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Media / Cr3A's Youtube Channel
« on: January 31, 2018, 04:57:10 pm »
Cr3A's Youtube Channel

Hey  :D

I decided to make an active yt channel about warband (nw and native) in order to add some more bullshit on this amazing internet.

Last Vids (quality improved drastically with new app):

Groupfighting Teams / Syntaxis GF Team Update
« on: July 21, 2017, 11:08:26 am »
As the last FSE thread was locked, I would like each member of the community to receive some clear explanations about what happened to the Syntaxis Groupfighting Team.

I've taken the decision to exclude Niphix from the Groupfighting Team we created together in order to save it for disbanding. Why ? Because Niphix became impulsive and arrogant with me (the co-captain) in the past 5 days, avoiding any serious discussion with me, saying that he was "tired" or "occupied", "trying to focus on the game", etc. I thought (and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one) that mutual politeness is needed between teammates (and particularly between leaders) to make sure that the team doesn't decay or disband quickly. I'm deeply sorry about what is happening right now, this isn't pleasurable for anyone.

I consider that Niphix's behavior was destroying the well-being of our collectivity from the inside, as these tensions could have leaded to chaos, insults and surely departures. This is an attempt to save a team that has got some potential and that could be easily wasted by superficial conflicts.

Furthermore, I would like to share some more informations about the birth of Syntaxis: I met Niphix on the groupfighting server 9 weeks ago or so, as we were both chilling on the server. He came to me 2 weeks later proposing me to build a gf team together, and I immediately accepted, finding his behavior pleasant and benevolent. Even though we didn't know each other at all, we built our team quite easily without any complications. With time, this mutual appreciation disappeared, as we weren't communicating that much. Each time I wanted to ask him about his situation, he would told me that everything was fine, etc. Clearly, something was wrong, as he became much more aggressive and arrogant quite quickly. Asking "why" was always answered by "nothing", and finally he ended up playing on his own, putting himself offline on purpose to avoid any kind of debate. I'm not trying to judge him, no one is perfect, we are just human beings. I can only say that this team wasn't going to stand much longer without any major reform.

Thank you for your understanding, sorry for all the inconveniences that will occur. Bb,

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