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General Discussion / Re: Heavies vs Hussars
« on: September 21, 2014, 05:34:51 am »
Heavy cav with armour, but without it then just go hussar.

The Mess Hall / Re: Your Last Words
« on: January 18, 2014, 06:59:16 am »
Shit, left the stove on!

Other Games / Re: Elder scrolls: online
« on: January 08, 2014, 05:45:55 pm »
I played the beta before, and it's alright. Not worth a monthly subscription when it comes out though.

Off Topic / Re: Your Plans for Iron Europe
« on: January 07, 2014, 03:53:26 pm »
My plans for  Iron Europe are pretty basic. Play the game and if I like it then I will join a regiment.

Off Topic / Re: Attack on Titan
« on: December 24, 2013, 07:20:37 am »
#Manga is better
I disagree with that.
There are some things that you just simply cannot get from a manga. One of the major things for me in the anime I get is the epic soundtrack playing during the scenes. Of course they will have to fit in with the mood, but that is one thing you cannot get from the manga.
Second thing for is the voice actor themselves. The way they sound during their lines will tie the with the music. Making a wonderful combination of tone. Another thing you can not get in the manga.
Third thing is the smooth animation of the anime. Sometimes the drawings are actually improved greatly. Also overall it is colorful and very appealing to the eye.

Anyways Attack on Titan. Really good anime. Not really over hyped just people that watch a lot of anime compare it to every other anime/manga they seen.

Off Topic / Re: How many languages do you speak and what languages?
« on: October 21, 2013, 06:56:32 am »
Well so far I know how to write and speak English, Spanish, and somewhat of German. Right now I am learning Chinese in school. So far three and by the end of the school year probably four.

General Discussion / Re: there is a bullet drop?
« on: October 20, 2013, 02:38:28 am »
There is bullet drop, but due to the high velocity of the bullets, it is almost not noticeable. Why cant you hit people that are far away, with a pistol? Simple. Pistols have much lower velocity and therefore their bullets actually drop much faster. Bullet drop is heavy on pistols, but almost not noticeable on Muskets (Except for very long ranges.)

Remember that when shooting a musket, the bullet will not go straight, but go randomly, into any direction. That is the reason why the aiming reticule is so large. When shooting, the bullet will go somewhere in that reticule.

The reason why you think that bullet drop is so heavy, is that a lot of times, the bullets do not go straight and do not go up, but downwards, decreasing your range alot. Aiming Up does not help here, because it can also be that the next shot goes up, shooting much further than you expected. Aiming anywhere close to the enemy can still hit him (Especially on long ranges, as the randomess plays a much larger role here), if you're lucky.

Therefore it is always best to aim straight at your enemy. Shooting with a Musket is just pure luck, nothing else.

Also, a little hint. Aiming 2 seconds with your musket will make aim steadier, and the bullet is more likely to be shooting into the direction of the center of the reticule.
Another hint... Warbands random function is not very good. Most of the time you will end up with the exact, or almost exact values.
So if you know that your bullet just flew low, try to aim abit higher. If you are a little bit lucky, Warbands random function might have chosen the same value again.
That is also the reason why you get the same bush/rock/tree over and over again, when making maps. Warbands random function selects the same value again and again and again.
Ahhh. I guess luck was involve. People call me crazy when I said  I was lucky.
Anyways thanks for the help on clearing this up and for those hints.

General Discussion / Re: there is a bullet drop?
« on: October 17, 2013, 05:53:27 pm »
There is no bullet drop at least for the AI.
Anyways there is a thread already made for this

Regiments / Re: Regiment List - New Manager (Again)
« on: September 28, 2013, 09:08:24 pm »
- Regiment Name : 19e Régiment d'infanterie de ligne
- Regiment Tag : 19e
- Faction : France
- Class : Line infantery
- Based : EU
- Thread Link : will be update
Need a thread Im afraid

- Brigade/Division Name :  97th Scots Brigade
- Faction :  UK
- Involved Regiments
 -  so far Scots Guards
- Thread Link :
Cant add until you have more regiments

Please remove the 7th Royal Bavarian off the list, and change it to the 19th Imperial Japanese Army.
Our new thread is
Thank you for your time.
I cant seem to find IJA. Where is it exactly? :P
Alright let me correct myself. The Königlich Bayerisches 7. Infanterie-Regiment "Prinz Leopold“ renamed themselves to the 19th Imperial Japanese army. So yea sorry for the miss hap.

Regiments / Re: Regiment List - New Manager (Again)
« on: September 28, 2013, 04:36:11 am »
Please remove the 7th Royal Bavarian off the list, and change it to the 19th Imperial Japanese Army.
Our new thread is
Thank you for your time.

Regiments / Re: Imperial Japanese Army
« on: September 28, 2013, 04:34:02 am »
After consideration of changing the name, Chev/Nerve has decided to have a vote on to change it to the 19thIJA. The people of the 7thRB have voted for a go for this change, so he we are. We have officially change our name from 7th Royal Bavarian to the 19th Imperial Japanese Army.

Off Topic / Re: The Drawing Thread
« on: September 26, 2013, 06:38:36 am »
You did that animation Japan?

How long did that take?  Is that 25 frames?

Looks fantastic   ;D
Well this is not my animation. I just made the gif from a video. I don't know how to animate things. I am trying to learn but it is difficult.Especially when you are trying to learn by yourself. Also sorry for taking so long to respond.
And this is for something that is coming up. (Quick sketch. Made this in 4 hours. I might finish it tomorrow or so.)Yes I do watch/read too much Attack on Titan.

News & Announcements / Re: Developer Blog 20 - Personal Sidearms
« on: September 21, 2013, 08:11:38 am »
Nice this is for BCoF right and how do you get BCoF anyways?
This is for BCoF. You can get it now if you donate 20 euros.
Here is the donation link.
And here is the rewards if you think you want to spend more.

Off Topic / Re: The Drawing Thread
« on: September 20, 2013, 10:31:41 pm »
Ehh got about one more. I like this one more. But thanks anyway RabidDonkey.

Off Topic / Re: The Drawing Thread
« on: September 20, 2013, 03:32:34 pm »

Just busted this one out. 

It actually going to be a very small part of a giant battle scene based off a situation that happened last night in a linebattle.   

He'll be cutting two people in half at the same time.  Cause that's what happened.   ;D
Now that is interesting.

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