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Events: NA / Re: Saturday Blueberry Linebattle
« on: June 16, 2019, 01:38:24 am »

Regiment Name: 2nd light bravian infantry aka 2LBI
Contact Information: [2LBI] Worrer and 2LBI_Nartu_Fody82 (steam usernames)
Place for empty promise to follow the rules we might follow the rules(idk I'm not in the regiment anymore just here to sign them up since there lazy fucking couch potatoe)

Regiment Name: 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers
Contact Information:
Place for empty promise to follow the rules: yeah sure why not


Events: NA / Re: Saturday Blueberry Linebattle
« on: June 15, 2019, 04:50:28 pm »
Regiment Name: 8th
Contact Information:
Place for empty promise to follow the rules: yes


Josh managed to choose Le Mans weekend as the first successor event. I have stream links in the off chance any fans of my avatar needs something to watch.

The Mess Hall / Re: NA HoF Thread ♛
« on: June 15, 2019, 05:34:28 am »

I remember ZeppelinPanda being good right up until double-x was patched.

Events: NA / Re: Saturday Blueberry Linebattle
« on: June 13, 2019, 03:00:01 am »
1stHLI is accepted!

Spec signups are now open. Make sure you've read the part of the post on multiple spec signups if you're the HRE or the LIR.

Nr9 req cav.

Events: NA / Re: Saturday Blueberry Linebattle
« on: June 10, 2019, 05:23:08 am »
regiments who like to just shoot from a distance then charge at all charge or like who hill camp

The rule is there to discourage these two phenomena in favor of faster rounds and fewer all charges. Cav regiments doing this is probably the bigger problem. Either way, I'd rather regiments tried to get into melee five or six minutes into a round with good positioning than ten minutes into a round after everybody's fallen asleep in their tents or run out of Quiz Bowl questions.

You new gen event host killed fun NW events :(

This is a 5arge era rule.

Everybody else is accepted, but I hope you all have plans on posting those spec apps again after 9 eastern on Wednesday.

Events: NA / Re: Saturday Blueberry Linebattle
« on: June 09, 2019, 02:00:22 pm »
Everybody accepted.

Pushed the spec signup time back two hours to be a little more west coast friendly upon being informed that some people work regular hours.

Regiment Name: Oprichniki
Specialty Desired: Cavalry
Date Applying For Specialty (MM/DD): 06/11

Events: NA / Saturday Blueberry Linebattle
« on: June 08, 2019, 12:24:57 pm »

The Royal Order of the Blueberry presents:
A NEW and EXCITING* Linebattle!

The event will be held every Saturday at 8:00 PM EST/EDT indefinitely. Information for the event will be released a short time before the event on this Teamspeak 3 server: Events may be cancelled at any time, for any reason, and notices will be posted on this TS and on this forum thread.

Each event will run for roughly 60 minutes. If we start late, we will finish late within reason. Specialists will be determined by signing up on this thread at or after 9 PM EST/EDT every Wednesday. Regiments may sign up for multiple specs, but a single individual may only sign up for one (meaning that regiments/brigades will have to send multiple people to sign up). Note that the event organizers retain the right to ultimately assign specialties and may change them at any time. To sign up, post on this thread with your regiment's name and the name of the specialty. Nothing else is required.

I have, in places, sacrificed clarity for completeness in the rules (some call this Jetch-proofing). Send me questions over Steam if something does not make sense, and if I do not reply within a few minutes, wait until I'm not in melee and tell me to read my messages. My contact information is at the bottom of the thread.

Do you like the server slightly more than all the other servers? Do you wish to support the King DaMonkey of Roxburgh? Ensure its continuity HERE.

  • Each round will last no more than twelve minutes. If the timer is allowed to run out, the team with the most players alive is declared the winner.
  • All units must maintain some semblance of cohesion.
  • Pistols are considered melee weapons for the purpose of the rules.
  • Lone soldiers may not attack another unit unless continuing a charge within reason.
  • No part of a unit shall be allowed to fire whilst another part of the same unit is in melee (which basically means DO NOT FIRE ON THE CHARGE).
  • If fewer than five (5) players remain on a team, combat rules will be waived until the end of the round.
  • Follow any instruction posted in global admin chat. Admin and event rule complaints can be sent to me on Steam or in TS or on the forums before or after an event. Complaints do not go into all chat; I will assume that you are not enjoying the event and want me to liberate you from regimental obligations.
  • Administrators reserve the right to limit the amount of putrid nonsense spewed into chat. Chat impersonation will be dealt with harshly.
  • Players must have tags for their respective regiments.
    • Exceptions may be made for exceptional circumstances (such as 5arge coming back) or on a full server.
  • Regiments that have perpetual trouble following the rules or break the rules en masse can be deleted in their entirety.
  • Admins reserve the right to change the event rules at any time.

  • This section applies to regular line infantry, foot guards, line militia, partizani, and (unless otherwise noted) Austrian Grenzers.
  • Must be in something resembling a stationary line of three (3) or more to fire; a panicked blob surrounded by enemies is not a line.
  • Proper spacing for infantry is less than one avatar’s width.
  • Infantry may only crouch if not in combat or in the front rank of a multiple rank line.
  • If reduced to fewer than three (3) soldiers, a unit must either charge the nearest enemy unit or immediately join another line. The remaining soldiers may not ambush another line and may only charge if sighted by the line they intend to charge.
  • A unit may include one officer and a limited assortment of musicians, sergeants, and medics. A unit may not bring a sapper.
    • On maps with buildings, a unit may bring one sapper. The sapper is not allowed to build defenses, but may plant and explode crates
  • Infantry may not act as artillery guard or as skirmishers, but may form a line of three with any type of unit.
  • Grenzers may not spawn with rifles unless otherwise noted. Musketoons are fine.

