Author Topic: 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment [Est.2015] [NA]  (Read 3128 times)

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Re: 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment [Est.2015] [NA]
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Re: 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment [Est.2015] [NA]
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Re: 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment [Est.2015] [NA]
« Reply #47 on: August 24, 2022, 06:50:06 pm »
Hey there,
Battle Cry of Freedom will be participating in the Steam Weeklong Deal from the 29th August till the 5th September. The game will be 40% off during that time.
Additionally, from the 26th August till the 30th August we will be running a 45% sale on GreenManGaming ( during which the game will appear on their Front Page.

What is important to note is that both the GreenManGaming front page slot and the Weeklong Deal have the potential to generate renewed traffic to our Store Page. Additionally, any sale on Steam will send an email to all 80.000 people that have currently wishlisted our game.
The way the Steam algorithm works is, the more sales- the more visits to the Store Page- the more people watching the Live-Stream- the more positive reviews in a short amount of time- the more likely the game is to appear on the front page of Steam.
I am sure I don't have to tell anyone that Front Page coverage is extremely important, it is the single largest means to get new users.

As such, as it is in everyone's interest, I would like to ask for your help. Here is what you can do:

1.) On the 26th till 30th August, please try to push the Steam Store Page to the Front Page by doing the following:
          - Enlist your Regiment Members to simply "seed" the Store Page. Open it in your browser or Steam Application, mute the Live-Stream and just sit there to raise the number of users on the Store Page.
          - Enlist your Regiment Members to leave as many positive reviews as possible. (DO NOT Mark them as "Received for Free"). You can already start adding a few reviews prior to the 26th, to "get it going", but the majority of reviews should drop during the sale. Reviews don't have to be well written. Just writing "Nice" is all that is needed.
2.) If you can, leave positive reviews on the GreenManGaming Website. (
3.) From the 26th August till 5th September, try to seed the in-game Servers as much as possible and tell your members to just hop on and play for as long and as often as they can. It is extremely important to get the player-numbers up, so that new players will not leave immedietly.
4.) AFK-Seed the Servers. Just sit on one of the public Servers, in spectator or wherever, and seed them. This will push player numbers up, making it more likely for players to join the Server.
    I suggest to lower volume to 0, put the game in windowed mode, graphics quality to Awful and set FPS limit to 5. Then scale the window size down to as small as possible. This way your PC does not run hot or use much power, so you can easily just run the game all night and day, even while doing other tasks. (edited)
5.) Post as many screenshots and videos as you can. Post them on Steam, Youtube, Tik-Tok, our Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Forums. All it needs is one post to blow up and go viral.
6.) Invite all your members to participate in this, invite all your friends, invite other regiments from other communities, just get the number of players high.
7.) Snatch up any new players you can find and recruit them into your regiment :).

The most important dates are the 26th and the 29th, with the 29th possibly being more important, as Steam Internal Traffic is extremely important.

Now, I do not expect this sale to revive the game long-term. (Though it can happen by pure chance, I have seen it happen with other games) However, at the very least, this will hopefully get you guys a good number of fresh recruits, which should help you survive through "the long night" until the patch drops.
- Thank you!