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The Mess Hall / Hey, can you guys keep it down?
« on: July 10, 2019, 08:19:14 am »
please and thank you.

The Mess Hall / NA All-Time Duelists/Groupfighters
« on: August 08, 2018, 06:50:05 pm »

This is all my very valuable opinion on who were the top 10 BEST at dueling and groupfighting(I'll be adding a description to why they deserve to be there). None of these players are in any particular ranking, I leave that ranking system to your own evaluation. I will be adding sub-categories soon, again with 10 players in each one(Chambering,feinting,defense,etc). Msg me suggestions for a category. Again this is all subjective, as it's impossible to get an objective list on NW. Special thanks to Windflower for making the thread template/header!

RussianFury: RussianFury, a character very susceptible to rage, started off in the 71st and while he did not shine as much during that time, he was still a high tier GFer. During the latter years of NW and during the LG Russian dominated the groupfighting scene, constantly top fragging and impressing players with his ability to carry. He was quick to become one of the best GFers in the game.

Who-: This man is a well known member of the community and was one of the carries during the dominance of the 12th/18th. His impact on one of the must successful regiments of all time is no laughing matter. That, and his great taste in music earn him a spot on the list.

Coconut: Sometimes Coconut is overlooked due to his uncanny ability to avoid the spotlight, but he is one of the most knowledgeable players in NW about melee tactics. While his mechanics are not the greatest out of the GFers, he is definitely one of the most tactical GFers out there.

AsianP: Probably the overall best player in NA, AsianP's GFing ability led him to carry regiments he was in, even while he was leading them. His consistency, patience, and dexterity gives him a undisputed spot on the list.

JackieChan: When you think about clutching, dominance, and hp hacks, Jackie is the only player who comes to mind. There is a reason why most players see him as the most dominant NA player of all time, and while the latter years of his career was lacking, he still managed to carry 63e competitively.

Zzehth: Everyone's favorite minority, Zzehth, is a GFer with a wealth of experience and game knowledge. Known for having one of the best defenses of the game, Zzehth is one of the greatest support players in NW, often funneling kills to Jackie in their 2v2 team, MAE.

Zorkoth: One of the many stars of the 12th and 2ndQF, Zorkoth is an expert on the flanks. He is able to hold off and distract many players, or find the perfect backstabs to finish the job. His huge troll personality along with his talent has a huge impact on whatever regiment he is in.

BillTheButcher: Probably the most controversial person in NW, Bill AKA "Maple's #1 Fan", is known to top frag on NAGF as well as holding a high KD ratio on the server. Credit is given where credit is due, and Bill's ability to GF and top frag is unlike anybody else in NW; he literally puts his opponent to sleep due to boredom and finishes them off, giving him a spot on the list.

Fireboy: Fireboy, or as he's most commonly known: "Firebad", is a top tier GFer who has an ability to work well with anybody he is with. While his choice is football teams is questionable, what isn't questionable is his natural talent when it comes to getting in the heat of a groupfight.

Breaches: While this individual was also a great leader, what is sometimes missed is his GFing prowess. Breaches is famously known in the 12th to help carry in GFs and top frag. So much so that he was chosen to fight in the 2v2 against 9y, and as we all know, him and Zorkoth won it.

Rafael: Another player with a wealth of game knowledge and strategy, Rafael is a very good duelist and GFer. Rafael is a quiet player and hasn't participated in too many tournaments or tried to boast his skill, but his presence in a linebattle or groupfight is well known and respected.

Steven: Highly regarded as the best player in the 63e, Steven is mostly overlooked because of the regiment he was in, however, he is able to carry them in GFs and linebattles. Without his incredible chambering, feints, and presence the 63e may not have been as good.

Ghost: Another player who was not active past 2014, but has still remained one of the most in-form players ever. He can take years off NW and still come back to top frag in GFs. That along with him being the trainer in the 12th/18th gives him a spot on the list.

DjOverjoy: Even though Dj is known to be quite the troll, he is also a major carry in most regiments he joins. Most notably, the 45e where he was able to help carry the goon squad into becoming one of the best regiments during their peak. A solid, well rounded player with a strong defense.

