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Dedicated Server Patch for NW (
« on: March 12, 2017, 05:06:12 pm »
Dedicated Server Patch for NW (

This patch aims to fix a bunch of the exploits and bugs found in the NW source code. It is meant for dedicated servers and is compatible with vanilla NW clients. I don't intend on trying to support non-dedicated hosting.

   ✔ Fixed earth mounds being raisable indefinitely.
   ✔ Now item selection is mostly server side. This fixes not selecting random weapons, naked sappers etc.
   ✔ Fixed spyglass animation without a spyglass. This also fixes stun escape.
   ✔ Fixed unlimited ammo for arty after picking up 2 or more rounds of the same type.
   ✔ Added sapper spam protection. By default it is 1 object per 200ms with added cooldown of 1s for each object spammed too fast. This is a speed I wasn't able to reach without a script so players without scripts shouldn't be affected. These values can be adjusted as needed.
   ✔ Fixed voice spam for sergeants, officers and generals by setting the same cooldown as others.
   ✔ Removed "Kicked for cheating" message. It fixes the spamming of it.

Won't/can't be fixed:
   ✘ Zoom (client side)
   ✘ Cheer animation (bug in game engine)
   ✘ Malicious strings in admin chat crashing server (bug in game engine, fixed in latest server executable)
   ✘ Name tags (client side)
   ✘ Hidden bushes, hitboxless objects, particle effects (client side)
   ✘ Visible invisible objects (client side)
   ✘ Reticle always being small (client side)
   ✘ Longer names than normal (bug in game engine)
   ✘ Invalid/invisible banners. Banner material to be drawn is selected client side. On server the only way is to auto-kick players with invalid banners or to disable custom banners.

May be fixed later:
   • Arty not correctly resetting after map reset (need help identifying culprit)
   • Sapper build sounds being wrong sometimes (need help identifying culprit)
   • Spawning after dying and rejoining server
   • Admin command spam and abuse (just revoke their privileges already ._.)

   ► Source code
   ► Compiled files
   ► Diff file
   ► GitHub page

Wan't some specific exploits/bugs to be fixed or have found a bug in this patch? Feel free to file an issue on GitHub with a description and/or a way to replicate it. Maybe even a fix.
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