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2nd Vermont Infantry
« on: December 01, 2016, 08:52:27 pm »

COLD HARBOR             PETERSBURG       

Served from 1861-1865 as part of the 1st Vermont Brigade ("The Old Brigade"). The regiment participated in some of the most ferocious fighting of the war, the Vermont Brigade suffering the highest casualty count of any brigade in the history of the US Army (1,172 men killed in action). 6 individuals from the regiment were awarded the Medal of Honor throughout its service.

The 2nd VVI played crucial roles in several battles alongside their fellow Vermont regiments, namely in desperate holding actions at The Wilderness and Spotsylvania (subsequently joining the hellish assault on Confederate lines in the latter despite exhaustion from fierce hand to hand fighting) as well as in the pivitol battle of the Shenandoah campaign at Cedar Creek. Here the Brigade played a pivotol role, fighting ferociously in the efforts to blunt the surprise Confederate assault. With Lt. Col. Amasa Tracy of the 2nd VVI assuming command of the entire Brigade (his superiors having been wounded) It then joined in Sheridan's decisive counterattack that drove the Confederates from the field, effectively sealing the fate of Early's army and ensuring the security of Washington). Lt. Col. Tracy was awarded a Medal of Honor for his role in commanding the Brigade (which helped provide an anchor for the largely scattered Union army to rally and reform around in the opening stages of the battle). He continued to serve as comandng officer of the 2nd VVI for the remainder of the war.