Pj: "Captain Bittersteel", AKA Pj, is a grand performer in the art of GFing. His performances include being the 2nd best in 63e, and being a core player in the 2016 3eVolt lineup. He is the closet thing we have to a perfect specimen, earning him a spot on the list.

RitZ: No, not to be confused with Ritz407 (Whoever that is), RitZ with a hard Z is without a doubt the most important player in terms of melee that the 3eVolt ever had. Known for being the progenitor of the turkish kick in NA, RitZ is a powerful duelist and GFer. He is also probably the best NW player at Native.

DarthJezus: While his career was somewhat short lived after 9y disbanded, during their reign he was undoubtedly their hardest carry. While he was not the only key player to contribute to 9y's success, he was one of the most important figures in there.

Alexander: Maybe the most arguable person on this list, I believe Alexander's GFing ability was very good especially during the time of the infamous 75th. His style is very similar to BillTheButcher's where he basically tranquilizes his opponent then finishes them off. A great testament to his patience is his Ft7 with Bill, where it lasted more than 30 minutes.

Lithios: One of the other carries of the 9y, Lithios is considered to be one of the best players during 2013, even being able to give Jackie a run for his money during his arrival. He is one of Canada's best overall players, and he showed during his time in NW. While past 2015 he was very inactive and barely played, he was still able to be very competent in the cancerous meta.

Blade: Blade is well known to be one of the carries in the 71st, as well as having some of the best feints in NW during his time. I've given him a spot on this list because I felt like he was underappreciated and didn't get the spotlight he deserved due to being out shined by the other carries in the 71st.



JackieChan: Easily one of the best duelists NA has ever had, arguably the best player NA has ever had. With some of the strongest chambers in the game, Jackie is always a name that comes to mind when you think of star players.

Achilles: In my opinion, Achilles is probably the most criminally underrated players of recent memory. In terms of dueling ability alone, this guy was a powerhouse, with easily some of the best block chambering i've ever seen.

AsianP: One of the best overall players in the game, but also one of the most consistent duelists in all of NA NW. Unparalleled IQ and a strong jawline, Asian"BiForAYear"P goes on without question.

Godfried: Everyone's 3rd favorite Canadian player, Godfried, has dominated the dueling scene for the majority of late 2016-2018. Utilizing a passive/aggressive style that focuses on minimizing mistakes and profiting on the opponents'.

Tammo: The NA Golden Boy, Maple 2.0, Mr.2012, etc, Tammo has many names within the NW community, but is respected as being one of the best duelists in the early parts of NW. Tammo uses an ultra aggressive playstyle, to great effect, making him one of the best NA duelists.

Maple: Tammo 2.0, Washuple, 7-0edBillple, are just a few nick-names the premier duelist Maple has been given, however probably his most known name, "The Boy Wonder". Using a style reliant on chambers and stuns, Maple was one of the star duelists for the majority of 2015-2016.

AP0CALYPSE: Another player who is recognized to be a powerful duelist, and the architect of drama for NW, AP0C was a very dominant player from the early years of NW to even the latter. He uses a counter heavy style that was very hard to break.

Havoc: Havoc was a class A duelist in 2013, winning one of the biggest tournaments during that time. However, missing the taste of glorious melee Havoc returned to NW to quickly become on the best duelists out there. A known meta slave, Havoc is a player to be cautious of.

Kovy: AKA Maple's sidekick, Kovy is probably the most slippery player in all of NW, his master footwork has been the backbone of his style and he's used to beat every wannabe duelist in NW. One of the most unique styles in NW.

Pinoy: Another criminally underrated player, Pinoy does not have much in terms of tournament wins, but I believe he is/was one of the most mechanically gifted players in all of NW. It is never a bore to watch or play against Pinoy, and that's rare in itself.

Padre Suns: Another player with not many tournament achievements, but has always been in the top 5 duelists for the past 2-3 years. Padre The Cancer of NW Suns is another meta slave who focuses on high defense and counterchambering to whittle his opponent down to mental collapse. He deserves a spot in this category.

Lithios: A player who wasn't dominant too long, but while he was there was one of the best duelists/players around. Lithios, or as he's better known, "Double X", was a true Canadian egg and one of the "players to beat" back in the day.

