Author Topic: The 104th Royal Munster Fusiliers (Iron Europe/AZW Regiment)  (Read 379 times)

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The 104th Royal Munster Fusiliers (Iron Europe/AZW Regiment)
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The Royal Munster Fusiliers 1st Battalion
Following the outbreak of the Second Boer War in South Africa in October 1899, a number of regiments containing large centres of population formed additional regular battalions. The Royal Munster Fusiliers were announced to be among those regiments set to form 3rd and 4th regular battalions in February 1900,] but they do not appear to have done so.

The 3rd (Militia) Battalion, formerly the South Cork Light Infantry, was embodied in early December 1899, and 435 officers and men embarked the SS Sumatra for South Africa on 23 February 1900.
Prior to the First World War the regiment consisted of two regular service and three reserve battalions. In August 1914 the need for further divisions resulted in the creation of a New Army. Subsequently, the Royal Munster Fusiliers had a total of 11 raised battalions.


CO's(Commissioned Officers)

Lieutenant Colonel(LtCol)
Second Lieutenant

NCO's (Non Commissioned Officers)
Colour Sergeant(ColSgt)
Lance Corporal(LCpl)


-Col Radhg
-Lt Potato
-2ndLt Bourne


Nco's (Non Commissioned Officers)

Pvt Telering
Pvt Gimotti
Pvt. Zetos
Pvt. Fraser
Pvt. Loekert
Pvt. Nookie
Pvt. Nekros
Pvt. Damian
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Re: The 104th Royal Munster Fusiliers (Iron Europe/AZW Regiment)
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