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League: L2
Server: Good ones
Teams: 51st vs 1erETR
Date & Time: Saturday 5/18/19 @ ~8:10 est
Steam Profiles: &
Preferred Ref (if any): Any admins that aren’t regimental leaders bluenoses request.

Final score was 6-4 for the 1erETR. Reffed by Nappy, Fireboy, and Glenn.

That comeback though
Thicc Comeback

Good job against the LIR today! 10-0 Victory!
The LIR only lost so they could 10-0 you in NANWL....

Regiments / Re: The International Brigade [WIP]
« on: May 17, 2019, 06:32:15 pm »
Good Luck!!!  ;)

Groupfighting Teams / Re: Order Of The Bayonet
« on: May 14, 2019, 11:57:30 pm »
Roster Updates

Was the video made public?

The only thing I saw was messages about bias.
No the video was not made public and I would not say the referee was biased but he was alone and because of that their were many FOL's FOC's missed in the match and the rosters were not checked all the way.

In 9 seasons of EU NWL, 3 seasons of EIC this has never been a problem.

Were you really that upset about losing?
Could care less about the 5-5 tie. What really mattered was the amount of referee issues that occured in the match.

Has there been a ruling on the 1erEtr/51st match yet? I'm curious to know the outcome.
The match is going to be redone when both leaders find a suitable date.

Groupfighting Teams / Order Of The Bayonet
« on: May 14, 2019, 01:00:43 am »
Order Of The Bayonet







Hello and welcome to the Order of The Bayonet! We are a Groupfighting Team trying to make it to the top! Our roster is as follows above. we formed to have a great time and hopefully take some wins in our future matches.

Match History

You guys see that? That's how you take over NANWL. You're welcome.
Let's hail our new commander Scottish.

Well its something for Risk and the team to deal with it but I don't think being in League 2 reg and reffing for a Leauge 2 match is bad, its not hard to be unbias. Brings back to what I always said record the issues lol
Lmao. Saying leading a league 2 regiment but not being biased while reffing a league 2 match of a rival is not biased, k nico

League: L2
Server: Any
Teams: HRE vs VB
Date & Time: Sunday 5/12/19 @ ~9pm est
Steam Profiles: &
Preferred Ref (if any): Piktonss, Jakester, Jolly, Unitater or Papabean only pls
Never confirmed this?

VB quicks and I talked, he told me it would work but then told me maybe not. I have logs if you want them
You respond to Cytiuz and Cytiuz alone. Stop trying to go behind his back and do some weird shit. "NWL pracitce on saturday" NWL is here, toughen up buttercup.
It wasn't his fault quicks did not direct capone to cytiuz Lmao

why cant nappy be a bigger man and just take over 1er and rename to 45e smh
Why cant you be a bigger man and take over 1er Gren for him?

League: L2
Server: Any
Teams: HRE vs VB
Date & Time: Sunday 5/12/19 @ ~9pm est
Steam Profiles: &
Preferred Ref (if any): Piktonss, Jakester, Jolly, Unitater or Papabean only pls
I gotcha bb

Were just a curious bunch of people

Sorry, merge with. I'm not letting anybody know anything certain until we know ourselves, however, we're still probably going to be L1 material.
In that case RSL would no longer be a regiment?

waiting for the mods I assume.
RSL would still be a regiment it is the 1er Gren which wouldn't be one

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