Puppytron: For a short time was considered one of the best duelists in NA. Poopytron is added to the list as a bonus because he wasn't very consistent, and his career was short lived. However recently he comes on for periods of time and is still in good shape. When he tries his chambers are on point.

Pointblank: Lots of hype surround PB, as he was hailed as one of the best duelists during his time, I'm not too sure how much of this is true, but he was selected for the 2v2 against 12th, which means something. With a style focused on being aggressive and utilizing kicks, Pointblank makes the list.


JackieChan: No surprise here, JackieChan was without a doubt one of the best players in the game in terms of chambering. His chambers were incredible fast and precise, with a lot of them giving you little time to react. He was also one of the first players to use feint chambering effectively.

Maple: A player well known for his chambering, Maple heavy relies on them as they are a core part of his style. One of the first players to incorporate blockchambering into his play-style, as well as being inventive with the application of chambering itself.

AsianP: AsianP is a great player when it comes to chambering, however, his real strength lies in his ability to rechamber. Most of Asian's rechambers can be the deciding factor in a duel, making it extremely deadly for a wannabe chamber.

Cade: Cade and his chambering is what gave him the spotlight during the height of his NW career. With skill that seemed to appear out of the thin air, Cade impressed everyone when he showcased his devastating up chambers.

Serpenta: Known by many old gens to be the best chamber in the game, Serpenta's skill is something most people forget about because of how long ago he actually played. If the legends are true though, Serpenta was able to get angles on chambers most thought impossible, giving him a spot on the list.

Puppytron: During Puppy's prime, he was able to destroy most of the competition with his fast chambers, most of the time following them up with a kick to finish the job. Without a doubt Puppy has some of the best chambers in the game.

Steven: Steven's chambering ability is overlooked due to him not attending many competitive events, but he has one of the best up chambers in all of NW. This isn't to say Steven was a amateur at downchambering; quite the opposite actually, but his ability to chamber up attacks shined more than the latter.

Tammo: Well respected for his feint chambers, Tammo picked up his chambering style in the latter years of his career, making it a staple for his play-style. Very consistent and very dangerous, his chambers made any player cautious to attack him.

Mang: The chambers Mang could pull off in tense situations were no laughing matter and although his incredibly low ping definitely had an impact on his ability, I guarantee he would be just as proficient if it was average.

Pinoy This guy's chambers are insane. Pinoy is one of the few people who wasn't afraid to attempt to chamber most attacks, or attempt to rechamber them. Also very good at chambering from a feinting position.

John Sanders


DjOverjoy: There is no denying Dj's expertise when it comes to defense in NW. He has one of the most solid defenses i've seen, as he can effortlessly defend against most chambers or "stuns". He is always someone you can depend on to take the blunt of the damage in any teamfight.

Zzehth: During his time Zzhehth was hailed to have the best defense in the game largely because of his insurmountable levels of patience and top notch blocks. Most of his fights would be drawn out because he didn't really have any surprises for his opponent; he just knew all of your surprises and how to counter them.

Godfried: Without a doubt Godfried has had one of the best defenses of recent memory. During 2015-2017 I was shocked at his ability to stop aggressive players dead in their tracks, consequently leading to a shift in meta to favor more passive play-styles. Not only is his blocking top of the line, but his counter chambering is rivaled by few.

AP0CALYPSE: This guy was a beast during his prime. He had a more passive/aggressive way of playing, but that did nothing to stop his unmatched counters and stuns. While he wasn't quite as sharp during the latter part of his career, when he dumped hours into the game he was unstoppable. One of the few players who I truly respect, AP0C earns a spot on the list.

KOSJ: Quite an underrated player due to his inactive state in the competitive scene, I think he deserves some recognition. Knight of StJohn is an excellent defensive player who can shut down most with his timed blocks and unexpected feints, giving him a spot.

Sleek: A known complainer in the community, Sleek has a little bit of an attitude problem, but it would be criminal to overlook his mastery in the art of defense. I have no doubt in my mind that Sleek is one of the best blockers in NA NW, as I've seen him hold off up to 4 opponents or more with expert precision. Truly a player worth recognition as of recent years.

