Author Topic: The Battle of Maniaki (Greek war of independence) Warband Napoleonic Wars mod  (Read 1014 times)

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Hello guys, I am currently working with 2 other people for a mod.

The mod is for NW and we will release a Module file but also Replacements for NW mod

I need someone experienced with codes and files to make the last product work.
I need someone with experience in uniform making.
I need someone with overall modding experience to help us make it realistic.

You can read information here about what it is:

Join our discord here and PM me if you want to find me:

The mod is not nothing big and I have worked a lot and I could say the most part of it is done, there are some difficult parts that I need guidance of experience modder to help me out though since I am new both in modding and the game. It's not exactly a mod as most likely a reskin (We plan to release a module version too and host some co-op battles in the future).
Όταν σηκώσαμεν την σημαίαν εναντίον της τυραγνίας ξέραμεν ότι είναι πολλοί αυτείνοι και μαχητικοί κι’ έχουν και κανόνια κι’ όλα τα μέσα. Εμείς σε ούλα

είμαστε αδύνατοι. Όμως ο Θεός φυλάγει και τους αδύνατους, κι’ αν πεθάνωμεν πεθαίνομεν δια την Πατρίδα μας, δια την Θρησκείαν μας και πολεμούμεν όσο μπορούμε εναντίον της τυραγνίας κι’ ο Θεός βοηθός…