Author Topic: 104thRMF Fri&Sun Event Hosting!  (Read 76 times)

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104thRMF Fri&Sun Event Hosting!
« on: December 29, 2017, 03:41:46 pm »

Event Info

The events will be on the Anglo Zulu War mod or Iron Europe. More likely Iron Europe. It will 1 hour and of course there will be map changes/side swaps. It is a fairly casual event, nothing to serious. We are hoping everybody can enjoy themselves at it aswell. If you do have any problems with said event/want more info add me on steam (In contact details) or head onto our discord
(Also in contact details.)

Event Schedule

Monday- N/A
Tuesday- N/A
Wedensday- N/A
Thursday- N/A
Friday- Iron Europe Event 7-8 Pm GMT.
Saterday- N/A
Sunday- Iron europe OR Anglo Zulu War. 7-8 Pm GMT. (Will be told prior)

Event Rules

The Event rules are fairly simple.
1. Dont troll/Flame other players/regiments.
2. Dont sapper spam.
3. Listen to the admins.
4. Dont Rambo(Seeing as its WW1 there are some exceptions, but nothing too major.)

Event Application

Leaders Name:
Leaders Steam:
Expected Attendance:
Prefered Unit(s):

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