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Household Brigade (or Division)
« on: June 17, 2016, 04:14:31 pm »
I would like to gather up the Household regiments either within the AZW or not, it can be NW, NaS, AZW, or even other mods and games.
I am aware that there are no other Guards regiments at the moment, so if you want to form a regiment or a little play group with your friends, we welcome you to form a regiment under our Household Brigade or Division.
After joining you can enjoy the benefit of using our Teamspeak 3 for free and join in our ranks. You can ask for participate in the Division if you want to bear more responsibilities on your shoulder!
As the Welsh Guards is currently a "Part-time" regiment, which means we are not that devoted to the game and into this mod but we still enjoy the game and the accompany of others. So this Division is probably the same, you can play under this Division more casual but hardcore in other mods like NW and NaS.
We will be under the British Army and promote the AZW mod, hope we can unite as many regiment as possible.

Regiment List:

1. The Welsh Guards - commanded by Isaac

My Steam name is [WG] Isaac. Please add me if you want to join us or express some ideas and proposals! :D
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