Author Topic: EU Event/Tournament Child-Board Request  (Read 3875 times)

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Re: EU Event/Tournament Child-Board Request
« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2019, 10:01:13 am »
- Organizer(s) Name(s): MarxeiL
- Organizer(s) Steam Information: Link
- Event's Steam Group Information (if applicable): Link | Still in progress though
- Event Name: Tiered Duel League
- Previous Event Thread(s) (if applicable): Link

- History/Background (looking for a short 4-5 sentence summary of the history/creation of the event and why it would be worthwhile adding a child-board for this event): To be honest, there wasn't any duel league since 2016, I think. So, that's the main reason why I'm making this. Second, the idea of Tiered League will give an opportunity for any player of the community to prove himself, to play against known, high rated players. You will not be out cause of playing some high tier players in the first round. You are getting seeded in the tier with same skill level players, you are improving your skill, you are beating everybody around you, you are getting in higher tier, you are fighting better players and stuff like this. Third, I like that tournament ladder system allows you to automatize it, basically admins/orgs don't need to waste a lot of time of doing some matchweeks, updating always the thread, making players playing. If you want to play - you are just posting the challenge, contacting a player via Steam and playing, climbing the ladder. No delays, play wherever you want, whenever you want and whoever you want.

- Has your event started and completed at least twice? Nope, that's the first season.

- How often are you planning on hosting this event? I'm planning to make it all-time league, with seasons per 3 months or something.

- What is the average attendance for this event?: For a week we got 55 sign-ups. But I expect to get at least 20-30 more till February. Every player is challenging player above him and getting challenged by a player below him, that's a huge activity and that's why I want to have a child-board for this to make it less messy.

Are there any criteria(s) for entering in this event?  Yes/No; if yes, list them in order for us to verify they are in line with the rules. No, every player in the community can take part in this.

- Who else will require board moderator permissions?  Please list their name, a link to the forums, and a Steam link as well (if applicable). That's still being decided, I will update this later if the application is accepted.

- You and the other administrators will receive board moderation permissions, in order to manage the event well.  Will you agree to use your power(s) wisely, and commit to making decisions that benefit everyone involved? Yeah, of course we do.

If there are any abuse(s) of power, the moderation team reserves the right to punish those that have board moderator privileges, up to and including removal of your child board and closing of the topic.
This application has been approved; we'll be setting up the board shortly. Please keep in mind that our desire is to have more than a one-time event; we feel that in order to foster a community on the forums and in-game, having multiple events helps maintain stability with the community (be it competitive or casual events alike).

Apologies for the delay on this one, Shadow had to work unexpectedly over the weekend and it caused a delay.
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