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13th Division (German Empire)
« on: March 09, 2016, 02:53:06 am »

Welcome to the forum for the 13th Division we are a division for blood and iron we host servers and events for the mod blood and iron.

We lay claim to these brigades and regiments in blood and iron


25th Brigade: Generalmajor

1st Westphalian Infantry regiment, No. 13
Hanoverian Fusilier regiment, No. 73
26th Brigade: Generalmajor

2nd Westphalian Infantry regiment, No. 15
6th Westphalian Infantry regiment, No. 55
Attached to Division

7th Westphalian Jäger battalion
1st Westphalian Hussar regiment, No. 8
Five batteries (two heavy, two light, and one horse-artillery) of the 7th field-artillery regiment
2nd Field-pioneer company, 7th corps, with entrenching tool-column
3rd Field-pioneer company, 7th corps

Application for those how want to join
Your steam URL
   How long have you played
   How active can you be

Application For Regiment 

Name of Regiment
How many members
Leaders Steam
Where is the reg Loction NA,EU,AU

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Re: 13th Division (German Empire)
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