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Nr. 18 Westfalen Füsiliere Infanterie Battalion (NA/EU)
« on: January 03, 2015, 09:35:55 pm »

           The Nr. 18 recruited from Westphalia region in West Prussia was involved in the 1806 campaigns against Napoleon. The Prussian Army was decisively defeated by the French at the battle of Jena–Auerstedt. The Prussian army heavily outdated and out matched by their enemies went through military reforms. Reformed into the 1st Westfälischen Infantry Regiment, yes the 1stWFI we know today in the community. Regiment No 12 and all the ex-Reserve units except the 13th, 16th, 17th and 20th Regiments took part in the Waterloo campaign. The 18th Regiment suffered the heaviest casualties of any Prussian Infantry unit: 21 officers, 49 NCOs and 740 men killed or wounded -- and gained 33 Iron Crosses in one afternoon's fighting round Placenoit. They and the 15th Regiment, committed straight from an exhausting cross-country march against fresh troops of the Imperial Guard, bore the brunt of the struggle and it was fitting that the ex-Reservists should have a rôle on the final victory.
    Today the Nr. 18 is a active regiment that hopes to be a competitive in skirmishes and linebattle's. Relying on discipline & activity we hope to be a respected regiment in the North American Community. All Nr. 18 members are expected to use Historically accurate names from the period.


    Commander of the Kompanie.
    His job is to oversee the the entire Kompanie.

    Premier Leutnant-PLt
    2nd in command of the Kompanie.
    He is in  command of 1. Zug.

    3rd in command of the Kompanie.
    He is in command of 2. Zug.


    Highest ranking NCO.
    Overseas the regiment in administration and is the color bearer.

    He is a experienced NCO that assists in maintaining discipline and order in the regiment.

    True NCO's, these men help new recruits and assist in their Kompanie.

    Lowest ranking NCO.
    They are expected to learn from fellow NCO's and assist fellow officers.


    Highest enlisted rank.
    These men follow orders and are experienced soldiers.

    Considered true members of the regiment.
    These men have shown they can follow orders and know commands.

    New members in the regiment.
    These men are showing they got what it takes to be in a disciplined unit.


    Kapitan Frederick Müller (Beech)

    Fahnrich Fritz Engelmann (Crazy-Man)
    Feldwebel Christof Schmitz (Christopher The Fallen)
    Korporal Heinrich Faust (Muffin)
    Korporal Wilhelm Kurste (Zoroaster)
    Enlisted Men

    Obergefreiter Hans Reinhard (Andrew Fairley)
    Obergefreiter Adolf Eisenhauer (Dumbman)
    Obergefreiter Kristian Jäger (Cadfael)
    Obergefreiter Günther Kluge (Mitchell)
    Obergefreiter  Gerland Fritz (Malagantz)
    Obergefreiter Wilhelm Frederick (Nomansland)
    Obergefreiter Otto Bismark (Double)
    Obergefreiter Johann Berry (SerJohnsBerry)

    Füsilier Max Kaiser (Dion)
    Füsilier Ignatz Luther (Dan)
    Füsilier  Dieter Butikofer (Jango Fett)
    Füsilier Alf Fritz (ALFR)
    Füsilier Hans Stchram (Heinz)
    Füsilier Cristoff Hermann (Ruud)
    Füsilier Dietrich Riemann (ditzywizy)

    Rekrut Friedhelm Schweinsteiger (Briarrhea)
    Rekrut Frederick Fleischmann (StillAlive)
    Rekrut Konrad Löwe (AkimoKiwis)
    Rekrut Heynrich Wolfgang (ShadowStorm)
    Rekrut Johaan Thaler (Jibbz)
    Rekrut Heinrich Shuherk (Fremont)
    Rekrut Karl Oberholzer (Der Sieg)
    Rekrut Rudolf Clausius (Zarathustra)
    Rekrut Johann Karl Hoffmann (Grognard JC)
    Rekrut Gustav Steiner (Jack)

    Reservists or Inactive
    Füsilier Alastair Angus (Alastair)
    Füsilier Benni Pow (Pow)
    Rekrut Baldwin Agardth (Baldwin)
    Rekrut Gebhard Lebrecht von Blucher (Lord Napoleon)
    Rekrut Ari Sauer (Filthy Peasants)
    Rekrut Marcel Scholnerr (Mtwigman)


    Nr.18 in 1815

    The Nr.18 has few basic rules. We require all of our members to follow them without hesitation. Our rules are listed below.