  • The section applies to riflemen as well as UK 51st, French 15e, Rhenish Hessen-Darmstadt, and Austrian Grenzers who are skirmishers for the event. Only regiments assigned to this role use these rules.
  • No more than fourteen (14) skirmishers may wield firearms at any given time on a team.
  • In addition, a unit may include an officer and a musician. They may pick up firearms so long as no more than fourteen are carrying firearms.
    • Pistols do not count as firearms
  • Proper spacing for riflemen is five avatars’ width; for musket-wielding skirmishers, it is three
  • Must be in a “formation” including three (3) or more within spacing to fire.
  • May crouch at any time
  • If reduced to fewer than three, the remaining soldiers must charge the nearest enemy unit or join a friendly unit. The remaining soldiers may take their spacing from friendly units so long as there are three within spacing.

  • This section applies to hussars, lancers, dragoons, light horse, cuirassiers, and heavy cavalry. Only regiments assigned to this role use these rules.
  • Regiments may bring no more than fifteen (15) cavalry. Any excess cavalry must follow line rules.
  • A unit may bring up to three officers and any assortment of flag and music cav (so long as they enable Play Together). These count toward the fifteen total.
  • Cavalry may not fire carbines, rifles, musketoons, or muskets from horseback.
  • Dismounted cavalry may continue a charge or join a friendly unit. They may fire using three man spacing so long as they are in a group of three or more. They may only initiate a new melee in a group of three or more.
    • Dragoons who wish to fire use this rule
  • Mounted cavalry must maintain cohesion at all times and may not split into multiple subunits to attack different areas. Attacking multiple units is acceptable if those units are adjacent to each other.
  • Cavalry may not initiate a new melee if fewer than three are mounted. They may join an existing melee.
    • Artillery horses count as mounts, but using an artillery horse does not waive the unit cohesion rules. Cavalry must enter melee with three horses, and, if they do not have sufficient numbers, may not leave their slow cav far behind to initiate melee.

  • This section applies to artillery crews and their accompanying foot soldiers
  • No more than twelve (12) individuals may make up a crew. This includes rankers, trains, officers, sappers, and artillery guard. Excess artillery guard must act as line infantry.
  • Artillery crews may spawn up to one howitzer and up to one cannon. They may spawn two rockets in place of one gun or four rockets in place of both.
  • Crews may fire firearms within five paces of an active gun or rocket (one that is being loaded, aimed, or fired, or whose crew is picking up ammunition for it).
  • Any part of the crew may crouch at any time.
  • Artillery guard not near an active gun or rocket are subject to line infantry rules.
  • Buildpoints will be set to 50. They may be raised on maps with buildings.

  • FoC no
  • FoL no
  • RoL yes
  • RoC not really, don't be a wheyface and go fight with your line
  • OA is available
  • Max skirms 14 shooting + officer + musician
  • Max cav 15
  • Max arty 12, 1 howitzer, 1 cannon
  • No cav must dismount rule, less than three cav can only join existing melee
  • Pirates will be spit upon or banhammered with extreme prejudice.

Note that there are some actions not listed in the rules that are discouraged. If you charge all the way across the map, you're doing it wrong. If you split off from your unit to take a convoluted route to be a one-man flanking contingent, you're doing it wrong. If you run out in front of your line to dance just outside of melee range of an enemy line so that your own line can shoot them, you're doing it wrong. Cavalrymen that splits off from their main unit in the middle of a melee are considered to be lost and also doing it very wrong.

  • If you want to be an admin, talk to me about it. I tend to play fast and loose with the password within limits since I can remove admins at will. I will be very cranky if you use your admin primarily to goof off before the event and type garbage in purple text.
  • By the nature of the game in its current state, attendance tends to fluctuate. If there are well over 200 people attempting to enter the event, I will have the option of a second server.
  • There is no formula for map changes or maps that we play. If we pull a random map that is the greatest map of all time, we’ll play several rounds on it. If we keep a map that ends up playing poorly, we’ll only do a round on it.
  • Every regiment should have either the officer or an adjutant make sure they know all of the rules for their unit to explain them to everybody else. We can save a lot of grief by having people know the rules and the differences between this and other linebattles.

Want to join in? Copy and paste this form with the relevant information or just wander into the Teamspeak around about linebattle hour:

Regiment Name:
Contact Information:
Place for empty promise to follow the rules:



*Pending assistance from the regiments attending to do exciting things

Regiment Name: Oprichniki
Specialty Desired: Cavalry
Date Applying For Specialty (MM/DD): 06/04

Which thread are you supposed to post on when it's a Wednesday and you want cav the day after?

Regiment Name: Oprichniki
Specialty Desired: Cavalry
Date Applying For Specialty (MM/DD): 05/28

Regiment Name: Oprichniki
Specialty Desired: Cavalry
Date Applying For Specialty (MM/DD): 05/21

It was nice of MLB to juice the balls this year so that it'd be easier to keep this thread bumped

16 May 2019

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