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Groupfighting Teams / Re: Sith Lords [NA]
« on: Today at 01:58:10 am »
b u m p

I mean Frank did the same to me. claimed he didn't remember who I was or Suns after the whole MATT thing.

I honestly don't know why this argument is still going. both sides are just going back and forth without any new arguments and the quality of argument is only getting worse..


suns was essentially claiming we made up talking to merc frank. So he got debunked, again. Simple as that.

They paid him 500 Euros for the latest "information"

LOL you have spread false information multiple times now and have not explained why your IP shows up in Frank's database

with those resources we would have been able to purchase the top quality hacks Frank has to offer (up to $200) then make videos on how to expose them

Quote from: suns
After using extensive resources from Native, we were able to get this information out of Frank.

our native boyz have been helpful

also btw, Frank claims he does not know who Risk is or where he got those screenshots, so IDK where your argument with those screenshots are coming from

Risk or Godfreid are not on Frank's friends list currently either.


bean and i are off

>Arguments and evidence get obliterated
>yoU dIDn'T eXplAiN yOur IP iN hIs dAtaBAse

Franks lying about not knowing who Risk is, since Risk talked to him last time you got destroyed trying to "Expose" MATT but fRank  WoUldnT lIe tO mE!!

Plus Risk has the screenshots of their convo

Weird how he said my IP wasn't in his database during their convo, then it miraculously popped up (probably realized it was the same one you guys asked about), mUh dAtabAsE wAs stUcK.

Franks a liar, you guys are colossal idiots for trusting him, and even more so for paying him.

I removed him cause he wouldn't talk to me unless I paid him. I assume Risk removed him after he was hit with a paywall too.

Your Native boyz didn't do anything but a commit a federal crime as did you, and you were stupid enough to admit to it on the forums and to me before removing it from your post lol.

Shut up, hold the L.

The Mess Hall / Re: NA All-Time Duelists/Groupfighters
« on: July 17, 2019, 08:08:26 pm »
Suicidal thoughts are on the horizon again so I'll write out this completely biased opinion out to keep it at bay.

RussianFury: Stay. Good player, used to dominate the groupfight scene although now he routinely gets ass-fidgeted. Anger management would probably go a long way, but it's not as bad as it used to be.

Who-: Stay. Every time he came back he was on top, and that is usually only every 5-9 months in the last 3 years (excluding the 2ndQF reform).

Coconut: Conflicted. I don't fucking remember his style at all but he was nice to me so I guess that counts for something.

AsianP: Stay. Probably the best all around player for the duration of his career. Drugs may have been involved but I wouldn't know anything about that.

JackieChan: Stay. Outside of his NANWL contributions I don't recall much of him before the 12th, but the 71st version was when I considered him top.

Zzehth: Stay. Simple style, nothing complicated, and worked well with Jackie.

Zorkoth: Stay. Was rarely not high, even in the 7thRF (I think that's what it was called, can't remember now). Pretty good with his fists too.

BillTheButcher: Stay. Despite his inflammatory personality and strenuously drawn out style, he ranks as one of the best imo.

Fireboy: Stay. Has badly threw the majority of the duels he has been in, but his groupfighting is fine.

Breaches: Conflicted. Used to down spam whole lines, but I don't recall much more than that outside of a few tournaments.

Rafael: Stay. Consistent in all regards, though I don't remember him much prior to the 58e.

Steven: Stay. Stable player, rarely cracked, I don't know much about the impact however.

Ghost: Undecided. Insulted me once in chat when I was 13 and that was about it, but people say he was good so yeah.

DjOverjoy: Stay. Similar to Who-. He can come back without practice and still fuck 98% of this community without much effort, and is a good groupfight coordinator.

Achilles: Stay. I could never beat him personally, which is apparently an experience many others had, so I'd say he was pretty solid. Catgirls on the other hand...

Skinny: Stay. Core 71st, and a nice guy.

