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MOV Saturday Field Battle - War of 1812 Mod Event
« on: November 29, 2014, 01:05:04 am »
Men Of Valor NA Saturday Field Battle - War Of 1812 mod event

Men Of Valor TeamSpeak IP:

         Saturday NA 3pmHAWAII/5pmPACIFIC/7pmCENTRAL/8pmEST
         Sunday OCEANIA 9amWAST/11amQLD/12noonNSW/2pmNZ/9amCN/10amKOR


        It is the responsability of the Officers and the NCO's of the regiment to make sure
         That ALL regiment members abide by these rules

         No FOC (Firing On the Charge)
         No FOL (Firing Out Of Line)
         No Ramboing
         No Trolling
         Crouching is allowed for all infantry units but heavy infantry must be knee to knee shoulder to shoulder       
         Must be in a minimum line (shoulder to shoulder unless skirmisher/rifles) of 3 to discharge/Fire weapons
         Cavalry requires a minimum of 3 closely together to remain in operation mounted-otherwise must join nearest infantry line and dismount
         Artillery may have 1 sapper with 40 build points(TBD) and upto 10 arty guards who may use skirmish formation

         Meetings are 30 minutes BEFORE the event is starting
         Regardless of numbers you are allowed to request specialist classes
         Only one regiment representative is needed from each regiment
         Meeting times
         Saturday NA 2:30pmHAWAII/4:30pmPACIFIC/6:30pmCENTRAL/7:30pmEST
         Sunday OCEANIA 8:30amWAST/10:30amQLD/11:30noonNSW/1:30pmNZ/8:30amCN/9:30amKOR



   [b]Regiment Name:[/b]
         [b]Regiment Nationality(Majority of Members):[/b]
         [b]Commanding Officer/Subordinate Officers Steam (URL):[/b]
         [b]Estimated Participants:[/b]
         [b]Unit request (if not Line/Heavy infantry):[/b]
         [b]Would you like to schedule weekly participation?:[/b]
         [b]Have you read and agreed to the rules of the event:[/b]
         [b]Have you joined the Men Of Valor Steam Group?(URL)[/b]

Men Of Valor Steam Group

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Re: MOV Saturday Field Battle - War of 1812 Mod Event
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2014, 11:52:21 am »
Despite the MASSIVE PROBLEMS surrounding the FULL RE-INSTALLATION of the 1812 mod to get 0.5(after a previous patch that was easily rolled out a month earlier) we have succesfully hosted our 5 or 6th NA event on the War of 1812 mod. Alot of interest has been recieved from many NA commanders. This has been great-however we have sorted the bOYS from the MEN in terms of who can actually field regiments at weekly events in NA. Id like to send a special thanks to Forest of the 1stNJ for supporting our expansion into NA - I hope he can find some real people to supoprt his dreams of an NA army on 1812. The Royal Marines (10thRM/49thRM) as usual have had no issues fielding 20-30 troops as we are an international Brigade with 2+1/2 years experience hosting/fielding troops at events Globally

Specifically I want to thank the leaders of the 9th East Norfolk Regiment of Foot & the Leaders of the 21st Irish Regiment of Foot for attending our event boosting us to 50 players (we were getting 140 before the 0.5 failed update that confuses Americans specifically-NO OFFENSE

Please join our steam group as it has a beneficial effect for events we host. I have chosen to use the Flying Squirrel Entertainment Forums after 2+1/2 years hosting due to the kind interactions i had with the Lead Developer for 1812 from Japan. We now also host in Tokyo Japan and I am uploading the 1812 0.5 mod files to host in Tokyo to expand the mod in Australia and Asia with the hope of playing NA/EU regiments that are not time wasters. Men of Valor/10th Royal Marines has expanded out of Western Australia since June 2012

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Re: MOV Saturday Field Battle - War of 1812 Mod Event
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2016, 09:51:38 pm »
are events still being hosted for the war of 1812 mod?