Alexander: While Alexander was an underdog most of his NW career, that does not mean he didn't have one of the most impressive defenses of 2015/16. He is probably the closet I've seen to Zzehth in terms of sheer patience and cunning. He is not afraid to draw out a fight as long as it needs to be in order for him to be on top.

Pj: The undisputed star of NW, Pj is a celebrity in the world of blocking and defense. Pj is a very passive/aggressive player who is very well balanced in his offensive and defensive abilities, often quickly breaking through GFing lines with his prowess. Pj earns a spot on the list.

Anthony: Most people knock him off any list because of how new he is, but I believe he is one of the best blockers in all of NW. While he hasn't been the "player to beat" for most of his career, he always had a A1 defense and it only became better. He handles himself in outnumbered situations with such finesse that I haven't seen in a good amount of time. I'm truly impressed with his development, so Anthony deserves a spot on the list.

Rogelio: Rogelio is a big strong boy with a big strong defense and his masculinity alone is enough to defeat most players. In all seriousness though, Rogelio is a fantastic defensive player and I always found it extremely difficult to take him down as he just refuses to fall. He earns a spot on the list.


Tammo: In the world of clutching one name comes to mind when thinking of American heroes, and that's SecretTammo. He has consistently been one of the best clutchers in NA throughout his career. In 2012 he was known to single-handily destroy entire lines with the stab of his bayonet, giving him a spot on the list.

KovyJack:Not only is Kovy the 2nd best player to come out of the 2014 New Gen era, but he's also on the best new age clutchers in the game. Kovy"LuckyJack" utilizes a slippery style focused on dodging and sweep stabbing; most find that some otherworldly force protects Kovy from their attacks, earning him a spot on the list.

JackieChan:This man, otherwise known as "HackieChan", is wildly infamous for his ability to clutch. Regiments always hold their breath whenever he is the last man, because everyone knows that a round is never over as long as he's standing.

RitZ:RitZ has always been the 3eVolt's secret weapon, as he has helped carry their regiment for the majority of his career. With feints faster than your frames will allow, RitZ is able to break through a regiment's defenses and cause complete mayhem. He fights to the bitter end and leaves you sweatier than Yoshie.

Mang:It comes to no surprise that Mang's charismatic personality would carry over into his melee ability, and you can count on the fact that everybody noticed. Watching Mang fight while outnumbered is like witnessing a perfect symphony flow as he casually outclasses his opponents.

Lithios:Back when he played, Lithios had a knack for getting out of tight situations; during his days in the 9y it's said Lithios would teleport behind his opponents regiment and whisper into their ears, "omae wa mou shindeiru". After that the regiment seemed to disappear into the thin air.

AP0CALYPSE:Witnessing AP0C clutch is like watching the birth of a storm, he's quiet, does nothing too flashy, most underestimate his potential; then its when you blink your eyes that you realize you're the last man standing and your opportunity to stop him has already escaped.

Breaches:Now, I cannot attest for this man's skill, however, if you close your eyes and listen intently you may hear the whispers of old wives tales going into detail of how this man won against impossible odds.

Blade:What else is there to say? It is well known that Blade and his psychic powers gave him the edge needed to win battles in clutch scenarios. Most say he puts his opponents under a hypnotic gaze with his feints, and then before you have time to react your entire regiment is on the ground.   

Maple:There are many stories pubs tell of Maple and his clutches on NA_1, for anytime you saw a sailor charging at you it was best to await for reinforcements or run the opposite direction. It is even rumored he clutched a round using nothing but a ramrod, but those are just rumors after all.


Theodin:In the realm of spamming, one name famously comes to mind: everyone's 2nd favorite Canadian player, Theodin. His downattack is respected and feared no matter how many hours you've acclaimed in the game. He earned the title "Best Spammer in NW" for a reason.

Chev:The man, the myth, the legend. Chev has always been Theodin's biggest rival when it comes to spam, so much so that some even argue his spam is best in the game. All that I know is that Chev truly had one of the most deadly downstabs in all of NW.

Rico:Rico is a name a lot of newer players don't remember, but that is not to say he wasn't memorable. Rico had one of the most annoying playstyles in all of NW during his time, mainly due to his constant spam and skey. The sad part is that his style actual worked in groupfights and duels alike, which is only a testament to his persistence.

