Developer Blog 2

So last week we talked about our plans for supporting huge numbers of players, today we have gone for something a little bit different! A lot of people have been asking us about how we plan on supporting community made clans and regiments in-game. We have already had a lot of thought on this as our community is very important to us, especially as Battle Cry of Freedom is a competitive multiplayer game.

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Developer Blog 1

Well, that has been one hell of an exciting announcement! The feedback and excitement we have received this week has been overwhelming, and we are proud to say that in just one week we have raised enough to hire our musician to start recording! So be ready for some awesome Drum/Fife/Trumpet and Fiddle tunes coming your way! Starting today, there will be a weekly dev blog that will keep you up to date with the production of the game.

Next is the Developer's shack. In some developer blogs one of our team members will write a little piece about some of the work they are doing, to give you some more detailed information on Battle Cry of Freedom. This week our master code monkey Maxim “Vincenzo” stepped up to explain a little about how we are providing the huge amount of players we have promised!

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