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M-NWWC 2019 | Rules & Information
« on: April 18, 2019, 07:56:39 pm »

This year rules were changed slightly, but I highly advise that when you are bored, you take a close look at them, as this will be extremely important when signing up and upon getting closer to the date of the NWWC. During the tournament, rules can be updated, but the general basis and ideas will stay the same. Please let me know if you have an questions about them.

Statistics site -

§ 1 General Rules

1.1 | Be respectful towards other players and the referees both on the forum and in-game.
1.2 | No hacking of any sort.
1.3 | Make sure posts on the forum are of relevance, to avoid too much filtering.
1.4 | Be a good sportsman.
1.5 | NWWC Updates page includes rules that may/may not be posted here. These rules are just as valid as the ones below and above.

§ 2 Captain Rules

2.1 | To sign up for captain, please use the template provided in Sign-ups thread. Captains will be decided by the organisers, to provide support for a captain, PM the organisers or post on the forums, the more support a player has, the high chance of captaincy.
2.2 | Make sure you are eligible to sign up to that nation (See below).
2.3 | Ensure that you treat your Co-Captain with equal responsibility. (Decisions should be made together. Not separately).
2.4 | Make sure (if you are elected) to create a steam group for your Nations team. (e.g: Team Ukraine [NWWC]).
2.5 | Do NOT allow any players not on your roster to participate within your team. (Both player and team will be severely punished).
2.6 | Every captain must have both - MarxeiL and Herishey on Steam, if they fail to do this, they will not be recognised as a captain (Communication is key for this tournament being successful!).

§ 3 Nationality/Sign-ups

3.1 | Anyone signing up for a nation, must use the template provided.
3.2 | Any person who wishes to signup for a particular nation, must have been born and lived there for 5 years.
  3.2.1 | Exceptions may be:
    - Have been living in that country 8 years.
    - Took part/Signed up to that same nationality in NWWC 2018.
3.3 | Nation changes are NOT ALLOWED, Whatever Nation you signed up for/Played for, is the only nation you may sign up for.
3.4 | If found that you have switched nation (including being kicked from a nation, etc..) or play for another nation, the participant will be PERMANENTLY banned from M-NWWC 2019.
3.5 | If teams found to be possessing players not legitimate of playing for that nation, the team will suffer an immediate loss for that match, and a -2 start for all following matches.
3.6 | Some coalitions will be allowed with permission of the organisers, such as the Balkan team, others maybe allowed if a nation cannot get the numbers for a team (e.g. Austria and Germany as they speak the same language mainly, or Russia and Ukraine or NORDEN).
3.7 | If you choose to use TBD or TBA for part of your application, don't worry this is fine, but if it is not COMPLETELY filled out and COMPLETELY re-posted, it will not be considered a legitimate application, and will be voided.

§ 4 Rosters

4.1 | Teams have to have at least 8 people on the roster.
4.2 | Maximum number of members in a nation is 10.
4.3 | If a player has not played a game yet he can be replaced with no penalty. You can replace up to 3 players during the tournament who have played a match.' this will be the rule on player swapping.
4.4 | All of the roster must be present on the Steam group.
4.5 | Look for rule 3.7 (See above).
4.6 | Roster Changes are only permitted and valid, up to 1 hour before your match is due to start.

§ 5 In-Game Rules

5.1 | Matches will be a first to 15 (ft15).
5.2 | No trolling or delaying, it wastes both of the teams time and the Staff present.
5.3 | Upon entering the arena, the 5-6 that are playing must be behind the white line before the referee will start the round. If you continue to cross it before the referee says "GO" or "START" etc, this will delay the round, and could be punishable.
5.4 | If a player is delaying, he will be warned a maximum of twice. Then a slay will be given out, the player may not play for that round and the Captain may not substitute another player in, the nation must play with one less member. If the delaying persists, then a temporary ban will be issued.
5.5 | Arrive at your match with at least 5 (preferably 6 Players) official nation team members, ON TIME if you are more than 15 minutes late without a minimum of 4 members on the server, your team WILL be given an immediate loss for that match, and will give an instant 15-0 Victory to the other team. If you are waiting for extra players, you will be given a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes in total. If both teams fail to turn up, captains can choose to re-organise, or settle with a No-Win No-Loss (NWNL)
5.6 | Only line infantry which means no Foot Guards, Marines, Medics, Grenadiers or Militia. Only Infantry muskets are to be used. No Shooting.
5.7 | Only 6 (5 if 6 cannot be managed) members max of a team can be in the arena fighting. If a team cannot get 5 or 6 members to fight they may give a free win to their opponents or fight outnumbered.

To see more In-Game rules click on the spoiler below.

