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Re: Looking for a regiment or members? Then post here!
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To supply Soldiers for our Volunteer Battalion
with the Rifle Brigade in London.
There is a Place in the Ranks for You!
If you are fit, come and fill it!!

You need not be Irish in order to join.
You become Irish by adoption.

Below are the companies to enlist into and their typical roles within the 16th Middlesex (London Irish) Rifle Volunteer Corps:


                                                          "A" Company

Skirmishers. Light infantry and riflemen units. Through the use of rifles and skirmish lines, deliver powerful volleys unto the enemy. Survivability is key component of skirmishers and being able to reload and fire promptly, utilising cover and terrain, is part of the normal routine of a skirmisher's duties.

                                                          "B" Company

Line. Line infantry units. With proficiency with the bayoneted musket comes determined engagements from the line through bayonet and ball. Line infantry carry out the advance in close formation and order, often in support of friendly units to follow up with or protect.

                                                          "C" Company

Artillery. Artillery and line infantry units. Cannons, howitzers, mortars, and explosive crates are all part of the arsenal of the artillery. Artillerymen must have keen awareness of the battlefield around them, from spotting incoming fire from enemy artillery as well as locating enemy infantry to destroy.

                                                          "D" Company

Cavalry. Cavalry units. Cuts down the enemy with fervor through decisive charges. With a horse comes more speed across the battlefield often screening the enemy for friendly units to advance and take ground. The sword is the cavalryman's most trusted tool, with lance and musket often accompanying his kit.

Hurry  up !       Apply  at  once !
Or you may not get a part allotted to you, and forever regret it.

Add any of the following London Irish officers to enlist.



-Tuesdays 8PM EST, A Tuesday Linebattle [] .

-Fridays 8PM EST, A Friday Linebattle [] .

-Saturdays 8PM EST, A Saturday Linebattle [] .

-Training on off days typically on Monday and/or Thursday; 1v1's and special events also take place on off days.


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Re: Looking for a regiment or members? Then post here!
« Reply #4591 on: March 25, 2019, 08:52:47 pm »
Any NA regiments need a soldier that has experience in NW for about 6+years?

The 9e is a NA/EU reg we are mainly cav but we sometimes go arty or something else for a bit of fun add [9e] Shrooms on steam if interested

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Re: Looking for a regiment or members? Then post here!
« Reply #4592 on: March 25, 2019, 09:11:05 pm »

|Join the 23rd today!|


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Re: Looking for a regiment or members? Then post here!
« Reply #4593 on: March 26, 2019, 01:28:21 pm »
Is there a regiment group here to take me? I'm looking for new regiment..

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Re: Looking for a regiment or members? Then post here!
« Reply #4594 on: March 26, 2019, 02:11:52 pm »
Add me on steam 92nd Vegi, if you like :)

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Re: Looking for a regiment or members? Then post here!
« Reply #4595 on: March 26, 2019, 05:49:44 pm »
Is there a regiment group here to take me? I'm looking for new regiment..

Add 9e Shrooms on steam for a smaller regiment

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Re: Looking for a regiment or members? Then post here!
« Reply #4596 on: March 26, 2019, 09:51:13 pm »

88th Regiment of Foot is a Line Infantry regiment which is formed by a band of old friends.

Our goal as community is making a strong regiment within friendship and sportsmanship. We don't just play NW, we play many other games together, Eg. Wargame: Red Dragon, AOE series, Total War series, Rocket League, Arma 3, PUBG and many more.

What we offer? Our goal in NW is always trying to get better in the game progressively, we offer our players disciplined trainings, GFs and 1v1s in orderly fashion, so you can improve yourself with us.






You can contact us via addresses below, always feel free to contact with us.

Steam profile of regiment leader

Steam group

Teamspeak 3 server
Youtube channel

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Re: Looking for a regiment or members? Then post here!
« Reply #4597 on: April 01, 2019, 02:53:39 pm »

April 2019

The 33rd is as ever, openly Recruiting! We attend multiple events every week; four of which we run ourselves with no commitment beyond one event a week required to stay on our Roster.

We maintain four active companies - two of which are Line with Lights and Cavalry to support, with 140 members on the strength as of April 2019. The company system allows us to contribute a large presence as one whole regiment in our events, whilst maintaining smaller communities in which individual members can play their part and make a difference!

Welcoming New, Experienced, Relaxed or Competitive  players - Enlist with the Duke of Wellingtons Own Today!

Roster Update

Regiment Roster

The Light Company  -  active service

The Light Company is a melee focused company, made up of not only 33rd veterans but also up and coming members looking to fight at a more competitive level. During events the Light company acts as a guarilla force, being able to take any enemy regiment one on one, whether it be a line, cav, or light force often utilising ambush tactics. The Lights are the most "Free" in terms of formation and rules of any company/class, They have no need to walk in line but instead can spread out to 5 man spaces and can take cover behind trees and rocks. Due to the flexibility required in game and being a limited number company, activity and skill are equally important when considering to apply to the Light company.

