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The Mess Hall / The 7-0d by MATT club
« on: June 20, 2018, 08:36:32 pm »
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And welcome to our newest member sun's


I have seen Fartknockers and Apoc's list and I disagree with them both. Honestly neither are half the player I was, and this is just a fact.

Who am I to make a list? Well I was Maple's prodigy and I had Slovahkiin and other players mentor me and I've been dueling tons of greats for a long time, and I kind of know who is naturally gifted, and who isn't.
600 Hour Dante beats 600 hours (JackieChan, Kovy, Godfried, etc.) That is a fact. No one can dispute this. With that said, I'm not even top 20 all time, because I never reached my prime. I stopped after 600 hours playing NW seriously. But I am one of the greatest talents NW has ever seen. Hate it or love it, but it's the truth.

600 hour Dante beats anybody at 600 hours, but Dante at his prime gets destroyed by any of the Elite's in their prime, because I never reached my prime. Is that a fair argument? I think so.

Here is criteria for this list:

-Difficulty to Duel
-Longevity of dominance
-Impact on the game

Fartknockers list:
93 - Russian
92 - Bill
92 - AsianP
92 - DJ
92 - MATT
91 - Godfreid
89 - Suns 
89 - Krastinov 
89 - Fireboy
88 - KnightofStJohn
88 - Rafael
88 - Puppytron 
88 - Yoloswag
87 - Nickcole
87 - Kovy
87 - Theodin
87 - Vetro
86 - Shinto
86 - Hellomoto
85 - Fartknocker
85 - Rune
85 - Maple
85 - Montoy 
85 - Oatmeal
85 - Risk
85 - Pinoy
84 - Winters 
84 - Pedro
84 - BabyJesus
84 - Dodge
84 - Waste
83 - Tizoc
83 - Wall
83 - Maccle
83 - Killershark
82 - Chantakey v
82 - Min
82 - Moraine
81 - Badger
81 - Anakin
81 - Zen
80 - Wiki
79 - Pickle 

My criticisms:

I think the fact that Pinoy is rated lower than Knights of St John, tells you that Fartknocker doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about at all. Dude sounds like he is high as fuck when he made this list. Therefore his list: Invalid.

Now let's go to Apoc's list.

Apocs List:
93 - AsianP
90 - Bill
90 - Russianfury
90 - Godfreid
90 - MATT
90 - Suns 
89 - DJ
89 - Havoc
88 - Nickcole
88 - Yoshie
88 - Krastinov
88 - Sanders
88 - Fireboy
88 - Hellomoto
88 - KnightofStJohn
87 - Rune
87 – Anthony
87 - Shinto
87 - Puppytron
87 - Maniac
87 - Rafael
87 - Yoloswag
87 - Sleek
86 - Jetch
86 - Theodin
86 - Maccle
86 - Jaax
85 - Fartknocker
85 - Jetch
85 – Jorge
85 - Maple
85 - Montoy
85 - Vetro
85 - Unitater
84 - Winters
84 - Pinoy
84 - Oatmeal
83 - Tizoc
83 - Bob
83 - Pedro
83 - Marksman
83 - Wall
83 - Fox
83 - Risk
83 - DrunkenSpartan
83 - BabyJesus
83 - Charles
83 - Jakester
83 - Zen
83 - Dodge
83 - Horse
82 - Trigo
82 - Min
82 - Midnight
82 - Dom
82 - Curtis
82 - EasternFox
82 - Amiranger
81 - Ghostrider
81 - Badger
81 - Hawkince
81 - Dan
81 - Anakin
81 - Vander
80 - Jamzzz
80 - Wiki
80 - Purplish
80 - Piktons
80 - Whalefish
80 - ForsakenWolf
80 - Goku
80 - Cytiuz
80 - Epix
80 - Moraine

First of all Matt is rated very very high. Now I understand as the game declined, he has been a good player, but there is much speculation that he is a cheater, and at the same time he wouldn't beat 80% of that list, when this game was at its peak.

Knights of St John is an 88. Are you fucking serious? LOL.

Let's be unbiased here. Who would bet $100 on Knights of St John to beat, Pinoy, Puppytron, Maple, etc.

It wouldn't happen, he was a decent duelist but not on that level.

Second of all why is Maccle and Theodin higher than Maple and Pinoy? This shit is biased. Proves that Apoc was high as fuck too when he made that list.