Godfreid: hmmmmm. Wins almost every duel he fights in, official or not, but his groupfighting is on and off. Recent hacking allegations have put him under the spotlight, so this may change. /s

Kovy: Stay. Spam and spin, but did it better than almost anybody else. He also called me the n word which I took as a compliment.

Pinoy: Stay. Broke game mechanics and possibly has the shittiest looking graphics for this outdated piece of garbage we call a game, but he fragged a ton so that is good in my book. Also yells at his mom.

Suns: Stay. Noticed him more around 2015 and 2016, where I'd say he was one of the best. Then descended into the Vetro rivalry, which I still don't know what to make of.

Pj: Stay. Bullied me in the 3e, but his sense of humor and groupfight skills made up for it.

RitZ: Stay. Probably the top 3e player at its height with a playstyle that gave me seizures. Also props to Sandarian for withstanding his racial remarks.

DarthJezus: Undecided. Don't know much about him other than his 9y reign and his friendship with Ramzay.

Alexander: Conflicted. I really, REALLY don't know about this guy. His screaming tendencies were mentally invigorating, but his melee was on and off at times I feel.

Moose: Undecided. I don't remember much, sorry.

Mathias. Stay. Won a big ass duel tournament, and then everybody made fun of him when he lost a casual duel. Nice dude.

Lithios: Stay. His feints were oddly slow but worked well enough to fuck everybody else over, and would routinely beat other top duelists way back when.

Blade: Stay. Good clutches actually, and his dolphins worked the majority of the time, which is something I can't say for myself or the vast majority of its users.

Tammo: Stay. I don't want to say he was the outright best player there was, but his chambers were practically perfect, and his groupfighting skill wasn't half bad either.

Redrum: Stay. I still think he was the best of the 63e, but I'm probably putting on the nostalgia glasses with this one. His mom also beat him so there's that too I guess.

AP0C: Conflicted. I don't remember much of him at all, but people all over this forum have various opinions on whether he was a mechanically sound player or an overcooked tater tot.

Krastinov: Stay. From a more objective standpoint, you could say he was the best 63e, but once again I don't know enough about their history to make an accurate assumption. He is also a furry so I don't know how to feel about that personally.

Havoc: Stay. One of the few names I can recall clearly from years ago. Was always a top player, and made it to the top easily not too long (relatively speaking). Although, if I could make one complaint, he could go without screaming at the top of his lungs when he would die.

Maple: Conflicted. I have no idea honestly. I'm forgetting a lot recently so I just can't remember if he was top notch.

Colonys22: Conflicted. As previously stated above ^

Puppytron: Stay. All around good player, not much more to add.

Pointblank: Undecided. Outside of the 1stFKI, I don't recall much about him outside of a 2v2 tournament, which was before I could even right click.

Silentman: Undecided. I recall him going batshit insane and calling the whole community a waste around 4 years ago. Other than that I don't remember him except being in the 63e, I think.

Mang: Stay. Quite impactful as a player on the overall (emphasis on impactful). Although the wars he waged against multiple administrations, as well as a myriad of other things, has gained him a rather mixed reception amongst the community. Hopefully Juvenile School helps him out, but I wouldn't know much about that.

5hine: Whatever I say will probably get Fireboy angry so I'll just slip past this one.

Sleek: Stay. He is ok.

Recent hacking allegations that have been debunked*

The Mess Hall / Re: NA All-Time Duelists/Groupfighters
« on: July 17, 2019, 05:13:14 pm »
5hine was a very good groupfighter, he came back and joined 98e last year and actually established himself as an important player to our line up. He was always top 5 during groupfights and 1v1's we had. To me, being able to leave, come back and pick up almost like you never left w/o needing to put in insane hours, has got to count for something. So I can't really get behind calling him ass lol

This post was kinda unnecessary cuz I don’t think anyone actually cared about the hacking allegations and only cared about the drama it created

The point of the thread is to expose their idiocy and delusional behavior. How they so desperately wanted me to be a hacker that they've been paying Merc_Frank for "information" that was ultimately just him making stuff up to milk them for more. They paid him 500 Euros for the latest "information" and got lied to, which even in their own chat logs they become suspicious of him when his records show me from the US...but just accept his first half-assed excuse, because otherwise they'd have to admit they were wrong and they just wasted all that money.