"The Pattern"   

CO's: 2
NCO's: 4
Enlisted: 12
Recruits: 0
Triallists: 1

(Spaces Available for Trial: 6)

The Cavalry Company  -  active service

The Cavalry Company is comprised of light cavalry, is versatile and acts as a support group during events. Due to our unique ability to move across the battle in a short space of time we are able to act as scouts to inform our fellow companies of potential threats and create ambushes, use hit and run tactics to disrupt and disorganize the enemy and use brute force engagements to remove threats and pin the enemy down. Our formations and method of fighting allow members to use their own initiative and skills whilst simultaneously working with fellow company members and remaining as one unit. Similarly to the Lights we are a limited number company so close teamwork, discipline and commitment are must have attributes.

"The Unfortunate Gentleman"

CO's: 1
NCO's: 3
Enlisted: 11
Recruits: 0
Triallists: 0

(Spaces Available for Trial: 5)

No.2 Centre  -  active service

The No.2 centre company "The Dukes Own" is one of the line companies of the 33rd and is also presently the default company, in to which most new members enlist - as such many new faces come and go from within their ranks. The majority of its members however represent a solid core of active players, familiar to each other and ranked Fusilier or above. The company upholds the core values of the regiment to a high standard, setting an example to the new members who enter the community of the regiment. Trainings and warm-ups are focused appropriately depending on the coming event by a highly experienced set of staff; these may consist of anything from basic melee techniques and groupfighting do's and dont's, to company drill in single or even double rank. You will find yourself welcome within the ranks of No.2 Company if you are mature, disciplined and have a good standard of melee  - or are willing to learn!

"The Dukes Own"

CO's: 3
NCO's: 1
Enlisted: 35
Recruits: 14

No.3 Centre Company  -  active service

The 33rd's No.3 Company "The KGL" joined the battalion in October 2017 and are commanded by Lieutenant Kaiser. Their numbers have grown steadily since then and they have developed into a solid line company of the 33rd, able to act alone or in support of other companies. The companies single ranked drill is exemplary and their ability to square up to an enemy line 1 on 1 and fire effectively is well practiced! Its members have close ties, built up from experiences in prior NW regiments. During events the company teamspeak is relaxed and light-hearted banter encouraged, but kept balanced with a disciplined approach, when called for by its dedicated staff.

"The KGL"   

CO's: 1
NCO's: 2
Enlisted: 21
Recruits: 9

No.8 Centre Company  - Reserves
"The Invalids"

Enlisted: 20

For Comprehensive Roster see here -

33rd Hosted Events

Event Schedule

Tuesday LOTR Campaign event
- 19:00GMT -
- 140-180 players -

Weekly Lord of the Rings themed campaign style event;
each side take turns to attack territories and fight on specific maps (voted by teams)
Includes Battle, Conquest, Siege and Capture the Flag game modes.

Wednesday Conquest event
- 19:00GMT -
- 120-160 players -

Weekly Conquest with scripts to enforce conquest rules.
Alternates week on week with our Historical event.

Wednesday Monthly Historical Event
- 18:45GMT -
- 160-200 players -

Replaces our Wednesday Coqnuest event twice a month, on the 1st and 3rd wednesdays of each month.
A mix of Gameplay and Roleplay orientated rounds, to play out various historical scenarios in depth.

Saturday Line-only event
- 19:00GMT -
- 140-180 players -

Weekly Line-only event using a range of Custom maps.
No FiC or RiC & OA is elligible for a revive.

Sunday Line Battle event
- 19:00GMT -
- 140-180 players -

Weekly Event with a single slot of Lights & Cavalry on each team, with majority Lines.
No FiC or RiC & OA is elligible for a revive.

Internal Events & Trainings

Monday Warm-ups
- 18:15GMT -
Training or Groupfight before event, not company specific.
Monday 2e Linebattle
- 19:00GMT -
Unofficial event playing as either lights or arty, not company specific.

Saturday Warm-ups
- 18:15GMT -
Training or Groupfight before event, not company specific.
Saturday New England Army Event (Mod)
- 20:00GMT -
Mod cycles each week, with an emphasis on Roleplay.

Wednesday Warm-ups
- 18:30GMT -
Training before Wednesday Event for every Company.
Sunday Warm-ups
- 18:30GMT -
Training before Sunday Event for every Company.

