Author Topic: Window Placement for 3d Models/OpenBrf (not a question about mapping)  (Read 513 times)

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I have a question: how does one make a building in OpenBrf that will have windows when placed in a mod? I know that when you place a building (which comes with windows) in mapping that the windows aren't actually visible until you save the file over an existing map, and load that map in a server, but my question is how do you actually make a new building that has these windows whose glass can be broken and then fired through. I could just leave a gap in the building I make, for people to fill in with walls/windows, their own choosing, but I'd rather not do that.

I know how to do the 3d modelling to make a building (see for some of my work, working for the Spanish Civil War mod), I know how to load an obj. file into OpenBrf and assign an existing material to part of a building (instead of just making new materials for every building) and combine these various parts to make an otherwise complete building, but I don't know how to, in effect, tell the game "the windows for this building go here."

I noticed in mm_waterloo (in NW resources folder) there are many buildings that have windows. I've noticed that the windows always have material "planks_3" and the window frames themselves are labelled "[object] X.2" (e.g. "la_haye_saint 1.2", "la_haye_saint 4.2"), the little wooden covers that swing out and go with them have material "planks" (labelled "X.3"). I also see that in metric scale, windows are 81.64 centimeters wide (distance from the left inner side of window to the right inner side). The width of the space in the walls the windows fits into is 98.81cm, assuming scale didn't get screwed up in export.

Maybe there some sort of script that exists outside of let's say mm_waterloo the says "la_haye_saint 1.2" has windows?