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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: November 10, 2012, 07:07:32 pm »
Battle Cry of Freedom FAQ


Where do I go to donate?
If you head over here you can help us with the production:

Why crowd funding?
We want to be able to create the game that we want to make, getting funding from a producer would mean making compromises about game design which would mean you, the player would not get the game you want to play. This way you can directly influence the development of the game, and create a title that everyone will enjoy playing.

But, didn't you earn money from "Napoleonic Wars"?
Unfortunately as "Napoleonic Wars" was a DLC, not a stand alone game, we received comparatively little from its release due to other parties involved in its parent series (Mount & Blade), and a lot of its funding went towards its own development. Also we do need to eat occasionally.

How much will the game cost?
We promise that the game won't cost more than 25 Euros. There is no definite price set yet though.

What is Flying Squirrel Entertainment?
We are a small four man team, all of which are former modders, skilled in all aspects of game development. We are from all around Europe, and formed FSE when we decided to start making our own games instead of spending our skills tweaking other people’s creations. As we come from a gaming background, we are very passionate about what we create, as we intend to play the games we create!

Didn’t you guys already make a game?
We created an expansion to the well known title "Mount & Blade Warband", which actually started out as a modification we had been working on for just over a year beforehand. The expansion was very successful and has to date sold over 200, 000 units. If you wish to try the game for yourself head over here: or find it on steam

What is "Battle Cry of Freedom"?
That is a very big question, but put simply "Battle Cry of Freedom" follows our vision of simulating huge historical battles where the player can put himself in any role from your normal infantryman up to the Generals commanding armies, with every place in between including artillerymen, engineers and cavalry. This game is going to be bigger, both in map size and player count, better in visual and gameplay, and contain even more unique and original features that we have been known to produce. We will be keeping our core gameplay completely based on player skill, with no reliance on random systems or leveling. Our combat system will feature a fun, intuitive and brutal reaction based system. Basically it will be Bigger, Better and More.

Define “huge multiplayer battles”?
We have created our own new and original network engine using the latest technology, and we are using it in combination with the latest Unity game engine. This means we have what we think is very probably the most efficient multiplayer support ever seen. This means our game will be able to support over 500 players battling on 5 X 5 KM maps. Five hundred is our pre-alpha number, and is what we aim our game will support at the very least, really the number is dictated by what a server can handle and we will try to push it as high as possible.

Won’t that many players mean the game is unplayable due to fps and server lag?
Our game as a multiplayer title will be 100% optimised for high performance online battles. We have a fantastic engine, utilising culling (not rendering things a player cannot see) LOD and scaling server technology, so a standard server will run a few hundred players, while a powerful box is only limited by its power, we have yet to find the games limit, and is something we will be testing in our alpha and beta.

Why did you pick the American Civil War?
We are very experienced in developing a game within the era of the musket, yet we wanted to try something challenging and new, the American civil war is an incredibly interesting period which is also the last major conflict featuring musketry warfare. This means we can start to incorporate other fun features while still having our base combat mechanic intact.

Why did you choose to make a standalone game?
We chose to make a stand alone as it means we can make the game we want to make, without risking compromise by involving too many powerful interested parties. This also means that the player does not have to buy into another series just to play our creation, and we are not limited by the original game’s engine. For you this means we have a freedom of creation that will allow us to really put our and also your vision into something we hope will become creature of beauty.

Is this an MMO?
Not in the generally accepted definition of an MMO, no. our game is massive, it is online, but it isn’t a grinding based persistent world with dungeons and levels. Our game is a huge first/3rd person shooter/melee hybrid, based on player skill and reaction, with no progression, unlocks or unfair battles. The game is also based on servers, and we encourage players to host their own servers and games.

Will I need to pay a subscription?
No, with a one time payment you have access to our game for your and its lifetime. The official public servers will be available for free, and we welcome our community hosting their own massive servers. (In our current tests it is already possible to host 200+ players with just 30 mbits upload stream on a dual core server processor).

What do I get if I Donate?
This completely depends on what you wish and can donate, we have a range of donation tiers aimed at the different level of payment, which we feel rewards the support you give us. Any questions you have about the different rewards feel free to ask. We appreciate any help you can give us.
The rewards range from beta, the full game, boxed copies and extra goodies. The most important reward, is access to a special place in our forum where you will be directly able to influence the games development and help create a title you will enjoy playing.

What is VOIP?
Voice over IP (VOIP), is basically an in game voice communication system. We are integrating a fully functional and complex VOIP system with which you will be able to talk to your teammates, give orders, arrange matches and encourages the deep teamwork that is the best part of our games. We would really recommend purchasing a microphone to get the full enjoyment from "Battle Cry of Freedom".

How big are your maps going to be?
Huge. 5 X 5 kilometres or more, which to put in perspective, would take you approximately thirty minutes to walk across.

I don’t understand your Engagement gamemode how does it work?
We have chosen a few of the major battles which took place in the American Civil War which we feel would give some very interesting gameplay. To win a specific round/engagement your team will have to accomplish various objectives, and stop the enemy from completing theirs. Once you have chosen which role you want to fight in the battle (which regiment, for instance infantry, cavalry, artillery). The server (AI command or a chosen player for clan matches) will assign the different regiments and components of the armies to the various objectives. For instance an Infantry regiment could be ordered to take an enemy fortified position, while a friendly artillery is ordered to support them, and the enemy infantry unit is tasked with defending the position. Utilising an intelligent re-spawning system (with friendly units only able to respawn in friendly controlled territory, and reinforcement waves) which will keep you close to your regiment and encourage teamwork. However as much as we encourage supporting each other, you are not forced to do anything, you can play as you wish.

So you’re basically a mix between Mount & Blade and the Total War series?
That is quite a fitting explanation, we want to combine a realistic and skill based combat system with the huge size and tactics of epic warfare.

Will there be other game modes?
Our Engagement gamemode is our primary focus, however we intend to also offer other well known modes such as last team standing, duel, etc

A lot of games claim historical accuracy, how true to the time are you?
We as a team are very interested in the time periods we utilise. This means we genuinely prefer to be historically accurate, and this coupled with a particularly unforgiving community means our standards are higher than your usual title. With "Battle Cry of Freedom" we even want to take it a step further. For example, all maps will be based on real Satellite Elevation data, to make sure that the size and the look of the battlefield is as accurate as possible.

When will I get to play?
At this point we are unsure of the total development time, we expect it to take a year. However, if you donate and receive beta or even alpha access you could be playing much sooner.

How can I support the game?
The most important help you can give is donating, which we will reward you for. However any help you can give in spreading the word is very appreciated, so linking us on facebook, twitter and generally telling your friends would be fantastic!

Will the game support clans/guilds?
The community makes a game. Our community is very important to us, and we realise how vital clan support is. We will have an in game clan registry, the ability to find and play with your friends, with a lobby system (utilising VOIP). We will also have an ingame ranking system to show off your clan and rank ingame.

Will my computer be able to run the game?
We realise not everyone has a doomsday machine from mars. We aim to make the game accessible to everyone through the use of scalable graphics, low internet usage and an optimised network engine.

What do you mean by a reaction based skillful combat system?
We are taking our inspiration from the Mount & Blade series, utilising a directional attacking and blocking system.

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