Kovy:You all knew this guy would make it on the list. Kovy is a unique player in the sense that he has some of the best footwork in NW, combined with some of the best spam in NW, which in turn creates a huge annoyance for everyone. In fact, most of Kovy's chambers are accidental and are a result of his insistent spamming.

Wastee:This may be a shocker to some of you, but yes, Wastee has made it on the spam list. Everytime you enter a duel with this dude you know for a fact what he's going to do: spam, spam, spam, spam, and spam some more. I think he may not even be aware of how much he spams, as if the bayonet itself is in control of Wastee and his actions.

Fartknocker:The 63e Golden Boy Fartknocker was famous within the 63e for being a key player to their line up, while also being the one to help train cadets. This might explain why all 63e Cadets seem to only know how to spam and nothing else. His infectious spam spread across all the 63e, even seeping up into the higher ranks and affecting players like Krastinov. Be cautious whenever you are near this man.

SuberbPedro:While nowadays he is known to run a mediocre GFing server, back during 2016 Pedro actually had some talent in him, a talent for spam that is. My failed student and son Pedro has a completely random style focused on chambering, feints, and of course, spam. He was one of the best in those areas once upon a time, but his fame was only momentary and he quickly fell into the slums of NW melee.

Jaax:The new-gen Jaax is full of surprises, and one of those surprises being he is a filthy spammer. Anytime you see him in a GFing match just always be cautious of this man's spam because it will catch you off guard every single time if you aren't careful.

Dalai Lamar:If my memory is correct, this man was apart of the 71st regiment, while also being apart of the spammer community. Perhaps the teachings of Theodin rubbed off on him, or perhaps he simply enjoyed being an skey spammer. Whatever the case, while he was active he had some of the best spams NW had to offer.

Sleek:Like his name implies, this hot headed player is slippery to the touch and won't hesitate to spam you if you give him the opening. While his personality is tiresome at it's best, what isn't tiresome is his passion for spamming other players into the next realm.

63e Cadet Line
That One Rando
"All he does is spam" Guy
John Sanders



Most Average
BabyJ: Without a doubt, the most consistently average player on this game is none other than BabyJ himself. This dude is so mediocre even Theodin can get kills off him. He's so middleline that he could be called the embodiment of the USMC. With all his average skill, this makes him the best average player by far.

BabyG: The destroyer of pubs, the BabyJ slayer, this man goes by many names, however, this does not make him above average. BabyG is the arch nemesis of BabyJ, and their battles fought over who is the most average player is ordinary at best. Truly a name worth mentioning when to comes to okayish performance.

Jakester: This man has a reputation in the community for being a thief, a scoundrel, and of course, an exceptionally average player. While his leading is questionable at best, what isn't questionable is his completely pedestrian skill. This guy is so average he makes Jorge look good on Masters.

Shinto: You knew I had to do it to em, Shinto makes a spot on this list. This player is so lackluster and underwhelming that I was even struggling to put him on the AVERAGE list. Without question Shinto is one of the greats in the realm of mediocrity.

MackCW: Damn, I bet you guy weren't expecting this one, but here it is. I hate to roast my boy Mack, but duty calls and I recognize only the most unmemorable players on this list. Mack has been a key player and a father figure for most players on this game, but absolutely nobody depended on him for his melee skill.

Pickle: I remember this guy way back in 2014, and even then he was nothing short of average. Pickle is one of those players who plays the game for years, but simply cannot attain skill above amateurish levels. His only redeemable values is that he is a slightly above average NA Representative.

Spearman: Yeah that's right, I bet you guys forgot about this guy, which is only a testament to his lack of skill. Spearman has become one of the most forgettable players within the community, hell, the only reason I remembered him is because he was in one of my screenshots. This guy deserves a spot on the list.

Lurvy: I've once described Lurvy as "the gatekeeper of average players"; meaning, if you couldn't beat Lurvy you were without a doubt a completely unremarkable player. While Lurvy's skill ontop of a horse is a list for another time, once he steps down unto the earth he is zapped by the unholy bolt of ordinary.

Getty: Getty of the Nr9 is such an unexciting player to watch. Once upon a time he lead the greatest pub regiment of all time, however due to his middle-of-the-road skill, his regiment would of been worthless if it wasn't for Maple. He is so average the way I joined his regiment was by beating them 1v5 on Roma Oritur, and that was me in 2014.

