Author Topic: Shibe Maps - (Brand New to Mapping)  (Read 894 times)

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Shibe Maps - (Brand New to Mapping)
« on: April 11, 2016, 08:30:39 pm »

Hello and Welcome to my first mapping thread. I decided one day that I wanted to try my hand a mapping for NaS seeing as there is a distinct lack of them. So here it goes, feedback is much appreciated. I will probably try making some basic maps for NW as well.

One quick Rule:
Anything that is offensive WILL BE deleted.

Face Off (NaS)
This isn't a historical battlefield at all but I tried to keep it somewhat in the vein of a hamlet in the middle of nowhere.
Constructive criticism is much appreciated.
Replaces Quatres Bras Night (n/a_(QuatresBras))

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