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Red and Blue 1936 v2.1 Patch released!!
« on: October 03, 2014, 06:21:47 pm »
Red and Blue : 1936 The Spanish Civil War Multiplayer Mod Released

Hello everyone, I'm David Pastrana, also know as Yebenoso, coordinator of the developing team of Red and Blue: 1936
today I'm very proud to announce the version 2 of the mod, together with Fede Caprari, Victor and Nico and others. We put a lot of effort to bring you a bug-free version of the mod.

A few weeks ago a beta version was released, it was full of bugs, slow loading textures etc
this has been fixed (loads up faster than warband now), and a ton of new features added, we will list some here, you will find out the others by yourselves.

Spanish Civil War

Lets remount to the 14th of April of 1931.
Spanish monarchy was declared overthrown and a provisional government took power, implementing reforms at many areas such as religion, education, politics and economy. In the ensuing years, the government became increasingly divided between the socialists of the left wing and the right wing. This political instability opened a door for anarchists and communists, while fascists looked askance at the situation.

 In the elections of February in 1936 the left wing won a clear majority and promised the distribution of some lands that belonged to the squirearchy. Furthermore the government started an army reform in order to reduce it. Moreover, the religion reform started at the first years of the Republic removed the influence of religion in the country.

The right wing reacted with fervor. Many generals of the army disagreed with the socialists reforms, and viewed with distaste the violence and anarchy which reigned in the streets of Spain while the Republican Government was unable to reduce it.

With all this situation, the 18th of July of 1936, some army generals led by Francisco Franco decided to overthrow the government…

Now is time you choose a side, Will you join the Republicans and fight for the Revolution, the Freedom, Anarchism or Communism or Will you join the Nationalists and defend the Motherland, the Religion and the Order?


-Tons of new animation/  sounds/ poses

-Tons of new clothing/ armour - no boring generic uniforms here.

-Lots of new items with their own uses, (you will have to find out)

-Ability to taunt your opponent with your megaphone and shout propeganda at him (works same way as musicians in nw)

-Historical Maps

-A whole new setting and environment



Instructions and Download LinksRead Carefully

If you download the mod by first time try this mirros, this is the Full newest version(all patchs added):
Google drive

Banner Pack

Thanks to
Fede Caprari for modelling,coding and an enormous help in general
Nico for mapmaking
Screaming Communist for scripting
Victor for scripting
Danyele for scripting assesoration
Raddeo for his animations
Jaakko for his amazing buildings
Aries for graphic help
Triby and his España en llamas Team for the weapons
William(Blood and Iron) for some models
Rathmor for some models
Mikeboix for map making
Danp for his animations
Kapellan for let us use some of his models
Conway for his scenes
Lav books OSP
Kelly,Capone and kpetschulat for voice acting

 If I missed anyone please tell me


Made by JBJ:


By ColonelHowe:




[url=][img width=590 height=280][/img][/url]


[url=][img width=590 height=280][/img][/url]



Made by William:

Steam group of the mod,you should join the group:

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