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Forum Rules

As a registered member (hereinafter, “member”, “user”, or “individual”)  of this forum, we require that all members adhere to the forum rules listed below.  In addition, please note the following disclaimers.
作为该论坛的注册会员(以下称“会员”,“用户”或“个人”),我们要求所有会员均遵守以下论坛规则。 此外,请注意以下免责声明。

Forum administration (hereinafter, “administration”, “moderation”, or “staff”) and Flying Squirrel Entertainment’s (hereinafter, “FSE”) right:
论坛管理权(以下简称“管理权”,“版块管理权”或“职员”)和飞鼠娱乐公司(以下简称“ FSE”)的权利:

FSE claims the right to administer its own forums as it sees fit.  Any attempt at justifying wrongful behavior with "technically it isn’t against the rules" will be completely disregarded.  While we appreciate your feedback and understand that decisions are sometimes taken that may not reflect your desired outcomes, FSE has a responsibility to its community and its own welfare as a whole and not just to the desires of specific individual(s).  Members are required to follow the instruction of FSE Developers or Moderators, and may face repercussions when failing to do so.  FSE’s word is final; these forums are a privately owned forum and are provided at FSE’s expense.
FSE在此声明有权视需要管理自己的论坛。 任何企图以“技术上不违反规则”来证明错误行为的尝试都将被完全忽略。 尽管我们很感谢您的反馈,并理解有时会做出可能无法反映您期望的结果的决定,但FSE不仅要对特定群体的期望负责,而且还要对社区和自身的整体利益负责。 成员必须遵循FSE开发人员或论坛版主的要求,否则您使用论坛可能会受到影响。 FSE的决定是最终裁决; 这些论坛是私人论坛,由FSE提供费用。

These Forum Rules, listed below, are also claimed to be an iterative process.  FSE reserves their right to change any and all rules as it sees fit, based on the current needs of the forum.  If rules are updated, we will commit to ensuring that the members are notified by a post here briefly summarizing the changes.  If there are any questions regarding specifics, please ask a Global Moderator or above (noted in the FSE Forum Administration thread) for clarification.
下面列出的这些论坛规则并不是永久不变的。 FSE保留根据论坛当前需要更改其认为适当的所有规则的权利。 如果规则有更新,我们将致力于确保通过此帖子的形式通知成员,简要概述所做的更改。 如果对具体信息有任何疑问,请向全局版主或以上(在FSE论坛管理主题中注明)进行质疑。

1. Derogatory or discriminatory remarks or content based on ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion or personal beliefs

Racism or hatred of any sort (including Fascism and other forms of discrimination) is not acceptable, and will be dealt with harshly. Please keep in mind that this is an international community of members with various religions, ethnicities, and values.
Images or content aimed at glorifying National-Socialism are specially forbidden: FSE does not wish to contravene Germany's strict policies in regards
to Strafgesetzbuch section 86a and thus requests that its users adhere to this policy as part of the terms of this agreement.
Political discussion is allowed only in specific threads marked political discussion. All users are encouraged to have a civilized debate, and are advised to refrain from ad hominem and personal attacks on other members for differing political views or opinions. Note that a personal opinion and racism can be the same. Every user has the right to have their own political views, but there are no inherent right(s) to use the forum.

2. Trolling, insulting and other personal attacks
2. 钓鱼贴,侮辱和其他人身攻击

Personal attacks on forum users and moderators of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes (but it is not limited to) insults, provocations for the sake of argument, homophobic slurs, threats, encouragement to suicide, wishing death or ill upon a user and death threats or threats to the persons physical constitution. The latter (in the threats category), in the absence of humor, is a criminal offense and will result in an immediate ban.

3. Spamming and Quote Pyramids
3. 无意义的灌水和挖坟

Making unnecessary posts with no valuable content will be regarded as breaking the forum rules and will be punished accordingly. Should you want to add something to your post, edit it instead of making a new one.   Be aware that posting unnecessary content (such as off-topic posting of image macros, GIFs, and other multimedia) can also constitute spamming.
Quote pyramids are considered anything clearly off-topic or derailing equaling (or in excess of) five quotes, without the use of spoilers.  Therefore, anyone involved in a quote pyramid will receive at least a 60% warning level. Additionally, administration may see fit to remove the thread in question, in its entirety.

4. Copyright infringement

We do not tolerate piracy. Anything connected to piracy, warez, cracks, hacks, serial keys and key generators or any other sort of copyright infringement can get you into trouble, regardless of whether you do it directly or indirectly. Infringement of this rule will result in an immediate mute, and possible ban depending on the severity of the breach. This rule also applies to the unauthorized use of another user's game assets (both from this community and any other). If you wish to use someone else's work in your mod you will need to get their written permission first, preferably alongside some form of proof that you have it. Note that this rule does not include thread format(s), event creation(s), or signature(s); these specific instances are handled separately and on a case-by-case basis.

5. Inappropriate content

Everyone can access this forum; therefore, content intended only for adults is strictly forbidden. Content such as pornography, gory images, disturbing images, or anything else the moderators find to be inappropriate, will be immediately removed, and the violating user punished, as appropriate.

