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Name: Jorge
Steam Link:
GUID: 64998
Registering as a Captain?: nah
Time-Zone: MST

Looking for a team, willing to pick up and up and comer rust bucket
new signups are not allowed!

Player list is updated, please send us your submissions by Thursday 11:59 PM!

Your week 3 O/U's
BabyJ 5.5 First Bloods
BONK 30.5 Rnd Wins
Jaax 39.5 Kills
Sleek 38.5 Deaths
Coronanana 8.5 Tks
Runepkyz 55.5 Kills

Other Games / Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
« on: May 25, 2020, 10:16:15 pm »
Brehze is pretty good yes...

but have you seen THE MAN OF THE MATCH IAN HARDY making him his bitch

At least the dummie is staying committed! He’s not the worst captain in draft league history

Be doing it this weds. I fell asleep just before it

msg me pls, I always forget and I have never done it before

Keep up the great work on fantasy league, I noticed Wastee hammering out the player stats as soon as the official ended.  ;)

Regiments / Re: Royal Scottish Lowlanders Reform *NA Recruiting*
« on: May 24, 2020, 12:42:50 am »
does yoshie lead rsl or stryker

Steam Account:
Preferred Days:any
Time-Zone:east coast
just a tad late
it's a referee application

BONK 2 - 0 Vindica
32 - 18

Your Team: Redemption
Their Team: Coronanana
Time: 9:30 EST
Date: 5/23
Referee: (if one) someone

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