Competitive Matches & Groupfights
Arranged as and when by our Competetive Staff (commonly on Tuesdays)
- Add [33rd]Spoons, [33rd]OdaCao, [33rd]Kincaid or [33rd]Tylerus (Cav only) to arrange matches -


Competitive Update

Competitive update
Infantry Groupfights

Date           Team        Score      Vs         Details     

06-03-19       33rd       15-9       2nd Sofia      10v10 
10-03-19       33rd       15-8       TA               5v5
18-03-19       33rd       15-11     56e             11v11   
20-03-19       33rd       15-14     Infame         6v6   
28-03-19       33rd       15-7       56e             6v6 
31-03-19       33rd       15-8       3pp             4v4   

        Monthly Total:   6 - 0

Cavalry Groupfights

Date           Team        Score      Vs         Details     

09-03-19       33rd       8  -  2       8pk       5v5
10-03-19       33rd       8  -  2       RRA       7v7
16-03-19       33rd       5  -  5       16e       5v5
23-03-19       33rd       1  -  9       KGL       7v7
30-03-19       33rd       5  -  5       2LR       8v8

        Monthly Total:   2 - 2 - 1

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Re: Looking for a regiment or members? Then post here!
« Reply #4598 on: April 08, 2019, 10:50:35 am »
The 59th Regiment of Foot community was founded in October 2013, We are one of the largest and most diverse regiments and communities in the game with three companies with a range of roles and skills. We are a British Line Infantry, Rifleman and Cavalry Regiment. Although being British we are pleased to continue accepting recruits from over 20 countries. Our aim is to create a regiment that will provide a professional but enjoyable Napoleonic Wars experience for all kinds of players whilst still retaining the ability to triumph over our enemies through discipline, skill and determination. Whilst we aim to be a well disciplined regiment, this should not interfere with us having fun. A high level of discipline will lead to improved trainings which in turn will lead to more enjoyable line battles through an increase of performance and skill in the field.

Grenadier Company

The Grenadier Company are the best melee fighters on the
battlefield, they are well drilled and disciplined to ensure a
victory in every conflict! Those who fight for the Grenadier
Company are fitted with a level head and the ability to fight
well even to the last man! 
Rifle Company

The Rifle Company are the finest shooters in the 59th, they are expert
marksmen and the fastest and most agile company on the battlefield
in terms of combat and tactics. These guys are shooting one moment
and then gone the next! Light company suits those who love the fast
paced combat they bring to the fight!
Cavalry Company

The Cavalry Company are for those who are exceptional on horse back!
These top riders are always supporting other companies with their ability
to neutralise threats quickly and move around the battlefield within a
moments notice! Teamwork is key in this company.

Now is your time to fight for King & Country! Enlist today @
Napoleonic Roleplay

The Napoleonic Roleplay (NRP) server has long been a staple
of the 59th, it is one of the largest and most popular servers
hosted on Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars. NRP offers a
great casual experience for players new and old in this great
community! The 59th are proud to run this server!
59th Training

The 59th Training server is the central hub of the 59th! All our
trainings and hosted events take place on this server, it is most
important for all rankers and friends of the 59th to add this
to your favourites list! Sometimes this server will be open to
public play but for the majority of time it remains locked.

In the eyes of history

Formed in 1755 in response to the threat of renewed war with France, the 59th from the start saw great service, fighting in its first war (the Seven Years War) in that very same year under the rank of the 61st Regiment of Foot, they were later re-ranked to the 59th Regiment of Foot following the disbandment of the 50th and 51st regiments in 1756. Shortly after its formation, the regiment moved from England to Ireland where it would perform garrison duty until 1763 when it would set sail for Nova Scotia (Canada province) until 1772 when they stationed in Boston, Massachusetts. The 59th were in Boston during the start of the American War of Independence and fought bravely despite suffering severe casualties. The remains of the regiment returned to England in 1776 to reform until 1782 when in the closing stages of the Anglo Spanish War, the 59th were assigned to Gibraltar and remained there for ten years. In 1782 the regiment would once again see an update to its name, this time as a result of county designation which caused the 59th to be known as the 2nd Nottinghamshire.

Although being a well travelled and experienced regiment already the 59th still had one final major war to play a part in. The 59th once again returned to Spain in 1808 and in 1809 took part in the Battle of Corunna a key tactical victory which allowed the evacuation of British forces from the Iberian peninsula. After returning home to England the 59th were dispatched once more to the Netherlands mid 1809 to aid the fruitless Walcheren Campaign. The 59th would then return to England and Ireland until 1812 setting sail one last time for Spain taking part in 5 key battles, the Battle of Vittoria, the Siege of San Sebastian, the Battle of the Bidassoa, the Battle of Nivelle and the Battle of the Nive.
The 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot would see out the remainder of the Napoleonic Wars based in Ireland until arriving at Waterloo in 1815, however they did not partake in the hostilities

Information & Contact
59th's Official Website

The 59th Website is a great way to keep up to date with
our rosters and event scheduling. It is also the place to
enlist into the ranks of the 59th!
The 59th Steam Group

Much like the official website our Steam Group is another
great way to keep up to date with our events. It is also a
perfect tool to get in contact with our regiment members
and company leaders!
The 59th Discord Server

As mentioned before, the 59th is much more than just
a regiment, we're a large gaming community too! Come
hop into our Discord and play games with 250+ others!
This is also another great way to get in contact with us.