was a false statement? Also those are quite the claims lol, saying I have no relation with the casual scene is indeed slander, I'm concerned with its well being and state and have been, just because I don't have the time or necessarily interest to play in casual events every day does not mean I don't know anything about it. Also the 4v4 League killing competitive? Save it lol.. that's a pretty petty baseless accusation. This is not WPC and has already been a lot better than that league in the way it's been administrated and handled, and people are enjoying the league like you said. My league is not the reason for the decrease in popularity in the 1v1 scene either and that's clear as day to anyone. There hasn't been a properly administrated and fun 1v1 league in a long time that's engaged the community. You tried, you failed.

Quote from: author=Forgotfulking link=topic=41220.msg1823330#msg1823330 date=1553208206
I have never taken full credit for anything about it. However I am the one whose events lead up to the destruction of BOB.
Did you just contradict yourself?
It is not slander to say a fact. Now you do not have any relation to anyone in the casual scene. After hosting since 2014 in the KPR I have ,maybe seen you once two twice in a casual event. How could you possibly have any relation to it. Now regarding WPC I completely agree with you that the way you and others have administrated it is far better and I congratulate you on it. Now with the state of 1v1's that's not really due to leagues its due to competition as many have already pointed out the LG is far too stacked of a regiment to allow any other competition even the 42nd is pretty stacked with old players that anyone who tried to face them would have no chance of winning. It's the stacking of regiments that has caused the most major problem.
First you say my league is killing competetive and then you congratulate me on my success? Wat  :o

AAAAAaaaaahhhhh anecdotal evidence help! I've recently been in the LIR before I've been occupied with my CR term, and I was going to plenty of casual events lol. 2014, 2015, and 2016 I was in the PSG which went to casual events like 3-4 times a week. I have relation to the casual scene currently through the people I know that are in it and tell me, it's not trivial. As for this stacked regiment dilemma, it's the way it has always been for the most part of recent NW history disregarding the last season of NANWL which didn't have the LG. But usually there's always 2 heavy favourites to win the league with a couple of wildcard regiments in there as well. It's going to happen with this size of the community nowadays and if the inclusion of a second league happened during the next 1v1 league it would consist of mainly pub-style regiments since it would be unfair otherwise. The competition isn't something that you can really forcefully change, it's really dependent on the season too imo, but it also doesn't sound like you have a sound solution to this "major problem" either.
Forum Français / Re: Serveur commun pour event
« Last post by Draeker on Today at 12:51:14 am »
Et du coup ? Ça t'empêches d'en prendre note ?

Tu devrais corriger ton image. Ce serait mieux si il y avait marqué "Quand j'arrive sur FSE et que je dit de la merde et prétends avoir raison" plutot que "Quand j'arrive sur FSE".
Moraine gets paid by LES to be in the 2eDLG clearly this is the man woman he she weeb to lead us and not this windflower
The Mess Hall / Re: ALL TIME MELEE LIST [EU]
« Last post by Golden. on Today at 12:45:49 am »
i don't even know half of players of this list
Most of those “tops” played when NW was about blocks. Nowadays it’s hard to imagine them being as strong as you, Obelix, for example. French part is the funniest thing here. Yes, they did good, winning all the way up in NWWC, 5v5 and etc., but there’s one but, they used to play on their national servers with the lowest ping you could ever find which means fastest speed, no lags, no freezes; Move the same Extaz to Frankfurt’s host server and observe him crying so bad about +20 ping ;D

+1 extazz with more than 30 ping = shit  ;D ;D ;D ;D  :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
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