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4th (The King's Own) Regiment of Foot [EU] [RECRUITING]
« on: August 06, 2016, 08:23:20 pm »


The 4th was originally found in early 2015 as a light regiment, we are now making a comeback as line! Our goal is to become a disciplined and friendly regiment for anyone to join. We will have both sieges and normal linebattles each week. We will also do tranings often to keep the regiment at a competitive standard. Even though we promote discipline, we still think you got to have fun getting the job done, so we wont kill you for talking during an event. In total we are a friendly regiment who likes to help and train NW experts and newbies alike! 


1: Do not use excessive profanity in chat.

2: Ranks only matter in events and trainings, so respect everyone.

3: Do not troll or waste time in events.

4: Always listen to your commanding officer while in events.

5: Try to have fun and make friends.

6: Admins/Officers may use any method required to solve any situation that's not covered by the rules.

This regiment is independent. We are not intrested in joining armies ect.

|Application Format|

In-Game Name:
Previous Regimental Experience:
Steam Name:
Do you accept our rules?:

*You must be 14 or above to join the 4th (exeptions can be made)

Make sure  to add one of the officers on Steam!


Commissioned Officers:

Capt. Lime535

Non-Commissioned Officers:

Sjt. Bowden

Enlisted Men:

Enlisted men

Total strength: 4

Rgl. Jek

Rct. Magnus


Commissioned Officers
Colonel - Col

Lieutenant-Colonel - LtCol

Major - Maj

Captain - Capt

Lieutenant - Lt

Ensign - Ens
Non-Commissioned Officers
Serjeant-Major - SjtMaj

Colour Serjeant - CSjt

Serjeant - Sjt

Corporal - Cpl
Enlisted Men
Lance Corporal - LCpl

Grenadier - Gren

Regular - Rgl

Private - Pte

Recruit - Rct


The regiment was raised on 13 July 1680, as the 2nd Tangier, or Earl of Plymouth's Regiment of Foot. It saw service for nearly three centuries. In 1751, after various name changes, the regiment was titled the 4th (King's Own) Regiment of Foot.

The regiment saw action at the Siege of Namur during the Nine Years' War. Soon after, it saw action at the capture of Gibraltar in August 1704 during the War of the Spanish Succession and the regiment received most of the government casualties at the Battle of Culloden in April 1746. It took part in the capture of Guadeloupe in 1759 during the Seven Years' War and the Battle of St. Lucia in December 1778 during the Anglo-French War. During the Napoleonic Wars, the regiment fought at Corunna, Badajoz, Salamanca, Vittoria, San Sebastian, Nive, Bladensburg, and Waterloo. During the Crimean War, the regiment fought at the Alma and Inkerman and took part in the Siege of Sevastopol. It also saw action in Abyssinia in 1868, in South Africa in 1879 and at the Battle of Spion Kop in January 1900 during the Second Boer War.

Under the Childers Reforms of 1881, the regiment became the King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment).

Battle Record
Looking for 1v1s!


Steam: Capt. Lime535


If you would like to organize an event with the 4th or talk to one of its members or officers, then either add the Steam link above or come to the TeamSpeak and talk there. Also if you are a member of the regiment you are expected to have at least one officer on steam.



Looking good

The 4th in action!

Jeks kindergarden

Some old screenshots as the 27e (Today known as the 4th)

"The Lions"

The 4th doing siege

GoT siege!


The 4th playing PF

Thanks to Herishey for the template!

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Re: 4th (The King's Own) Regiment of Foot [EU] [RECRUITING]
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2016, 08:24:53 pm »
looks nice good luck!

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Can I just say that I’m really impressed with the cav community, 10x more mature than the inf community and a lot less tolerant of the cancerous players

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