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Script request - set of uniform+hat
« on: April 06, 2017, 11:09:52 am »
Hi all! I'm trying to make my mod as historically accurate as possible, so I need some solution, how to make player wear only corresponding to his uniform hat, without ridiculous mixing of uniforms. I'm very new to the programming, so I can't make it on my own, unfortunatelly.

I think it is possible via script, according to which - if agent wears uniform with name "uniform", script gives him hat named "uniform_hat". Both - uniform and hat - are items described in So modmaker will make uniforms with different names and hats with same names plus "_hat" at the end of the name.
Another way is to make all uniforms and hats not merchandise, and player will become complete uniform as example from commander of unit, which uniform he wants to wear, or from armour merchant or whatever. In simple words, after choosing an answer (something like "Show me uniform you have in store"), game calls similar script to script of choosiung uniform in NW (with name of regiment and preview image of uniform, and after choosing uniform it replaces current uniform of player).

These are simple solutions of my problem. I'll be very thankful if someone can write script for one of these solutions, or maybe can offer another way to make player wear only corresponding uniform and hat. I'll give credit of course, and maybe some other modmakers will use it in their mods, to make them  more historically accurate.
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