Author Topic: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2  (Read 10475 times)

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Re: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2
« Reply #240 on: February 23, 2018, 02:13:53 am »
Any reason why tiered admin powers/levels wasn't included in the update?
if you are referring to admins being able to ban admins, then that will be in the hotfix.   you will have to go into the file and enable the code, and put your IDs in.   if you are referring to what i did with LB admins on NA1, then that will have to be something your do on your own.  its not too complicated to do.
i know it's not that hard, I did it once already lel. I was just wondering why you did just include it with the whitelist? They're not that different tbh
I think you mean didn't so i will post with that in mind. 

there were some things that i made before the last patch was a thing, and i decided to bring them over into the patch.  Revive, spawn and god mode are the main 3.  Things like medics were something i wanted added, but my old system for that was meh.(probably OP tbf)  especially when you can do it a lot better with a full patch, and not a server side only thing.   Vince worked on that stuff though. 

there were a bunch of other minor stuff that most people had on their servers.  aka welcome messages and logging teamwounding and teamkilling.  those 2 changed numerous times as what we wanted out of them changed.(multiple people worked on them at one time or another)  i added round and map changes to the logs.   plus all the other random fixes i made like healing a player heals their horse or refilling ammo gives them ammo if they have none.       some of the stuff i didn't bring over because i didn't feel it was worth it, or i just forgot.  most of the code i brought over from the old patch had to be redone by me, because when i originally made it years ago, i really sucked at coding and wasn't that well done.(my old revive code was just awful. complete garbage even tho it worked)    i still have plenty to learn, but i think the code i did for the current patch runs better, looks better, and makes the game better compared to my old code.  i did a lot of other stuff, but the above are the main stuff i wanted in and put in. 

anyways, back to the stuff at hand.  it is probably possible to try and tie in the whitelist with the ability for admins to ban admins or to find other ways to tier the admins.  it wouldn't be something that can be done quickly and would require a bunch of changes to the existing admin stuff.  i believe the hotfix is done or very close to be, so i don't think it would be worth redoing it at this point.(plus what defines each tier would be debatable)  my code for banning admins is good enough for now.  most servers will be modifying their files so going up and enabling and changing the IDs would be quick and easy.

something i did add that anyone that has played on NA1 over the years knows about is the automatic friendly fire toggle.   You can leave it off, and FF will stay whatever the server has it set to like usual.  or you can change the time you want it to automatically turn on.  So lets say after 30 seconds in the round, FF will turn on and when the round ends, it will turn off.   When the round ends, map is reset, or the time is under said timer(say 30 seconds) FF will turn off until the time has passed.   This cut down the work load for NA1 admins by like 90%.  Alt tab teamkills were a thing of the past.  Not being able to mass teamkill/wound at the start of the round.  and at the end of the round, no more having to deal with people teamkilling.  some servers may not care about teamkilling at rounds end, and that is fine.  NA1 doesn't allow it.  If you really want people to teamkill at rounds end, you can modify the MT or find other ways to get around it. 

This is also nice at events.  Prevents people from teamkilling or teamwounding.  Tired of admins reseting or you having to revive/heal because someone decided it would be fun to attack someone else in spawn?   Well, this should stop that stuff too. 

GF servers would be able to make use of it as well.
That makes sense, thanks for answering

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Re: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2
« Reply #241 on: February 28, 2018, 11:03:41 am »
Observations after a month of playing and testing:

Is there a reason why some sappers have the short sword, and other nations don't? If there's no major reason, I'd like to see it consistent (all have, or all don't).

The trapezoid shape makes it incredibly hard to line up sandbag sections without holes. Changing from the rectangular shape gives us two choices: build closer together (reducing surface area of cover) or accept the gaps (compromised defence). One flat surface at the top would appreciated, without the V and raised sides.

For whatever changes the sandbags get:
Could you test building a wall of sandbags (lets say 4 wide and 2 high) on a slight slope? Does it leave holes? Is it easy or finicky to build?

The small hitbox is by far the worst part of sapping. I've tried my hardest to adapt to it, but it's just so infuriating. If I had a bitcoin everytime someone got in the way, or a horse smacked me, I'd be richer than Bill Gates. It does make it harder for 2+ sappers to rush build. Please, please restore the hitbox sizes.
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Re: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2
« Reply #242 on: February 28, 2018, 11:28:21 am »
If its historically accurate, the side weapons that the Sappers used for each nation, might as well keep it that way. I dont think anyone reaaaally cares that much about it being the same across each nation if thats the case. Not like you dont try to pick up a sword as a sapper no matter what nation it is.
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Re: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2
« Reply #243 on: February 28, 2018, 11:00:38 pm »
Gentlemen please - the devs are currently hard at work patching the CTRL + J exploit, we must not overload them with additional trivial work.

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Re: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2
« Reply #244 on: March 01, 2018, 12:25:20 pm »
How do you make the custom scene props visible to clients on your server?

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Re: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2
« Reply #245 on: March 02, 2018, 10:44:23 pm »
<iframe src="" width="100%" height="10700" ></iframe>

Masquerading this a patch to another game as a update. Oh flying squirrel you roguish bastards