DanTheChef: What would an average list be without the one and only Dan The Seagull Chef? Since the beginning of this man's career he was nothing but average. He wasn't even bad at any point, he was just always 100% second-rate. His vanilla performance is so forgettable that he has to host tournaments in order to keep himself relevant within the community.


Best Newgens
Yoshie "The Talent": Yoshie is undeniably one of the best players to come out of the new gen era. He uses ultra fast chambers, precise stuns, and great gfing ability. One of his biggest weaknesses, however, is how easily tilted Yoshie becomes when losing or facing adversity.

Maniac "The Aggressor": Now, Maniac has always been a solid player, but it wasn't until recently that he showcased his true skill. His ability to topfrag and put numbers on the scoreboard during a groupfight is better than many. While his dueling is not his strongest, he is still able to compete with any player in a 1v1.

SuberbPedro "The Wildcard": My failed student, Pedro never really did reach his full potential due to him being a huge troll and his issues with internet. That is not to say Pedro isn't an exciting and eventful player to watch though. With a style as unpredictable as his ping, Pedro is always taking huge risks no matter the event, and while the moves he attempts are 50/50, it is legendary when he pulls it off.

Anthony "Ironside": Everyone who stills plays or has played the game in the last year knows how skilled Anthony is at blocking. This ability came out of nowhere and shocked everyone. While sometimes he can be a bit too defensive, he is still a deadly duelist and gfer, who counters/blocks any attack you make.

VetroG "The Flash": Vetro packs the heat with his super quick feints that is bound to get through any defense given the right amount of time. While he is very new to the competitive scene, he is definitely one of the better new gens to come out of this era.

Yoloswag "The Razor": Yolo cuts up the competition with his ultra aggressive style that'll leave you in the dust if you're too slow. Using feint chambers with both the up and down attack, you better keep an eye on his movements unless you wanna take that L.

MATT "Player556": This guy is probably the newest new-gen to ever play, but also one of the best hour for hour players in the game. While he is known to have used exploits/cheats in the past, I believe that they actually held him back and made him worse. He's one of the best for his hours to master stuns and defense.

Cade "The Matrix": Now I believe he was around during the latter years of NW, but he wasn't nearly as impactful was he was during 2016 and beyond. Known for his legendary up chambers, it's almost as if Cade controls the code within NW to get those crazy angles you wouldn't think possible.

Risk "The Underdog": Everyone always seems to be doubting Risk's skill, but he is able to topfrag in many groupfights and give any top duelist a run for their money. While he tends to let the tilt get into his head, once he gets past that it would be in your best interest to take him very seriously, or you might be shocked at the results.

Jaax "The Gamechanger": Another fairly new face to the community, Jaax has proven in recent years that he is able to compete at the very top with everyone else. He used holds, sweep stabs, and expert footwork to gain the edge over his opponent; which usually ends up with him at the top of the scoreboard.



Best Weebs
Lawbringer(King): The King Weeb himself, yes, this man is notorious for being the King of all the weebs in NW (Yes even for the depraved EU players). Some say he learned everything he knows from anime, which is cringe.

Moraine(Prince): The Prince of Weebdom, Moraine has long been a name in the NW anime community. He is so weeb that he refers to a certain player as "senpai" and he owns a bodypillow.

Unitator(Duke): The Duke of Weebdom, Unitator is a new face to NW, but he has long been invested into anime...there is an ongoing competition between him and Moraine for the title of Prince, but so far Moraine remains in the lead.

Yoshie(Marquis): The Marquis of Weebdom, this freak known as Yoshie is obsessed with 2D drawings of 16 year old girls. Friends of his say he tries to speak japanese in teamspeak and that it is very cringe to witness. He's also the strongest NW weeb as well though.

Yoloswag(Earl): The Earl of Weebdom, Yoloswag is actually a weeb in denial. He doesn't publicly speak about his affliction, however, those close to him know of his perverted ways. He also tries to act black a lot.

Runepkyz(Noble): A Nobleman in Weebdom, Rune is also quite private about his illness, but that doesn't stop him from flooding his steam library with games about cute anime girls.

