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Napolionic Wars/ where change keys in mission_template.txt/presentation.txt??


Hi, guys,

I'm trying to change the keys/key assignments that need to be pressed when something is supposed to happen (i dont want to change ingame :P). I know it needs to be changed in mission_template.txt or presentation.txt (or both?), but do any of you know what numbers in the text files (or those in the module system) stand for any keys like x or y or shift?

Hopefully someone can help :D
If you know something, please write it under this post or contact me via Steam under the following name:
My Steam name: DieFliegendeKuh

Best to use the module system files.

Pretty simple to find the key variables. Just seach key_.

thank you for the answer, unfortunately i cant find keys like Shift (walking mode) or the X Key which changes the attack mode :/


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