6. Posting private conversations or personal images without permission

If you post screenshots or logs of a private chat without the consent of the other member(s) in the chat you will be muted or dealt with at the moderator’s discretion depending the severity of the infringement, and the post(s) will be removed. FSE’s determination is that snippets of a private conversation do not provide sufficient context in a discussion on the forum and can be used to mislead, misconstrue, or provide a false narrative.
Posting images (including the generation of memes, gifs, or other multimedia creation(s)),  or personal information (such as phone numbers, home/work address(es), or any other collateral) of other individuals without permission will not be tolerated.  Violations will result in severe punishment, up to and including being banned from the forum.

7. No alternative accounts
7. 不要创建小号

Do not create alternate or additional accounts. Creating ‘dupe’ accounts to circumvent mutes/bans will result in a temporary ban, or an extension of the existing ban. Exceptions to the rule are as follows:
If you are no longer using the original account
If you have a family member/friend who is in the same area as you.
The account(s) that meet the criteria listed above will be identified and dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
7A - Event/Regiment/Unit/List accounts
So-called “Regimental accounts’, “Event accounts”, “List accounts”, or “Unit accounts” (accounts that are registered to represent a certain event/unit and is used by one or more members of said event/unit to maintain an event’s/unit's thread in the “Regimental Boards”, related “Event Boards”, or in the “Off Topic” areas of the forums) are exempt from Rule 7 as long as these accounts follow the following:
Carry the event/units’ name
Only post in their respective boards (Regiment, Event, or Off Topic areas, as appropriate)
Keep posts to a minimum (preferably only used to maintain the OP)
Are not used to circumvent mutes or bans (e.g., not posting as the member who is currently muted/banned).
Are not logging in using any VPN.  Any accounts that use VPNs will be banned from use.  Please contact a moderation team member in order to have the account unbanned.
Remember that we can see which users are posting on a Event/List/Unit account. Accounts that do not abide by Rule 7A will be banned and their users punished. Do not register a new account when changing names; ask a moderator to change it.

8. Do not drive a thread Off-Topic
8. 不要偏离主题

"Off-Topic" posts in a thread are constituted as posts that are  irrelevant to the thread's intended purpose or discussion. If users consistently attempt to derail the thread’s subject, then moderators will take action against the user(s).  It is the thread owner’s responsibility to make moderation aware when user(s) attempt to derail the thread.

9. Do not punishment-boast
9. 不要在签名中使用版主对你或其他成员采取的措施

Using reports, bans, or warning levels as a signature, avatar, or in any other way attempting to boast about action(s) taken by the moderation staff against you or other member(s) of the community is forbidden. Violations will result in severe punishment, up to and including being banned from the forum. Do not argue against a moderator’s decision on the forums. If you disagree or believe a punishment was unjust, make an appeal to senior moderation or the Head Moderator of the FSE forum.

10. Forum Contests
10. 论坛投票

FSE allows poll or vote-based public contests to decide “who is the best in what”, or any other public contest exclusively in the Mess Hall.  These contests must follow the rules noted expressly above, and moderation reserves the right to remove contests/lists if they do not follow the rules as appropriate (including the punishment of the user(s) involved).

How to appeal a forum moderator's decision

In order to appeal a moderator’s decision, contact the senior/head moderation staff listed in the FSE Forum Administration thread in a fashion that seeks to resolve the issue in a civil manner.  Appeals will be subject to review by the moderation team. Please exercise patience in the review and understanding on the verdict. If you do not feel that your situation has been dealt with appropriately, contact the members of the team in the following manner for further assistance:
  Language Moderator/Junior Moderator
  Global Moderator
  Senior Moderator
  Head Moderator or Vincenzo
为了对版主的决定提出上诉,请寻求以民事解决问题的方式与FSE论坛管理贴中列出的高级/负责的版主联系。 申诉将由审核小组进行审核。 请耐心等待裁决的审核和理解。 如果您觉得自己的情况没有得到适当处理,请使用以下方式联系团队成员以寻求进一步的帮助:

How to report moderator or admin abuse
If you believe a moderator is neglecting their duties or abusing their powers, please submit your complaint to a Senior Moderator or the Head Moderator of the FSE forums.


Abuse of report function
Please do not use the report-post function in an attempt to flame, insult, troll, annoy, aggravate or make bogus claims against other users. The report function is also not the appropriate place to complain or appeal a moderator’s decision. Using the report function to complain or appeal a punishment, will be considered as abuse. Please go through the appropriate channels for appealing a moderator’s decision, as noted above.

Please exercise patience
When posting requests or questions to moderators or developers, please be patient while waiting for a response. The developers may be working hard on their current project or that the moderators contacted are not currently awake and not in your time zone, or that the issue has been escalated due to technical or circumstantial difficulties. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience. Please do not take out your frustration on the moderators as this will only compound the issue. Thank you.

It is recommended to consult with Community Representatives, Junior/Language/Global Moderator(s) in a time zone similar to yours via PM in order to get the quickest response.

Do not make posts on behalf of a banned or muted user
It defeats the purpose of a ban or mute and may result in action being taken against the party doing the posting on behalf of said individual. The exceptions are as follows:
An appeal for an unban from the forums
An appeal for an unban from a server
A sign up for an event
In the case of an unban from the forums, it is preferred to PM the Head Moderator and any Senior moderation staff with the unban.
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