Achilles(Knight): A Knight of Weebdom, Achilles has been fighting for the weebs for as long as NW itself was alive, and while he stayed hidden under covers for a while, he revealed his true nature toward the peak of his NW career. I'm pretty sure all he does is play anime romance games now.

RitZ407(Senior): A Senior of Weebdom, this old dog was one of the first to be by King Lawbringer's side, and also one of his closet friends. He fought for weeb rights long before people knew how to perform his infamous spin.

Saltyy(Elder): The Elder of Weebdom, Saltyy is an ancient weeb who was here before most of the people on this list. He was the first generation of weeb, and helped start their infection. Some say he is hibernating so that he may store his power for when the weebs need him most.

Risk(Agent): The Double Agent of Weebdom, Risk has infiltrated NW as a seemingly normal guy, only the best of the Weeb Slayers would be able to identify his true nature. He has managed to convince all of NW that he is a Weeb Slayer, while in fact he is the very thing you aim to destroy.

Ikumi(Exiled Princess)

Best Admins






This is a chamber circle tournament. I think it's the first of it's kind, but I thought it'd be a fun idea to use. Pretty much the whole idea is that the participating players form a circle and one person starts a chamber chain. A lot of regiments used to do this as training, but I wanted to see how well it would work semi-competitively.
This will be hosted on NAGF
Date: TBA

1. Zero tolerance for trolls. If you come to the event and mess around, you'll be banned.
2. You must listen to the admins.
3. Once you get stabbed, you're out for that round.
4. If you get out, go to spec or watch outside of the circle.
5. Max of 3 rounds.
6. First round is downstab, second round is upstab, and the third round will be a bonus FFA deathmatch.
7. Glances do not count and the process/chain will be reset.
8. I expect this is fail miserably.
9. If you repeatedly mess up the chain, you'll be out .
10. If anyone breaks any rules you will first be warned and then if you do it again you will most likely be banned.
(Kinda made the rules pretty quickly, so some might be added/removed)

Organiser: Maple





You have to sign up on this thread with the following format: 
For Player
Community Name:
Name to be used:
Steam Name:

For Admin
Community Name:
Why you should be admin:
Previous Experience:
Steam Name:

Steam: SuperSecretMaple


The Mess Hall / *The Legends Of NW*
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The Mess Hall / ~Dank~ Meme Collection
« on: May 11, 2017, 07:09:30 am »
In this thread all the dankest and juiciest memes will be kept here. Please make sure to abide by the FSE rules and let's keep this (relatively)clean.
This isn't intended for banter, just as a healthy release or a way to get your daily meme intake.
I'll start it off with a custom.

General Discussion / Was Hacked.
« on: September 10, 2016, 01:36:09 am »
I just recently regained control of my steam account due to some Russian hacker finding a way into my account...
He deleted everyone off my steam account and i also think he made some recent purchases.
I'm still trying to figure out if he did anything else to my account, but i just wanted to tell you guys in case it happens again.
Plus he deleted everyone on Steam, so if i had you before please try to re-add me or give me your steam name!

Competitive NA Events/Tournaments / Maple's Weekly Tournaments
« on: August 07, 2016, 11:18:19 pm »

Maple's Tournament


This is an attempt to make a weekly tournament that will either be duel, or groupfighting (depending on event). Each event may or may not be different (One day may be a sword duel, next a bayonet duel, sword gfing, etc). I will try to host these events every Saturday 9EST, but if i am not able to personally host it, an admin will.

1. Be respectful during or after fights!
2. Pick class that goes along with event.
3. Melee speed will be set to "Fastest".
4. The first duels and semi finals will be FT5, while finals is a FT7.
5. There will be a 20 player cap (for now).
6. The player who remains undefeated will win the tournament.
7. All fights will be done on one day.
8. The event will be announced in the steam group.
9. After having fought your opponents go straight to spectator unless told otherwise.
10. Always listen to admins!
11. Admins ARE allowed to participate in the tournament.
12. If anyone breaks any rules you will first be warned and then if you do it again you will most likely be banned.

