Author Topic: 12th Election (June-Aug term) - Candidates and discussion  (Read 5315 times)

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Re: 12th Election (June-Aug term) - Candidates and discussion
« Reply #90 on: May 30, 2018, 04:49:05 am »
CR’s could have pretended to care about cav, seeing as how they’re in the community

Would be nice if NA actually cared about cavalry or even pretend, but they don't. There is roughly 25~(if that) actual cavalry players left in NA who attend events regulalry. LIR bring more players for calvary slots than the actual cavalry regiments.

IB and I have try to get more people interested in it. Risk got hooked on it and has been enjoying cavalry events, but thats just one dude we been able to convert over for an event once a week.

yeah I like cav. IB and 1erCG is also very cool group of guys.
nice to see risk hanging out with his fellow weebs

did you not know?
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