The other point of the thread was to create a thread they don't control, so they can't lock it every time they lose the argument, and things don't have to be discussed on their terms.

and lastly it was created to serve as a meme dump for memes about all this drama/stupidity, which I'll post some of later today/tomorrow.

Godfreid why did you spend money on hacks only to be shit in groupfights smh

Honestly, I felt like I needed the handicap  ::)


Quote from: PapaBean
We felt that it is necessary to have an interview with the person who is accused of hacking to see if they will come forward or even add any insight to the accusations.  When we talked to Godfried on the 6th of July, he preceded to become quite defensive.  This was of course expected with anyone accused of being a hacker.  However, he did say he had nothing to hide, so we asked to see his ip in teamspeak.  We showed him the ip we had of him and how it was identified as being someone who had purchased hacks from Frank.   Godfried at first denied that it was his ip.  He showed us his ip which we found was from Florida.  It is widely known that Godfried is from Canada, thus it could not be his ip.  We asked him several more times to see his ip, explaining that it matched to Ottawa Canada, which is where he is from.  He denied that it was his again and said that it could be Bauers or Ninjas Ip that we had.  We explained to him that we had received this ip knowing full well that it was his and that we were trying to verify if it was in fact his.  After about an hour of all of this, he finally said yeah that it was his ip.  He explained he had no idea how Frank would have his ip since he had never bought from him before.  Since yesterday Godfried has banned us from his teamspeak, since he feels threatened by us.

Have an interview is a funny way of saying you ignored the channel I was in and went straight to Rafael/Risk to try and "expose" me to them, until I joined the channel to see what was up, where you proceeded to do nothing but talk shit at me "You're fucked, we caught you, it's over" etc. etc. etc. Also, I didn't deny it was my IP, I simply gave my private IP 192.168 (which goes to Ottawa, as Risk verified), and Suns mistyped it as 192.160 (which goes to a Florida nursing home). Which started the accusations that I was lying and confused me, not to mention making me incredibly suspicious. He then followed the brilliant blunder up by passing my IP on to Daemon to DDoS me, just y'know casually commit a federal crime to prove a point, no big deal.

Do not try to pretend like it was a mature or civilized interview, or that it was even your intent to have one.

and lmao @ thinking I feel threatened by kids playing detective. You were banned for your conduct, not your purpose.

Quote from: Suns
I also know through people close to Godfreid he does not have DDoS protection. (Godfreid claiming he has it is a lie.)

Who? Because I've never discussed having DDoS protection outside of when I told you over steam that I did. So you are actually straight up lying. Go ahead and name the "people close to me". Cause I know for a fact that this is a straight up lie.

Quote from: Suns
I asked Godfreid when he added me on steam if he could unban me or one of us from the 42nd or “NANWL” teamspeak so we could gyazo the logs and disprove his claim our IP of 192.160 (our claim) was mistyped and the actual one Godfreid poked me was 192.168 (their claim, heavy doubt he poked me that, as I did not type that IP into I copied and pasted it. As stated in the first long paragraph I even posted our Floridian nursing home findings and neither Godfreid, Risk, or Rafael denied this IP was mistyped

Maybe your next mystery can be "why won't the guy I tried to DDoS unban me from his teamspeak?" The proof that I didn't poke you the right IP is "it isn't the IP I typed into" good shit. I poked you a Gyazo of my  private IP, so you couldn't have copy/pasted it, you had to have typed it in. Hence why I know you messed up, and why I know you're lying about this too. I didn't actually even look to see if you posted the Floridian nursing home IP during the "interview", cause chat was just Bean talking shit. I just heard you say "No...that's not your IP, it goes to Florida..and I'm pretty sure you're Canadian" which was a pretty big red flag for me, and, along with how the "interview" started.

and you know what, let's say I lied about my IP, let's just say I did. You tried to DDoS me, so it isn't like I would've been misplaced in not trusting you with that information.

