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Nr. 2 Infanterie-Regiment "Herzog Wilhelm von Württemberg"

Community - Loyalty - Dedication

Since its establishment (July, 2018), the Nr. 2 has gone through a lot of changes. With time, it established itself as a well-organised and large regiment under the leadership of Dan. As of recently (Dec, 2018), with a change of command, it has directly changed its focus away from competitiveness and to community under the command of Rhen. Despite this change in focus, the regiment has been getting back on track with a peek attendance of thirty-seven (Jan 2019) and aims to make a comeback onto the competitive scene within 2019. Much has changed since its creation, and much will continue to change in 2019 as well. The newly appointed Staff, however, look forward to facing the challenges of running a regiment, and more importantly, a community based around Napoleonic Wars, in 2019. For those new to the regiment or its community - or those of you who are just curious, the Nr. 2 was established around July 2018 after the Nr87 (under the command of Sam) decided to restructure itself and bring in more veteran players from the game to work with the already-established community.

Like previously mentioned, the regiment focuses on community (internally) and allows anyone to join regardless of age or residence. To those interested in joining, or others, it cannot be stressed enough that our policy firstly and foremostly is centred around preserving our community whilst continually expanding it. Achieving victories is desirable, but the top priority is for members to enjoy time spent together during or outside of events either playing other games or just chatting. With the new year, however, it will explore the opportunities of achieving success on the competitive scene as well. If you are looking for a community-centred regiment that is looking for dedicated and active members, enlist today!

Any regiment or individual that acts in a toxic manner will be ignored from the point it chooses or allows its members to act as such towards us.

A Brief Summary of the History of the Nr. 2

    The Regiment was established in 1808 as the Infanterie-Regiment Herzog Wilhelm from the existing Musketier-Bataillon Herzog Wilhelm. It also received an extra bataillon. In 1811, the Regiment was renamed to Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 2 Herzog Wilhelm, which is the name we take after.

The regiment fought from 1806 until 1807 on the side of France against Prussia and had a strength of 14 officers and 837 enlisted. The regiment fought at Glogau, Schweidnitz and Breslau. In 1812, the regiment fought for France under Marshal Ney in Russia with a total strength of 1400 men. After the battle of Borodino, all Württembergian regiments were reformed into 3 Infanterie Bataillone. On the 8. of January, 1813, the regiment was only 21 men strong but did succeed in bringing all banners home after the disaster in Russia.

In the campaign against Napoléon, the Nr. 2 fought at the battles of Neubreisach, Montereau, Arcis-sur-Aube and Paris. It was under the command of von Schwarzenberg until 1815 and remained in Alsace until 1818.

The icons were made by Rewk and rights belong exclusively to him and the Nr. 2.

Regimental Rank Structure - Ranks

Comm. Officers

Major [Mjr]

Chef de Bataillon [CdB]

Capitaine [Capt]

Lieutenant [Lt]

Sous-Lieutenant [SLt]
   Non-Comm. Officers

Adjutant-Chef [AdjC]

Adjutant [Adj]

Sergent-Major [SgtM]

Sergent [Sgt]

Élève Sous-Officier [ESO]
   the Enlisted

Caporal-Fourrier [CplF]

Caporal [Cpl]

Grenadier [Gren]

Fusilier [Fus]

Soldat de Première [SoP]

Soldat de Deuxième [SoD]

Cadet [Cdt]

Conscrit [Conc]

Members are required to attend 10 events between the ranks of Conscrit and Fusilier for each promotion, totaling to 40 events. The ranks after that are awarded subjectively.

Regimental Muster Roll

- Commissioned Officers

- Capitaine Rhen

- Non-Commissioned Officers

- Adjutant Smittydata

- Sergent Namelol

- Élève Sous-Officier Sam
- Élève Sous-Officier Basti

Nr. 2 Infanterie-Regt. ranker.
    - the Enlisted

- Caporal-Fourrier Mushypeas

- Caporal David
- Caporal Nova
- Caporal Yoghurt Lover
- Caporal Dragoon
- Caporal Rado
- Caporal Pickle

- Soldat de Deuxième Janko
- Soldat de Deuxième Rashid
- Soldat de Deuxième Christian

Comm. Officers: 1
Non-Comm. Off: 4
Enlisted members: 68
Total numbers: 72
Steam numbers: 75

    - Cadets

- Cadet Rewk
- Cadet TherKdul
- Cadet Longshot
- Cadet Snowwi
- Cadet Stefaan
- Cadet Foxy
- Cadet Sphinx
- Cadet Feodras
- Cadet Mark
- Cadet desdeasr
- Cadet MrBlueDolphin
- Cadet Deadwulf
- Cadet zlavikmc
- Cadet Mushypeas
- Cadet Lukkyb
- Cadet Skillionaire
- Cadet arthurdc77
- Cadet Sarunas
- Cadet jelle
- Cadet Scraticus
- Cadet Hertinger
- Cadet Charlemagne
- Cadet TheCrazyHans
- Cadet Kato
- Cadet VipKill
- Cadet Remi
- Cadet Vance
- Cadet Gogani
- Cadet AtOZ
- Cadet Zugmodo
- Cadet Anna
- Cadet Meat
- Cadet Makaveli
- Cadet FuriousPeasant
- Cadet LJonesy14
- Cadet Scorpion
- Cadet Levalto
- Cadet Yovko
    - Conscrits

- Conscrit Jaime
- Conscrit SchnipFelcon
- Conscrit Khoioboy
- Conscrit Danishboy
- Conscrit Kejser
- Conscrit Daniel
- Conscrit TheTimes
- Conscrit Alexus
- Conscrit TritoneRosso
- Conscrit DankTank
- Conscrit Riv
- Conscrit Pokre
- Conscrit onemag
- Conscrit Achilles
- Conscrit Lionblade
- Conscrit ACE
- Conscrit Normand
- Conscrit Justin
- Conscrit GuiPT

Contact Information + Other


Add: Rhen on Steam.
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nice name, good luck

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Is that you Dan? Or I got the wrong serial reg maker?
Its always a gamble innit
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Still coming soon? God when i made a "Coming soon" thread it got locked within the first 30 minutes.

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Still coming soon? God when i made a "Coming soon" thread it got locked within the first 30 minutes.

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