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Bavarian Friekorps B&I Monday Event! [NA] -OPEN!
« on: October 30, 2016, 03:47:49 am »
Bavarian Friekorps Monday Event!

Event will start on Monday, November 6th

NA event to be hosted at 8pmEST on Monday, we will run the event as long as people are coming. The server currently only has 100 slots but if big enough we will look into upgrading. Any suggestions or comments let us know!

General Rules:
  • No Teamkilling
  • No Trolling
  • No Ramboing
  • No Sapper (Engineer) Trolling
  • 3 People Make a line - 2 or less must find a line
  • Cannot reload with 2 or less people
  • No reloading on charge, people being charged may reload only if garrisoning a house
  • A regiment may have 1 Engineer, 1 Quartermaster, and 1 Surgeon
  • When all charge is called no one may reload, including artillery. If caught reloading and firing you will be subject to slay
  • Admins say is final, if you have an issue with and admin or a complaint/problem feel free to talk with us so we can come to a conclusion

Chat Rules:
  • No spamming
  • Keep it from getting too cancerous (Have some fun but lets keep it under control still)

  • Can have 2-3 man spacing
  • Can crouch and may use man-mad as well as natural cover
  • Only 1 officer allowed per line
  • May space out to roughly 5 man spacing on man made cover
  • When garrisoning a building, can space out through entire building as long as everyone is inside
  • Maximum 2 Sergeants

Artillery and Cavalry will be unlocked at 50+ people (If we can even get that many, or upon popular request-2/3rds of regiments attending ask for it)

  • Max 2 guns
  • Max 2 officers
  • Arty Guard must act as line
  • Arty Guard may not leave area of artillery
  • Arty may still fire (if able) when less than 3 people

  • Cavalry may not fire on horseback! (This rule may change as we are going to test it and see what people like/is balanced)
  • If less than 3 people are mounted, they must dismount
  • Cavalry must stick together (Ex: If your charging Line A and line B is exposed, no one is allowed to charge line B unless everyone charges line B)

*Rules are subject to change as this will be our first event - we are trying to find a rule set that fits everyone so please have patience and bear with us
                            *Also if you have suggestions or comments/questions please feel free to speak up and let us know

Sign Ups:
Regiment Name:
Steam Profile Link:

Teamspeak adress:
          (Hint: poke someone to give you tags so you can move channels)


We hope you see you there for some fun Blood and Iron action and maybe even revive this mod!
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