Anyhow, onto this new stuff.

Here's a screenshot of me buying the hacks on February 12th, 2019

Oh but here's a screenshot of me buying the hacks on February 14th, 2019

Oh but here's a screenshot of me buying the hacks back in April 17th from my new IP. Just constantly contradicting himself lmao, mUh reLiaBlE sOurCe

Here's some kind of receipt for the purchase in which I, a Canadian, purchased hacks from a device in the United States which has an IP of 96.something, which also uses Windows 10 as an OS which I don't even have., so even if you go with a retarded VPN theory, how tf am I faking my OS? How? On top of that, I only very recently actually bothered to get a visa debit card, and I haven't even activated it yet, but why believe me, here lmao

My Paypal Transactions from Jan 1st-Present (which is how he said I apparently paid, none of that bitcoin nonsense) --->

Bank Records from Feb 11-15 2019 --->


Now let's talk about this screenshot

So, I use a VPN to hide what country I'm from, use some tech wizardry to hide my OS, use a throwaway email address roger12 to hide myself, but then make my username g0fried12. Doesn't look at all like like some last minute put together BS, nope, nothing suspicious there. Go through all the trouble to hide myself right up to the username, I guess I just ran out of name ideas after roger12.

Critical thinking is hard.

I just also happen to have used the same temp email service he said MATT used back in April. wHat a cOincIdenCe gUys!!1

But he could only have my IP if I bought and used his hacks! Couldn't be because you gave him my IP! It isn't possible that he's lying. It's not like he would feed you lies to milk you for more money because you're stupid enough to pay him.

Which by the way, I added him to talk to him, and he wouldn't even have a conversation with me, just sent me straight to a paywall "my database doesn't run on air, it runs on money". But I'd rather let everyone in NW think I'm a hacker than actually pay that idiot for "information" lmfao.

Next, let's talk about this , which is apparently when I last used/activated the cheats I supposedly bought.

June 22nd, 2019....when I was helping ref this

Not July 10th-12th when I was doing this

So I activate my hacks to ref a match but keep them off for groupfights and actual matches, mAkes sEnSe gUys. Good guy Godfreid, buys the hacks but only uses them when he absolutely has no need for them.

This is idiocy, you're stupid enough to pay Merc_Frank for "information" and too stupid to see he has you eating out of his hand.

Honestly, if posting my paypal history, bank records and highlighting why none of this makes sense isn't enough, probably nothing will.

and just as a final note, he really screwed you by picking Feb 12th and 14th in particular to say I purchased hacks. Since both of those days I didn't even have access to a computer (due to being at mandatory training for the Military back then which was every Tuesday & Thursday, and this didn't end until Mid-April when I went on deployment until Mid-May).

And stop implying that I DDoS'd you morons to dissuade you from conducting your "investigation". I don't have the means, knowledge, connections or willingness to participate in that nonsense. The only person I know who has access to that sort of stuff is Rex, and you can ask him if I asked him to DDoS anyone for me.

The Mess Hall / Re: The Dying Problem- Hacking in NW: Betting Thread
« on: July 07, 2019, 06:56:56 pm »
haha Godfried hacks in nw haha

I heard from a person who told me that another person has proof haha

This is perfect.

Take me out, I'm withdrawing from the tournament and won't be participating in any of your tournaments in the future.
Well this is my last tournament then I’m taking a break after NWL, so you’ll be waiting a long time fraudfreid.

Waiting a long time for...what?
To play in a tournament of course. Don’t post here again remember you left my tournament  :).

Less time than you may think.

