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77y Sunday ArmA Event - Next Event 13th
« on: January 06, 2019, 10:51:51 pm »

Hey, interested in playing a weekly ArmA event? Come and join 77y Sunday ArmA Event which is held at 5pm GMT+0 each week. It usually runs for
about 2 hours consiting of 2 seperate missions. This isnt some Milsim event with strict commands and rules, its completely casual with  the only rules
followed are don't tk, play as a team and listen to the Zeus.

The missions are created with Zeus on our private server and can range from taking an objective as a small squad with a APC to being some Spec Ops
guys rescuing a VIP or killing him. We have no set faction we play as and we constantly change the map we play on to avoid any monotony involved
with the missions. Currently we get between 12-20 members playing weekly however we want to expand this to allow more roles to be used such as
pilots and drivers for example.

You're more than welcome to come on with your ArmA 3 unit tags and play as your own squad as we simply use our usernames, no ranks are involved
and squad leaders are elected during the gear up phase, however if you prefer to use ranks your more than welcome too. During the mission there is a
simple chain of command with the squad leader telling you what to do but if anyone has a question for the zeus they can easily contact him via your radio.

We are only currently using 7 mods at the moment and don't plan on adding more.
Below you will find a link to our collection:

77y Tenginsky Pehotniy Polk
116th Regiment of Foot
Les Gardes Suisses Brigade

Overall Attendance 14-20

There are no class limits nor space limits, just please fill out the form below and ill send you a friend request on steam.

Regiment Name:
Expected Attendance:
Leader Steam URL(s):
Weekly or Once:
Additional comment:

If you have any questions regarding the event such as what units do we play or what missions or literally anything, please feel free to contact me via my steam below!