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Napoleonic Wars++
« on: August 25, 2017, 12:39:13 am »

Just letting you guys know that All new units are OSP's, or I was given permission to use their skins etc. and these skins above is just a small portion of the new units that will be added. please check the workshop page regularly for more pictures and updates on the status of the mod.
I will be also giving a list out before release which shows the creator of each skin full credit goes to each creator for the skin they made.

Hello, everyone, I am the Lead Developer for the Mod Napoleonic Wars++ you can find the link to the workshop down below. I am known as Microsoft_Syndicate on the Steam Workshop and in most general communities but I go by the name Armis here on the workshop. The Mod Is nearing Release here as We now have an Official Server for the mod and we plan to host some official events for the mod as well so please keep in touch with the mods development.

Steam Workshop Link:

This Mod Has Not Been Released will be released on the Steam Workshop page and on Moddb when the work is done. This mod is not Compatible with Napoleonic Wars as it is a Overhaul.

Have you Ever gotten tired of all of the same repetitive boring gameplay of Napoleonic Wars? and the complete lack of Unique units when it comes to factions like Austria, Prussia, and Russia?. well then this mod is for you it is a Large overhaul mod where we have/will add 25-50+ Units on top of the existing rosters, each and every faction will have atleast 8-10 new units plus their old ones to use during events and just regular gameplay. below is a list of the units we have and intend to add to the game. also all units used in this are either OSP, Self Designed or were given permission to use. This mod is not just a unit overhaul we will also be adding optional Sounds, cannon textures, musket textures etc. all new textures and sounds excluding those for new troops will be optional so we don't break your expected level of immersion. installing different textures will in no case remove your compatibility with the base mod and others whom use different textures.

And In No case will we be changing the melee system as I feel it breaks the gameplay so many of us have come to enjoy about the Napoleonic Wars DLC.

### United Kingdom ####
60th Kings Royal American Rifles (Added)
71st Glasgow Highlanders (Added)
90th Perthshire Volunteers (Added)
Black Brunswickers (Added)
45th Regiment of Foot 1st Nottinghamshire (Added)
64th Regiment of Foot 2nd Staffordshire (Added)
Libyan Beylik (Ottoman) (Added)
88th Connaught Rangers (plans to add)
Line Infantry of 2deK (Dutch) (plans to add)

### France ###
Infantaria_de_Marina (Spanish) (Added)
2e Régiment de Grenadiers à pied de la Garde Impériale (Added)
3. Jyske Infanterie Regiment (Danish) (Added)
3eme Regiment Etranger Legion de Irlandaise (Added)
3e Régiment de Tirailleurs de la Garde Impériale (aka Young Guard) (Added)
Landbataillon Rottweil (Wurttemburg) (Basically Wurttemburgish Partizan's for France) (Added)
1tes Hussar Regiment (Westphalian) (Added)
5e de Hussards (Added)
1er Legion Polonaise (Added)
88e Regiment de Infanterie de Ligne. (Added)
Bataillon de Tirailleurs Corses (plans to add.)
Neuchatel Battalion (The Canaries) (may or may not add)

### Russia ###
11y-Fanagoryiskiy Grenadierskiy Polk (Added)
12y-Koporsk Pehotniy Polk (Added)
Russo-German Legion (Added)
Novgorod Militia (Added)
Finnish dzki jegierski polk (Obviously Finnish) (Added)
Russian Life-Guard Hussars (plans to add in alot later.)

### Prussia ###
Nr.2 Upper Sachsen Landwehr Infanterie Regiment (Added)
Infanterie Regiment "von Braunschweig-Oels" Nr.12 Musketierbataillon (Added)
von Rechten Infantry Regiment (Saxon) (plants to add)
von Sahr Light Infantry Regiment (Saxon) (plans to add)
Preuss 2. Linen Infanterie Regiment Nr.6 (rankers and officers have multiple kinds of uniforms each randomly generated chance of spawning with) (Added)

### Austria ###
Ungarische Militia (a Light Infantry/Militia Unit) (Added)
Österreichisch Kaiserliches Grenadier Regiment (Added)
Garde Du Corp (Baden) (Added)
47th Czech Regiment (plans to add)
Jäger-Bataillon Linge (Bade) (plans to add)

### Other Changes ###
Grenades for Grenadier Classes(Added) balancing tests shall be taken but so far it seems complete.
New Optional Cannon Textures (Added)
New Optional Musket Sounds & Crosshairs (Added)
New Optional Musket Textures for every faction (plans to add)
New Maps (Being Worked On)
New Musket types (being worked on)
New Cannon types (being worked on.)

### New Maps ###
Fort Les Bancs Made by Profy (Added)
Labyrinthe Made by Profy (Added) (the 2nd map showcased is a optional map for training and just general ♥♥♥♥ing around)

I am currently working on this mod by myself so please be patient and I also will be posting a sub-forum here for people to submit regiment skins they believe would work for the may submit skins for any unit type but I am working on infantry first then cav and so on and so forth.

I am also working on new siege maps for the mod that will come with it and I plan to setup 4 servers for the mod 2 NA and 2 EU. one for Official Events and the others for just Regular play but it may take me abit to get the funds for all 4 so please be patient. And also on release I will also release server files for any and everyone to host their own servers. you will only find these server files on however so check my page there for it when release comes.

here is the moddb page:
the steam workshop will be the primary page for update status though but I will release every version of the mod on both moddb and here on the workshop.

PS if you want to help out the mod in any way just add me on steam I check with every person who adds me relatively quickly.

also not all of the features in the mod will be posted here as I have some features I would like to keep secret until full release.

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Re: Napoleonic Wars++
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2017, 02:32:07 am »
Good luck!