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Groupfighting Teams / Order Of The Bayonet
« on: May 14, 2019, 01:00:43 am »
Order Of The Bayonet







Hello and welcome to the Order of The Bayonet! We are a Groupfighting Team trying to make it to the top! Our roster is as follows above. we formed to have a great time and hopefully take some wins in our future matches.

Match History

North American League Of Groupfighting
 Prize 300 steam gift card!

Start date May 10th
Brackets League One
Brackets League Two

Rules (May change)

1. no shooting will be permitted, melee only mode will be enabled
2. No other units than normal Line Infantry can be used.
3. Only ranker classes are allowed, meaning bayonets only.
4. No fist fighting.
5. Matches will be ft.20
6. This is a Regimental/Group fight team Groupfighting Tournament, so teams must be made
    up of players from the regiment or team.
7. Respect your opponents and the referees/organizers.
8. Referees and organizers will use common sense throughout the tournament, their calls count, so respect their decisions.
9. Matches will be played once every week, and must be reffed by an approved ref
10. Players may only be in one regiment.
11. Don't DELAY
12. Need ten people to play(If not other teams can bring ten)
13.If you wish to add new players to your roster it must be done at least 12 hours before the start of the match.

Regimental signup
Regiment name: 
Regiment leader and Steam Profile:
Expected attendance:[/b]   
Regiment thread or Steam Group:
Do you understand the rules?[Y/N]:

Staff Sign up
If you wish to be a referee add me on steam

Brackets TBD

Regiments Participating TBD

Events: EU / Coalition Sunday Linebattle
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:34:49 pm »
Coalition Event W/ The 1st Vistule,VGC,31st

                                                                             Event Info

                                                                                 Event starts @ 7pm GMT
                                                                                 Rules may change in future
                                                                                 Server and pass will be given @ 6:45pm(numbers will be asked at 6:30pm) GMT
                                                                                 1stVistule Teamspeak server for regimental reps:

                                                                             Event Rules

                                                                                 Officers and leaders need to know and enforce the rules
                                                                                 Anyone seen breaking the rules may be slain
                                                                                 ONE Officer per Reg
                                                                                 No team killing, trolling, ramboing, spamming, or trash talking

                                                                             Line Rules

                                                                                 Fire on Charge is allowed
                                                                                 To be considered a line you must have a minimum of 3 people. If not you must join a friendly line
                                                                                 Crouching is allowed, but you may not fire while crouching
                                                                                 No Reloading out of line
                                                                                 No Firing out of line
                                                                                 Half man spacing is allowed

                                                                             Skirms Rules

                                                                                 Max of 10 Skirms
                                                                                 Fire on Charge is allowed
                                                                                 Skirms can't reload while charging or out of formation
                                                                                 5 man spacing is maximum
                                                                                 You are allowed to have musketoons
                                                                                 Can crouch and use cover
                                                                                 Light Infantry is considered skirms and must follow these rules

                                                                             Cav Rules

                                                                                 Max of 15 Cavalrymen is allowed
                                                                                 If two or less Cav men are still mounted, they must dismount unless they are continuing a charge
                                                                                 If Dragoon class is selected, they may only fire in a lined up formation or while in a charge
                                                                                 Dismounted cavalry are considered light infantry. Follow light infantry rules
                                                                                 Cavalry must operate in a group, no straying or ramboing towards different regiments

                                                                             Arty Rules

                                                                                 Max of 12 Artillerymen allowed
                                                                                 Only 2 cannons/howitzers are allowed
                                                                                 Sappers are allowed, but can only build normal defenses
                                                                                 Can have a max of 8 arty guardsmen
                                                                                 Artillery Guardsmen can have a max of 2 man spacing near defensive structures
                                                                                 As Britian ONE Rocket, Rockets count as cannons

Regiments in Specialty Spots/Available Slots
1 Pułk Szwoleżerów-Lansjerów Gwardii Cesarskiej
Nr12 Galizischen regiment

Hannoversches Jäger Bataillon Nr.10
 Guardia De Corps - Artilleria Montada de Castilla

Event Staff Information
[VGC]Martesito Omelet - Piktonss:

[b]Regiment name:[/b]   
[b]Regiment leader and Steam Profile:[/b]   
[b]Average attendance:[/b]   
[b]Regiment thread or Steam Group:[/b]
[b]Do you understand the rules?[Y/N]:[/b]

Specialty Applications
[b]Regiment name:[/b]   
[b]Role Requested:[/b]   
[b]Average attendance:[/b] 

Events: NA / Coalition Thursday Linebattle (Winter Campaign)
« on: January 25, 2018, 12:47:33 am »
                                  New Thread!

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