From 5.8 to 5.23
5.8 | The tournament has a pool stage and an elimination stage. The winners and second place teams will progress from the groups to the quarter-finals after which all matches are played in a single elimination fashion.
5.9 | Every victory in the pool stage will award your nation 3 points. Only 2 nations will progress from each Group Stage. The Nation with the most points progresses. If two or more nations are at a tie, then the rounds from all of the matches will be added up.
5.10 | Matches and map choice are to be scheduled between team captains, and a referee is to be informed at least 24 hours (1 day) in advance. (A referee is either one of the organisers, or someone that the organisers approve as a referee). A match may not proceed without a referee present. Each team may only have one match per week, this allows the statistics to be updated and reduces workload.
5.11 | When a Caster is present for a match, the match will be Live-streamed, to which the live stream link will be provided on the forums. If a caster is present, the match will be PRIVATE, and only Casters, YouTubers, Team Members and Referees are allowed in spectator. If no caster is available, then the match will be PUBLIC if agreed by both captains, otherwise will remain private.
5.12 | Matches are to be agreed upon by BOTH captains, and must be posted on the forums ASAP, at least 1 day in advance, requesting a referee and a caster. (If a caster is present, the match WILL be live-streamed, this is not optional.)
5.13 | Only people on the team roster are to be used in the matches. Players must use their listed name on the team roster when in game and must use only one NW ID for all their matches.
5.14 | Matches may only be played on NWWC provided servers, with one of the official NWWC maps (exceptions will be allowed, if a referee is present, and the official maps are used)
5.15 | This year we have two map choices (made by Chicken and Ivan). Captains will have to decide on a map. If both want a different map, then the map will be chosen by the referee (e.g GB captain picks Green Map, but Germany captain picks Sand Map, then the referee will have to say the final word, unless the captains come to a last minute agreement.
5.16 | If a referee cannot be present the match may go ahead, as long as one of the M-NWWC 2019 maps are used, and one of M-NWWC 2019 official casters or youtubers are there to provide video evidence of the match.
5.17 | Captains may request a specific referee, but if that referee cannot attend, any referee will be used. Captains cannot decline a referee if one is available.
5.18 | Anyone sitting in spec (Only Server Owners, Referee's, Organisers, Official Nation Team Members, YouTubers, Streamers) must be respectful of the match taking place, this means no excessive chat use, spawning in, and general trolling. This is to allow members to concentrate, otherwise you will be asked to leave the server, and may receive punishment.
5.19 | All teams must provide the correct Teamspeak IP they will be using to the referee and/or organiser, to ensure both teams are legit and abiding by the rules. This can be provided up to 5 minutes before the match starts
5.20 | No Roleplay Names
5.21 | No cheating or external use of scripts/hacking/glitches etc that is not a part of the default Napoleonic Wars Game
5.22 | If a match has not been organised by either Nation, Unless the organiser has already given a free win, the match will be set on the last day at 8pm of the weeks deadline.
5.23 | If any captains have a problem with the way the match was either prepared, casted or refereed. They can appeal to either MarxeiL or Herishey directly.

§ 6 Player/Team of the Year

6.1 | Player and Team of the year award will be given out based on the statistics page and our subjective opinion.
6.2 | View the statistics information at the bottom of the Rules and Information page (Below).
6.3 | The player with the most points, providing they have not broken any rules, will receive the Award (decided by the organisers with the statistics help).
6.4 | Award consists of: Still to be decided.
6.5 | Brief Summary of Points: All Kills, Deaths, Teamkills, Damage* - Is still in progress. (* - to be decided).

§ 1 Key Information:

1.1 | Key Dates:

Captain choice will be 05.05.2019*, Sign-Ups close 20.05.2019*, Team Deadlines will be 25.05.2019*, M-NWWC will be due to start on 26.05.2019*

(* - Might be changed)
1.2 | Ensure all captains and captain applicants have MarxeiL and Herishey added on Steam, otherwise you WILL NOT be recognised as a captain. (explained further in the rules)

§ 2 Statistics Information:

2.1 | The Statistics will be provided on a Google Spreadsheet or dedicated Web-site with locked permission available for everyone to view on the forums.
2.2 | The Statistics will show EVERY players: Kills, Deaths, Team Kills, K/D Ratio and Damage* (* - To be decided).
2.3 | How stats will work yet is to be decided as well.
2.4 | This is a lot to record and maintain, so please take into consideration that all of the points and statistical information may not be 100% correct, but will be as accurate as possible.
2.5 | Player with the most points at the end of the tournament, will gain the "Player of the Year Award" (Explained in rules) and will be selected and added to Team of the Year by the Organisers with the help of the Statistics.

§ 3 How to organise a Match (Captains only):

3.1 | Simply contact the opposing nations captain, to which your nation is scheduled to play against using the quick links in the Nations Segment
3.2 | Organise a suitable day and time for both of your nations to attend, also you may choose to discuss the map you want, or can wait until the day of the match
3.3 | Post the match details on the forums using the template below, making sure to request a Referee, Caster, YouTuber and map (optional). Ensure that when you post the match details, your post is at least 24 hours before the match is due to start, if you need to organise a match last minute, and both captains agree, be sure to contact MarxeiL or Herishey IMMEDIATELY.
3.4 | Captains can either choose to request a specific referee, or just ask for any. This goes for the same with YouTuber, but all YouTubers and Streamers are welcome, as long as they are approved by either myself or Herishey, and do not interfere with the match (yes this included excessive chat use and spawning in)

Match Application Template:
[b]- Who vs Who?:[/b]
[b]- Date:[/b]
[b]- Time:[/b]
[b]- Referee:[/b]
[b]- YouTuber:[/b]
[b]- Streamer:[/b]
[b]- Map Choice (Optional):[/b]
3.5 | If you need to cancel a match, simply Quote your match post on the forums, and type "Cancelled" underneath it, this will be allowed as long as it not within 30 minutes of the match start. We are allowing rescheduling once, otherwise it will take too long. Make sure you be courteous and let the staff involved know as well. (Referee, YouTuber, Streamer).
3.6 | Arrive at your match with at least 5 (preferably 6 members) official nation team members, ON TIME if you are more than 15 minutes late without a minimum of 4 members on the server, your team WILL be disqualified for that match, and will give an instant 15-0 Victory to the other team.
3.7 | Once your match has concluded, be a good sport, type GG and leave the server. Await for the Stats page to be updated (May take up to a week or more).

§ 4 Players Under Punishment/Watch:

- Padawan (2 match ban)*
- Artista (2 match ban)*
- Captain_Black (Banned)*

* - Might be discussed.


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