Author Topic: Official Blood & Iron ruleset [outdated]  (Read 1359 times)

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Official Blood & Iron ruleset [outdated]
« on: June 02, 2013, 11:22:28 am »
These are not absolute and your event may have its own rules, but these have been proven to work.

Line/regular Infantry:
6 minimum to infinite
May spread but not disproportionately.
Split is allowed (Ex: 1 reg of 30 can split to 2 Cy of 15 men).
Under 3 men you have to join a line or surrender.
Fire in charge is allowed.
Fire on scouts is allowed.
May have 2 sappers.
May have 2 officers. (Mounted Officers allowed)
May have 1 medic.
May pick up and reuse medkit if medic dies

6 min - 20 max
Dismount to fire
Dismounted Skirmish line of reasonable spread may be formed
Scouting is allowed.
Scout may shoot on enemy.
Must dismount and join a friendly line if under 3 men

6 min - 20 max
Fire in charge is allowed.
May spread liberally but still coherent.
Splitting of regiment is prohibited.
Under 3 men you have to join a line or surrender.
Fire on scouts is allowed.
May have 1 sapper, 1 officer, and 1 medic

3 min - 10 max artillerists
May have 1 sapper
May have arty guards (5 max same rules than Light)
3 cannons max per side, krupp or solid shot.
British may substitute cannons for Rockets.
Rocket Artillery may follow line infantry as part of the line.

Medics are non combatants and must not be killed by the enemy, excluding accidents.
Taking a weapon invalidates your non combatant status.
You are compelled to heal even the enemy if they ask.
Soldiers may pick up medkits from dead medics, but are still considered combatants.

No teamkilling.
No Ramboing.
No trolling.
No abusive behaviour.
No Spamming, no global chat except officers or leaders.
Do not shoot unarmed medics, feel free to shoot armed medics.
Do not call for a medic (P) unless you are genuinely bleeding out
Officer aiming is allowed.
Obey the admins.
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