Author Topic: Calling Out Gayboy Joollycanadian for a ft7  (Read 3142 times)

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Re: Calling Out Joollycanadian for a ft7
« Reply #45 on: September 22, 2019, 01:03:58 am »
end result of movement 7-2 on Na, and 7-2 on Eu rip. 7-0 JollyRanger refused to do a serious 1v1 with me and just trolled. Yoshie 7-0. 

*@ canadianpussy"why 1v1 me kid if you need people to have your back? why can't you be a man and fight me by yourself because your trash thats why 7-0 noob.*
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(Outdated) I am a great duelist who has developed more then one fight style in the nw. I have about 3-4 years of hard experience in regiments, Gf's, and 1v1s. I am a master of mindgames,and battlefield tactics (Strategy) in most situations. I am great with people even tho I'm not much for words (12-13 years experience in shopping retail). I have my own list of people i have beaten in 1v1's (Mainly Trolls). I tend to keep records to keep trolls in their place. . I am mainly nowadays a Inspiring Gf/team1v1 player who wishes to master team based fighting games and am very good at it. I am casual and play my best in 1v1s/gf's. I train on bob's only. If you trash talk someone's skill ingame you forfeit all rights to call yourself a pro player and no other real pro players will respect you and will ignore you and will forever be reminded of it.If someone does not try it does not mean they are weak, your just to stupid.