    Misbehavior and 'trolling' will not be tolerated in the Nr.18. This offense will lead most likely a discharge from the Regiment. We do not enjoy kicking players out; however, if we feel they are a negativity to the group, they will have to go. This is just to ensure we have a steady and responsible player-base.
    Disrespecting anyone in the Nr.18 or anyone else in the community is a serious offense that will not be taken lightly. As a player, you should respect everyone in the community, especially your fellow brothers and officers within the Nr.18. Respecting you in-game 'tags' is another responsibility our players will partake. When in a server or battle with your 'tags' on, you should act mature and responsible; for if you fail to do this, you will make the regiment look bad and immediately relieved from the Nr.18.

    We Require all of our members that join to be active as possible; however, the officers do realize that real life comes first and we are happy to let our men miss events due to real life issues. If this becomes to much of a problem for certain people, they will be relieved. Essentially, make as many events as possible and contact your company Officer and let him know you will not be attending.

    Interested in joining the Nr. 18?
    Add me on steam
    Apply through our website:
    Our TeamSpeak IP:


    We're apart of the 8eCC as a European cavalry company. North American we're the Nr.18 and European we are the 8eCC.
    Below is a brief description of the 8eCC


    About Our Regiment

    The 8e Chasseurs-à-cheval is an european mounted infantry regiment. The regiment is divided in two companies, a french and an english-speaking one. We play together ingame but we stay in separated teamspeak channels during the events. As we aim to be a skilled and structured unit, we believe that strong discipline is essential. The recruitment is open to all kind of players - from new ones to veterans - as long as they are ready to follow orders. Great deeds, mature behaviour and progress are rewarded in the 8e Chasseurs-à-cheval through promotions and medals while inappropriate manners, disrespect and repeated absences may lead to warnings or punishments. Our members are expected to be respectful towards both external members of the community and other members of our regiment. As you may know we are part of the french Ve Corps but nonetheless we do enjoy a great autonomy as a regiment.

    In order to join the 8e Chasseurs-à-cheval, applicants must meet our etiquette. Therefore maturity, the ability to remain silent on Teamspeak during the events and obedience are strongly required. Applicants must also be sure that they can attend our mandatory events, which will be held twice a week. If you are interested to join or if you want more information, add me on steam (You will find the link below).


    There are other things you should consider before joining. First, as a true Chasseurs-à-cheval regiment we play ingame as mounted infantry. It means that, basically, we are quickly riding from a shooting position A to a shooting position B. As did the horse chasseurs during the napoleonic wars, our horses are used for both tactical deployment and charge. Therefore, our chasseurs must be efficient at shooting & melee fighting. Do not worry if you are not comfortable with those skills: a weekly training is organized to get that working. However if you are looking for a very aggressive heavy cavalry regiment that loves frontal charge I recommand you not to join. Horse Chasseurs were light cavalry, used to harass and torment the ennemy - we intend to do so. In order to fight with a musket we have to pick the french dragoon troop ingame, whose uniforms and equipment were changed into historically accurate chasseur clothes. You love the napoleonic era? You have always dreamed of being a chasseur-à-cheval? Our regiment is for you.

    Interested in joining the 8eCC?
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    Re: Nr. 18 Westfalen Füsiliere Infanterie Battalion (NA/EU)
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    Re: Nr. 18 Westfalen Füsiliere Infanterie Battalion (NA/EU)
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    Re: Nr. 18 Westfalen Füsiliere Infanterie Battalion (NA/EU)
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    Re: Nr. 18 Westfalen Füsiliere Infanterie Battalion (NA/EU)
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    Re: Nr. 18 Westfalen Füsiliere Infanterie Battalion (NA/EU)
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    Re: Nr. 18 Westfalen Füsiliere Infanterie Battalion (NA/EU)
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