My conclusions on the above lists: Both players weren't good enough or familiar enough with all those players to come with an accurate list, and the 85-93 ranking system is flawed. Instead I offer you a solution.

These are the tiers:

GOAT, Elite Level, Great, Above Average, Good, Decent, Average.

I put these guys on their best performances possible at their peak.

This is the official list: *Missing a lot of players, just on the top of my head

GOAT: Jackie Chan/AsianP (Can Make argument for either)

Elite Level: Godfried, BillTheButcher, Pinoy, DjOverjoy, Maple, Mang, Tammo, you can make the case for many of the ones on the great list.

Greats: Russian, Krastinov, Puppytron, Kovyjack, Hellomoto, Zzeth, Zorkoth, Breaches

Above Average: Rafael, Slovahkiin, Emo Celestia, Rogelio, Suns, Risk, (insert many others)

Good: Knights of St John, Min,

Decent: Dukers, Maccle, Swift, Nappy, Oatmeal, (Insert majority of NW)

Average: 45e Bryce

So this is my rating criteria, it can be subject for discussion.

I ask FartKnocker, and Apoc to make a list with that criteria.
-Elite Level
-Above Average

That will be more accurate than the number system. Obviously with the tier system you can see that there is a noticeable drop in skill. The GOAT's were unstoppable in their prime, the Elite levels could win almost any tournament, the Greats were very very good and can beat the elites but only sometimes, the Above Average can kill most of NW but are competitive with the Greats if not the underdogs, the Good can be top 5 in most regiments of NW, but aren't going to win any tournaments soon, Decent players are just that, and average is low low tier.

The Mess Hall / Meet my Wife, Ms.Blockchamber
« on: June 07, 2018, 06:23:23 am »
She's always been at my side, helped me defeat my greatest adversaries in life, could always depend on her.

The Mess Hall / FT7 thread
« on: June 05, 2018, 04:30:28 am »
who wants to ft7, challenge people and post your ft7 scores here

lets go someone challenge me i wanna ft7 tn

Just curious

since toucan cancelled his. I'm hosting one tonight, just comment in this thread that yuo want to be in it

its at 9 pm est tonight

The Mess Hall / MATT fanclub
« on: May 27, 2018, 06:31:48 pm »
Here is the MATT fanclub thread, to talk about all the greatness of MATT

Proud members:


Most consistent groupfighter in the game baby

The goal is to see who can play NW the longest without stopping. You have to be actively engaged and dueling your ENTIRE time on the server, if you go afk for more than 5 minutes, you are DQ'd, the final two players left, will engage in a ft7 to see who wins the whole tournament.

Server location: Pub duels



The Mess Hall / The Cats out the bag folks
« on: May 23, 2018, 12:35:00 am »
Change your fps to 200, enjoy gf'ing domination

Groupfighting Teams / NA Groupfighting team
« on: May 06, 2018, 06:09:25 am »
Making a groupfighting team to beat vetros.

Post if you want in.

Doesn't matter how many ft7s you win or groupfights you win on medium speed, it doesn't matter.

Medium speed = Minor Leagues

Fastest speed = Major leagues

Sorry EU's but its obvious you cant compete with NA's :(

The Mess Hall / The GOAT is back baby
« on: April 24, 2018, 11:54:13 pm »
I've returned to my old state of a finely tuned, well oiled, block chambering machine.

If you feel like you got a shot , go ahead take it, like I said


1194 hours baby

General Discussion / Ideas to bring more people to NW
« on: April 07, 2018, 07:13:13 am »
1. Pay famous youtubers to feature NW in one of their videos(pretty sure karth did this with warowl)
2. Spread videos of NW around on major gaming forums
3. Ask a billionaire nicely to fund NW

Hosting my own duel tournament. $500 Prize pool, $300 goes to the Champion, $150 goes to runner up, and $50 goes to 3rd place.


No trashtalking/bullshit
No cheating
Quarterfinals to Finals are gunna be Ft7
No excessive s keying(its obvious when you are just trying to bullshit)

Not sure yet If I'm going to host on a Chicago or Dallas server.

If you want to be a ref just post in the comments that you wish to ref and contact me on steam.

If you want to participate just comment in the thread and or message me on steam.

Need atleast a minimum of 50 people to run the tournament. Might even raise the prize pool.


34.curtis shutler

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