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Full list of Regiments, Corps and formations of the British Army 1793-1815


I have been creating a comprehensive list of all Regiments, Corps and formations of the British Army between 1793-1815.
The intent is to not only list all the units but also provide details of establishment, uniforms and life span if possible.
The list is currently work in progress but currently has:


Regiment of Foot Guards
Regiments of Foot
Volunteer Infantry (90%)

But when finished I hope to have also all the foreign regiments, colonial regiments, all cavalry forces, artillery year by year.
1793 is up and view-able, however only contains regular regiments and some fencible and militia regiments!

I also have a separate list of all the Regiments of the Honourable East India Company 1793-1815

Visit my blog to see the excel document vvvvvv

Feel free to help if you have information on any of the parts that are missing.

Nice! Best of luck with the project! :)

Thanks, I'm going to need it   :)

Looks really good so far! Best of luck!

Thanks, I'm trying to update it as often as possible.


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