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« on: November 26, 2019, 01:36:04 am »
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   Pułk 7. Piechoty Xięstwa Warszawskiego   

The Pułk 7. Piechoty is an active, organised, historically accurate and militarily structured Napoleonic Wars regiment that finds pride in its discipline and professionalism. The regiment was formed on November 27th, 2019 by an experienced group of Napoleonic Wars veterans, and it now exists as a group of friends who like to play together and have fun. Despite the 7pp's focus on enjoyment, it expects excellent conduct from its members on both in-game servers and on teamspeak, as is befitting the renown of the regiment. The regiment attends one linebattle per week on Saturday's and will be keeping the atmosphere of the group casual but professional. We intent to carry on this regiment over to future linebattle games such as Whigs and Tories and Battle Cry of Freedom.

In order to join the Pułk 7. Piechoty, applicants must display adequate levels of maturity and must have the ability to follow orders without question. Applicants must also be sure that they can attend our 1 event that is held weekly. To apply to join the 7pp, message an officer using the contacts below, or leave a post on this thread. Officer's will respond in a timely fashion.

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