Author Topic: New Bot Server! Check out these 5 things developers don't want you to know!  (Read 1152 times)

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I love click bait,

But hey, I know it's late in the mod, but I worked with Kanade Tachibana to present a Bot server for North and South. aka BBG_BotSurvival_NaS

Right now it's just for the community to play with and populate, it plays fun even with just a few people.

It can also help you grow your brigade/regiment as there are no recruiting restrictions on there.

I'm also looking for admins to help populate and watch the server.

It's a battle game mode with about 2:1 bots for every human in a survival mode.

I don't know if this is racist or not but all the bots are natives, so I might change the name of the server to NativeRevenge or something like that.

Here's the official thread link
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Might wanna put this in servers

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