Organiser: Maple

Admins: Nappy

 (Head Admin) Maple



You have to sign up on this thread with the following format: 
For Player
Community Name:
Name to be used:
Steam Name:

For Admin
Community Name:
Why you should be admin:
Previous Experience:
Steam Name:

Make sure to add SuperSecretMaple on Steam if you are accepted.

If you have any issues, contact me or an admin on Steam.

Special thanks to Herishey for the template!

Other Games / Pokemon GO
« on: July 11, 2016, 07:20:47 am »
With the release of Pokemon GO, i want to use this thread to share some of the cool experiences or catches that you made!

Just today, i had a really cool experience with the game.
    So, my friend and i finish working out at the gym and we head down to an area where a guy put a lure down. We sit there for a bit and catch some high cp pokemon (Pikachu was in area, couldn't find it) when this guy drives down in his car and asks if we're playing Pokemon GO. We say yes and he tells us about this Poke gym not too far away that has some pretty low lever Pokemon in it. We decide to start walking over there and meet around 20 other people who are walking around playing the game. These exchanges are quick, but i think it's really unique to see people being active and friendly because of the game. Anyways, we head over to the gym which is located on a local park and its occupied by the Red Team (My friend is Blue and i'm Yellow). Since my friend already owns a few gyms he decides to help me win this one. It was pretty easy to capture, but as we're about to take the gym some guy rides up in his scooter to the park and sits on the bench behind us. We both assumed he was here for the gym, but it was 2v1 so we thought we had it under control. About 1 minute later the same guy in the car earlier jogs up beside us and says he's team Red and is going to take the gym. Scooter boy is also team Red, and from their banter i'm pretty sure they're Pokemon were better than ours. I already captured the gym for Team Yellow wasn't looking forward to reviving more of my pokemon to battle these guys. However, as we were getting ready 3 kids (looked to be around 14) run up to the bench next to us and ask if we're playing. We all say yes and we can tell shits about to go down. Luckily for me however, those three were all Team Yellow (finally found some), and they planned to help protect the gym. Unfortunately, my friend and i needed to head back so we say our farewells and headed off (One of the Team Yellow kids had a CP 700 Vaporeon, so i think they captured it). On the way back we found some decent Pokemon, but nothing noteworthy.
    Pokemon GO is a great excuse to quit NW and go outside, so i highly recommend it to everyone. Please share your experiences here as well  ;D

Regiments / 41st Welch Regiment of Foot
« on: June 25, 2016, 05:44:05 am »

The 41st regiment served with distinction in Canada during the War of 1812 where it gained more battle honours than any other British unit during that period. It participated in the capture of Detroit under Major General Isaac Brock (for which he was knighted). They were involved with the siege of Fort Meigs, the battle of the River Raisin and took part on board British ships during the Battle of Lake Erie. After the defeat, the 41st retired from Fort Amherstburg (Malden) under the command of Major-General Henry Procter and were defeated at the Battle of Moraviantown, or the Thames. Shadrack Byfield was a private in the 41st during this period, and he chronicled the battalion's actions in his diary, before losing an arm.

Col: Maple
LtCol: Fritz
Maj: Alastair

Non-Commissioned Officers:

Rgl: Coconut
Rgl: Tammo
Rgl: Who
Rgl: Achilles
Rgl: Instinct
Rgl: Kovyjack
Rgl: Grimsight
Rgl: JeanValjean
Rgl: Slovahkiin
Rgl: PadreSuns
Rgl: Swerp
Rgl: Vortex
Rgl: ShintoSkookum
Rgl: RitZ
Rgl: Nero
Rgl: Aporta
Rgl: Coffeebean
Rgl: Exodus

We are very selective of our members and usually only accept those who are highly skilled at the game. If you would like to join, contact my steam at 

General Discussion / ~NW Stories~
« on: July 12, 2015, 08:51:07 am »
If anyone has any funny/interesting/epic moments they would like to share!(I welcome Epeen moments, so don't be shy)  ;D

One of my favorite NW moments was going onto a zombie server with 150+ people and forming a massive line near the zombie spawn, then later charging the zombies. (The zombie mode is pretty much a faction vs partizani).

An Epeen moment for me was going 38/1 on NA1 (filthy NA pleb i know).

I have more, but i'm more interested in what you guys have to say  ;)

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