Author Topic: 13e bataillon de chasseurs alpins "Sans peur et sans reproche"  (Read 1042 times)

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13e bataillon de chasseurs alpins "Sans peur et sans reproche"
« on: January 09, 2016, 08:14:20 pm »
When the declaration of war the battalion is in the area of Lanslebourg-Mont-Cenis for its summer maneuvers. It quickly organized alpine group with 6 companies of 250 men, 1 section off rank 1 machine gun section, one mountain artillery battery and 1 engineering section. Moreover reservists battalion form the 53rd PCO.
On 12 August the 12th, 13th, 22nd, 28th, and 30th Battalion are grouped under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Gratier in the 14th Army Corps. The 13 combat in the Vosges from August 15 to Sultzern. It comes in Alsace Munster and Colmar reached then recalled to counter the German attack in the region of Saint-Die-des-Vosges. He was assigned to the 41st Division and Combat Mandray neck was fatally injured when his commanding officer the Verlet-Hanus CBA, then head of Béhouille, Logs and collar. From 15 August to 1 November 1914, the battalion lost 323 killed and 711 wounded. In those fights he received a first summons to the order of the Alpini Group 7.From January to April, the combat battalion in Italy and helps stabilize the front in the region Castelfranco.
In April he returned to France and Belgium between the Mont Kemmel and Ypres during the Battle of the Lys. He attacked the German lines Scottish Wood Wood. In July he is in the Somme area Suippe then in the Marne to counter new German offensive. These three months of fighting in which the battalion made ​​many prisoners earned him a Mention in 2nd division.
In August he attacked the Hindenburg Line in the region Montdidier. In October he seizes the said place "La Ferme-Tilloy" in the region of Saint-Quentin and suffered considerable losses due in particular to the Yperite drawn by German artillery. It gets to the fighting its 3rd Mention in the army.
On November 11, the battalion's front line just 8 km from the border with Belgium. It can not then bring 185 guns after the considerable losses of the previous days.
The December 25, 1918, the battalion receives a 4th Mention in dispatches for all of his fights in 1917 and 1918, enabling it to increase the forage in the colors of the Military Medal.
Day war in 1552, the battalion lost 1473 fighters died for France.