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New Game Mode: Arena TDM
« on: July 20, 2017, 04:03:27 pm »
Hello, I'm not an avid poster on this forum but I made a little game mode I would like you to try and give me feedback on.

Welcome to the Arena TDM - by Jeebuz!
Are you the ultimate fighter?

You will pit yourself against increasingingly harder bot foes in increasingly greater numbers in melee
mode. Will you be the champion of champions with the hordes of bots beneath your feet?

Latest version (0.3) download:

How does it work?
The level of difficulty will increase every 30 seconds, and will either affect the number of bots you
encounter at once, or the skill and speed of the bots.

The bots will use only melee, and will be armed with muskets using the bayonet against you only.
Watch out - at higher levels, they will be individually very tough indeed, not to mention in a group

You can use this game mode to train melee and reaction time, or you can use it to simply see how high
a level you can reach.

This game mod includes a tailored Arena type map.

See Included README.txt in .zip file.

  Map : Spanish Village (Day)  (is replaced with an Arena type map - going left in maplist is fastest)
  Mode: Team Deathmatch
  Control Block Direction: By mouse movement
  See Included README.txt in .zip file for more options.

Features in this game mode
- Bots can only melee.
- Levels will increase every 30 seconds
- Bot types will get increasingly skilled and faster and tougher as levels go up.
- Dying will cause you to lose one level down until the initial level.
- Player can only join team 1, and team 2 will be the bot team.
- Admins can control certain aspects of the game mode, see "Running the game mode".
- All code should be server-side, so clients will not need the mod to play it if you
  run it as a server.
- This game mode is balanced toward 1 person vs bots, but will allow several to play at once
  if you run it as a server.
- Dont try to cheat by crouching. You'll see what i mean.

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Re: New Game Mode: Arena TDM
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