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39th Dorset Battalion Public Server
« on: March 19, 2017, 02:31:34 pm »

The 39th Dorset Battalion Public Server

This server consists temporarily of 30 slots due to there currently being a very low amount of people who play Whig's & Tories outside of events, Mainly because of the lack of Public Server's Available, So the 39th will be testing to see how many people would come on and play on the server to try and boost the amount of members in the Whig's & Tories Community. By doing this we have put a server up Called 39th_Dorsetshire_Public, If you are interested in becoming an admin to support this,

Apply on the SteamGroup:


Fill out an application on here:
Steam Id:
Why you would be a good admin (Some Effort):
Previous Experience (if any):

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Re: 39th Dorset Battalion Public Server
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Hello, in a few days this forums section will be deleted if you wish to save your thread and regiment claim please post here -