Author Topic: March Of Rome [Official] Sunday Shieldbattle [EU]  (Read 1380 times)

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March Of Rome [Official] Sunday Shieldbattle [EU]
« on: October 05, 2014, 03:04:28 pm »
05.10.2014 We are having a siege event!

Pictures of the scene/map :



[Official] Sunday Shieldbattle [EU]
Hosted by : SuicideSilence
20:00 PM GMT

Rules :
Now for the boring rules of the event.

1)As standard do not join either side and remain spectator at the beginning of the event untill the host (Random'e) tells you which side to choose, we will balance this event out as best as possible but if people join sides without permission or refuse to move, you may be kicked out.

2)Only 1 archer per legion / clan.

3)This also follows the same basis of only one legion/tribe on either side can go as horsemen, although the max horsemen on each team is 15 so pick wisely. Again failure to stand by these rules will end the same way as the other rules.

4)Most importantly TROLLING is not permitted at any time in the event. Team killing can only be seen suited ONCE the Host of the event (RANDOM'E) announced its end (GG). failure to stay to these rules by purposefully team killing will result in a instant kick/ban You have been warned.

5)  Rules and regulations about armor. Due to the unbalancing recently this is the armor rules. Tribe. Tribe members must wear either woad warpaint or the basic cloth shirt. for the exception of and only of the leader who can wear which ever armor he pleases. The noble sword can be used but the prevention of OP swing spamming would be good.

 Legion. any legion member can hold any gladius. select shield to your legions leader request. all legionaire must wear the standard legionaire armour for the expection of the legion leader and the tribune, for helmet all member of the legion must wear the standard legionaire helmet. for the expection of cohort leaders, tribu and the praetorians etc who can wear the centurion or praetorian as their legion commander requests. although a max of these is 4, 2 centurions and 2 wearing praetorian helmets

6) Weapon rule. FOR ALL TRIBES, no one except the leader of each tribe can use the noble sword, anyone else that uses it will be BANNED, due to its Overpoweredness

7) Armor rule. FOR ALL TRIBES, No one except the leader of each tribe can wear the noble armor, due to Overpoweredness, also only 3 members in the ENTIRE tribe can wear any form of armor, this excludes the woads tunic armor, again due to its Overpowered ness

and as always respect your leaders. and host/'s of the event!

Now the rant of the rules are over I just want to wish everyone good luck to you all in the upcoming event whether your fighting beside us or fallen beneath us.

Sign Up

Clan Name:-
Leaders Steam Name:-
Class:- [Cav or Inf]

Credits :

BlazingPhoenix [For creating the rules]

Groups Participating

Roman Legions:
-IV Flavia Felix (10-20 Infantry)
-XX_Valeria_Victrix (20-30 Infantry)
-legio XXII Primigenia (5-25 Infantry)

-Erdini (5-10 Infantry)