Take me out, I'm withdrawing from the tournament and won't be participating in any of your tournaments in the future.
Well this is my last tournament then I’m taking a break after NWL, so you’ll be waiting a long time fraudfreid.

Waiting a long time for...what?

Take me out, I'm withdrawing from the tournament and won't be participating in any of your tournaments in the future.


yeah sitting on teamspeak for an hour refusing to gyazo your ts ip to confirm because it is "pointless" to do so was left out.

honestly if you just gyazo'd your teamspeak ip instead of deflecting for an hour no ones time would have been wasted.

that is not your current ip either that is a vpn ip. (we figured this out)

you just want the investigation and case to close as soon as possible but our sources on native got onto your teamspeak and said they are getting into the investigation with us against you to confirm why that ip shows up in frank's logs (how is he trolling if its a random ip? there is not a name labeled onto it at all like last time)

you left that part out too.

also you are changing some timeline facts...

you stated on teamspeak you switched to your current ip or "new" ip 1-2 weeks ago after switching providers (providing risk/rafael/shinto as sources to back up these claims)

never did you say it goes as far back as April, which is manipulating timelines on your part

but obviously no one except those on the teamspeak would know that part for sure.  :-X

See, this is what makes you look so stupid. You think you're smart, you think you made a valid point, but you didn't, you once again failed to take important factors into account.

I'm not going to gyazo my IP for 3 retards rolling into my TS to accuse me of hacking just cause they have some flimsy ass screenshot from a source no rational person would take just at his word. Which you're now saying the IP in the screenshot isn't mine, it's a you don't even have that anymore I guess lmao.

And yes, I said 1-2 weeks...I was on deployment Late April-Mid May...I checked my own TS logs and found the IP changed in April (people I showed the IP logs to can confirm this - Fartknocker, Nappy, Risk, Superbad, Rafael, Yoshie), so I was wrong, that isn't manipulating timelines, that's being wrong, much like you are about me hacking. That's still irrelevant as fuck though, because whether I got the IP in April or 2 weeks ago, I still couldn't have had it 3 years ago to buy hacks, or in time to buy them after the last patch.

So, I want my fucking apology.

The investigation team intends to accuse Godfreid of purchasing hacks, per sources.
big if true

here on espn 8, the ocho


Transcription cause original got reported and removed - still have it though

^ that's their proof.

I will say that is my current IP, and has been since April (which I can prove), but it wasn't earlier this year, and it wasn't last year, and it wasn't the year before that (I can provide my IP history going back to 2015 - which I've already shown to some). Late April-Mid May I was gone on flood relief deployment with the CAF (can confirm that with Risk, Raf, Shinto) not a lot of time to purchase hacks then, the lack of access to a computer also makes that difficult. Considering their theory involves me having hacks as far back as 2016 and re-buying them when they became obsolete in the last patch, I'm going to have to call bullshit. Either they got trolled by Mercenary Frank (which would not be surprising), or I'm a time traveler who bought hacks with my future IP address, 3 years ago. Or I suppose I could've bought hacks in June...but I've maintained the same style for years now, and still use the same style. Things aren't adding up.

Absolutely nothing but Mercenary Frank saying I bought the "$200 package" (according to bean that's what it is) for proof. I hate to say it, but if you think I spent $200 on a $20 DLC to buy hacks and then re-buy hacks with my future IP, you may just be retarded. You may think you exposed me, but as I told you in teamspeak, you didn't find jack shit, you very likely got trolled by your source, and wasted my time because you didn't consider these other factors. You may go ahead and think I'm a hacker on the word of Mercenary Frank w/o any further proof, idc, but I've never bought hacks, I've got way too much pride and not enough disposable income for that shit.

Now, I want a fucking apology.

The Mess Hall / Re: The Dying Problem- Hacking in NW: Betting Thread
« on: July 07, 2019, 08:18:29 am »
Everyone who voted me, you win

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