Author Topic: Unban Request for NW_Official_NA1 Marins_Garde_CdF_Valjean (rank may be diff) #2  (Read 585 times)

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Name: Marins_Garde_CdF_Valjean (rank may have been different)
Server: NW_Official_NA1


I was banned for saying "fag" after nearly a year of abiding by the rules. It was a slip. The admin who banned me immediately blocked me on steam when I asked about it politely. I probably said it because I usually spam ffs, lol, et cetera as soon as I die to quickly comment. On c-RPG, where the word is allowed I often said it when I died as a reaction. I managed to censor myself while playing NW for many, many, many months.
The actual context in which I said it may be completely different from what I described above. I honestly don't remember the circumstances any longer. I was always stopping myself from saying it, especially when I switched from c-RPG to NW. Most likely it's what happened...I suppose I could have included it in a sentence, although I don't see myself doing consciously. Nor do I see myself doing it unconsciously, since I usually looked at what I had written.

 The facts I am aware of are: My use of the word "fag", that I remember it being a slip, that I was banned immediately after saying it without any warning, and that I had followed the server rules consistently for at least the previous 8 months, if not for a year in order to prevent any possible situation from occurring which gave an admin, some of whom greatly disliked me, an excuse to permanently ban me.

Prior bans:

I've been banned a handful of times a very, very long time ago in the context of NW...Other than the most recent one, I think they're all two or more years ago...I believe I team-killed someone in the second most recent ban...In the third most recent I believe Thomas was involved and I'm pretty sure he banned me for saying "fag" when it had literally just become rule violation that morning...I'm not sure if there are any others. I feel like there's one more, but I have no recollection of it.

 Rule violations prior to ban?:

The short answer is, “No, I did not violate the rules as I understood them.” Kicking people when they trapped me. Firing my cannon if someone was relentlessly blocking it, regardless of where I turned it if they were still there once I had kills lined up. That's it.

Time/Date of Ban: Unknown time/Between May and November 2014?


User Identification Number: 392333?

Why I should be unbanned:

 I've been banned a very long time already and I have no intention to do anything that would get me banned again in the future. Before I was banned I had followed the server rules very closely for about a year. I think the length of time I have been banned for now is rather excessive given my consistent adherence to the rules prior to being banned. I cannot see a situation arising where, if unbanned, I'd violate the server rules again. Why would I bother making this thread if I thought I was just going to get banned again? There will be no problems if you choose to unban me. And even if there was, you could just ban me again and be done with it. Personal animosity towards me would be the only possible reason to leave me banned in my opinion. Objectively, there is no good reason to keep me banned. I do apologize for whatever it was that happened exactly. I violated the rules and I was banned. That's fair, but banning me from the server for the rest of time, on the other hand, is not.

Thank you for your consideration of this unban request,


You were temp banned and then perm banned not to long later for using slurs.  This wasn't the only time you broke the rule.

all from one day.  a few days prior to your perm ban.

09:16:32 - *DEAD* [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] faggot
09:24:36 - [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] faggot, how you know sword stab always b3eat poleawrm stab?   09:26:39 - *SPEC* [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] faggot
09:30:27 - *DEAD* [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] fag
 09:34:22 - [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] fag
09:36:44 - *SPEC* [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] fag
09:37:37 - [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] fag
09:39:57 - *DEAD* [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] fag
09:40:48 - [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] fuck you, hetero fag
 09:41:03 - *DEAD* [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] fag
09:42:41 - *SPEC* [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] fag4
 23:33:35 - *DEAD* [IXe[Marins]Mtr_Valjean] Mel Gibson is a fag

you also had several from the day you were banned.

nonetheless you knew that was your last chance. 

no unban.

Huh...How many years has it been. Dead official battle server. Dead community? Just to waste my own time and to prove a point, please unban me, please please, please--I promise to make server active because I'm good at that, so you can reban after I make active battle server and therefore active community in dead game. Thanks.

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No unban means no unban.  you can just buy a new key when they are super cheap in the upcoming winter sale. 
Should you need to talk to me regarding NA1 or or something regarding admining or the admins, PM me here on the forums and not on steam.  *

*This does not include Official Server Admins.