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Few things
« on: March 10, 2022, 08:07:21 pm »
Firstly I have to state that, I liked the game and enjoy playing it. It just needs some performance improvements to be more playable.

Here are my observations for BCOF

-FPS is totally dependant on server population. I get 120 FPS on an ~10 player server and 30-40 fps on servers more than 100 players.
-When there are more than 10 players nearby, FPS drops to 40 and melee becomes unplayable.
-Maps are a bit too big

-Iron sights were a good idea, makes game more enjoyable.
-Switching between weapons is very slow. Takes 6-7 secs to change between revolver and sword.
-ADS speed is also slow.
-Stamina reload speed is very slow.

-Vaulting and jumping doesn't work on some objects.
-You can't move while aiminig.
-You can't reload while moving, this would be good.

-IDK why is that but union sharpshooter rifle is much faster than confederate one. Union sharps rifle reloads in 8 secs, while confederate one reloads in 17 seconds. This doesn't sound fair.

These are things I can remember for now. I will add more after playing game for some more time.
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